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  1. Whilst I disagree with his thinking, I do understand Birch's frustration at the amount of money we are going to be spending on protecting the vulnerable. Whilst we know that some younger people are vulnerable for different reasons, most of the people we are worried about purely because of their age. Something over which they clearly have no control. Just wondering if people you also think the NHS should be refusing treatment to people who need care for things over which they most definitely have had control. So should we refuse to treat lung cancer for smokers? Refuse to treat liver disea
  2. All massively depressing isn’t it? Even when people disagree on how to manage this, for the most part they want the same thing - to look after as many people as possible. I know you do as well. One thing I think we can all agree on is that we’re going to be needing Rudy for a good while yet!
  3. I promise you I’m not trying to be difficult. I don’t think most people would have a problem asking the “vulnerable” to shield if we were talking about a known period of time. Or if it meant others could carry on do the “essentials”. I think what people have an issue with, is the suggestion by some that the vulnerable should shield forever so that others can go back to living what we might consider a “normal” life. The life we all live for the foreseeable is going to be shit. Anyone who thinks any different is deluded and / or massively selfish. Personally I think we need to find the bala
  4. Or... Keeping the hospitality sector open for 40m people isn’t an option if it means asking 15m people to stay home indefinitely.
  5. I’m sure that Peely will have something to say about this. It’s intentional misrepresentation of data in this way which does nobody any good. As someone else had pointed out, he has chosen to spin the figures to support his general belief.
  6. Think back to what it was like in the hospitals in March. Now think about what it would have become if we’d just let it run its course. Look at what has / is happening in other countries. 95% survival rate may sound great but 5% death rate amongst a shit load of people aged 70 or older is a shit load of deaths. And I can promise you that 5% will rise if the hospitals are truly swamped.
  7. Today was the day we would have hit 49,000 if they had doubled ever 7 days. Good news that they're not increasing quite that fast. Bad news is that numbers have been doubling every 14 days so unless the new measures have the desired effect we could still be at that level soon enough.
  8. Got to love the Mirror. Yesterday they were slaughtering Boris when it looked like he was going to impose stricter lockdowns. Today they are slaughtering him for not going nuclear with the SAGE suggested circuit breaker.
  9. Saw a number of interviews with people over the weekend which went along these lines... Should we be closing hospitality? No. Do you accept we need to change something? Yes. What should we change? I don’t know. I’d be happy to leave everything open if people can suggest sensible alternatives. But I’m not sure there are any.
  10. Kept hearing how absolutely amazing Sweden was and how we should have followed them and not locked down at all. The point is that the Swedish people wouldn’t be spending this evening trying to to find loopholes to see what they are legally “allowed” to get away with. They took it upon themselves to choose to act in a sensible and responsible manner. Everyone needs to have a good hard think about what they “should” be doing - not what is “allowed”.
  11. Walking past Greggs earlier.... "I've got rights." I'm going to twat someone soon enough.
  12. A question on the numbers around location of transmission.... Presumably if someone contracts the virus in the pub, goes home and gives it to 3 family members then that counts as 1 transmission in a pub and 3 in home?
  13. Looking increasingly likely that we are going to have to close down the business I’ve spent the last 21 years helping to build. Not even the slightest clue what I’ll do if that happens. Does that mean I’m now in favour of giving up on trying to control the virus? Does it fuck. I’d rather give my Mum, Dad and Father in law the best chance of staying alive thanks very much. People talk a lot about the mental health issues this crisis is causing. They are horrible and people clearly need a lot of help. But imagine the long term impact of living in the knowledge that you didn’t do everything
  14. Is it wrong to be slightly hoping we don’t get a vaccine until early summer?!
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