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  1. Will they be employing people to stand at the side and start booing when someone doesn’t pass forward immediately? No pass on. So passes backwards to retain possession. BOOOOOO
  2. Absolutely terrible view from that lower tier. Couldnt see a thing. Good job union spend all match kicking it up the air
  3. Literally anything would be an improvement. Which has turned out to be true. it is an improvement i don’t purposefully skip matches to avoid Parkinson. and I’ve genuinely been pleased coming away from matches. could do with a last minute winner away from home now and again though.
  4. Its doubly frustrating because I’ve seen evidence of him actually getting the team look half decent, organised and playing something resembling a plan of action. why he’s stopped that is anybody’s guess
  5. Honestly at one point today I said I’ve not seen a cb debut like this since florent laville. some people must be watching a different game from me.
  6. Best we’ve played for a while. Glad to see we’ve gone back to playing football instead of launching to Murphy (despite the odd grumble when we went back of sideways when the forward pass wasn’t on) that bryan is a proper player. used ogrady properly (holding it up and laying off) Hamilton really involved second half Politic cracking player Cant complain with that performance
  7. Was there ever an explanation to why Bunney was driving back from Blackpool at 3am?
  8. Amazing how much better we were once we’d got rid of madine eh? Weve really pushed.
  9. Nah. that long haired centre half was playing in his slippers. That bald lad attacking midfielder they had had all the time in the world. strikers and wingers would slowly push up but the midfield didn’t go with them. we had 2 shots and a shit corner that nearly went in. Rochdale cruised it
  10. Amazing how much better his journalism is when he’s not spending his nights being anti ken and pro Parkinson
  11. First time we put 3 decent passes together and we hit bar
  12. We’ve gone backwards since he started. When he 1st came in we passed it about nicely. now we launch it at every opportunity why?
  13. 100 percent. We couldn’t string 3 passes together.
  14. Has some personal issues and we agree to mutually terminate his contract? strange? Slightly. But has absolutely nothing to do with him and Hill not getting along. hmmmm
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