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  1. Hopefully last week of home schooling my 2 kids (ever). 10 year old daughter has been in school 1 day since beginning of December because of periods of isolation.
  2. Numbers at the moment are really encouraging. What's going to be crucial is what happens with everyone back in school. No-one really knows quite what will happen. It will take a month or so from schools reopening to get an idea what that means in terms of infections. Fingers crossed numbers don't start rising too quickly as that would definitely slow everything down. If numbers stay low then we should at the very least be able to stick with the proposed timetable for getting things open again.
  3. Currently doing those aged 65 to 70 round here. One vaccination session per fortnight because of reduced supply despite the centre being ready to go 24/7. All very random right now but we will get there.
  4. Anyone who thinks teachers have had an easy time of it over the past year is bonkers. The leaders of the unions may be complete wankers but in my experience the same does not apply for the people they are representing.
  5. Mate of mine was just saying he'd read UK holidays not likely to be allowed until June.
  6. You’re not wrong. Enjoyed the first 2 seasons but this one is a complete mess. Keep hoping it’s going to get better but I’m seriously tempted not to even bother with the last episode.
  7. Would people be happy to take a lateral flow test at the stadium on the day to get in? Suspect that’s what would be needed
  8. Interesting news from Scotland. First 3 years of infant school back next week but everyone else at home until at least March 15
  9. Until there is definitive evidence that having had the vaccine means you can’t transmit the virus, then a country which has only vaccinated a small proportion of its population isn’t going to allow large volumes of holidaymakers regardless of whether they have been vaccinated.
  10. Just spent 30 seconds looking at Steve Baker’s Twitter feed. Seems to be him and bunch of MP mates going on about getting weddings going again. Covid-secure weddings from March 8 and “normal” weddings from May 1. Don’t know where to start... Why weddings? Could think of 100 things more important right now. And why name a completely made up date as the definitive time when it will be ok to be back to normal? This would be funny if it weren’t for the fact that these idiots are actually helping run our country.
  11. This sounds good and I would really hope is possible. Anything we are allowed to do will feel amazing. I’m going to be easily pleased for a while to come!
  12. I think he’s saying that if we follow the back benchers then they would have us returning to normal before the majority of people have had their first vaccination and certainly before even the most vulnerable have had their second jab. With the amount of virus still in circulation then it wouldn’t take long with normal life to return to some high numbers of cases. How many times do we need to see spiralling numbers before some people will understand?
  13. Exactly this. Whilst the vaccine is fucking brilliant we are still talking about it being effective about 90% of the time. Which means that 1 in 10 vulnerable people are still going to be in trouble if they get it. We still need to try and minimise the number of cases in circulation. We’re close to getting this under control but we need to do it properly or there’s a danger we will just going to end up back here again. No reason at all why we should end up in lockdown again but it’s going to need people to play ball. Get your vaccine as soon as you can regardless of how old you are. Get your v
  14. Sounding very much like all schools open on March 8 but everything else staying the same for a few weeks whilst they assess the impact of that change. Seems very sensible.
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