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  1. Manager with a proven record in L1....
  2. Honestly believe there’d be 20k on with that combination
  3. Apparently a lot went to the Wigan match and saw the potential in the club...
  4. Wouldn’t fit in Parkinson’s approach
  5. We’ll win every match in league 1 so that shouldn’t be too much a of a problem
  6. Been to Poland to buy some paint for his living room. due to book a week off to paint it. probably the week we officially get wound up
  7. Vela is out of contract at the end of the season
  8. https://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/sport/17509226.letter-appears-ken-anderson-believes-club-is-worth-more-than-others-do/ thank the lord Bolton news can keep the world informed with random letters from supposed readers
  9. Show them magennis. you know when that ball is lofted up to you. you fucking win it first and if you don’t. You take that man. either way. You win it
  10. Eavesy

    Wigan away

    Could get nasty this...
  11. Eavesy

    Zach Clough

    Worked out in the end
  12. Eavesy

    Wigan away

    How much did they pay for their strikers? ”we wanted Leon Clarke, but we couldn’t afford him, that was the difference today”
  13. Building on the above point. if we started with the following team against Wigan the sheer positivity generated from the fans of something different and attacking would far outweigh the risk of getting dicked (which more often than not happens with the default team he picks) matthews olkowski wheater beevers taylor connell Williams Connolly oztumer Pritchard hall
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