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  1. Eavesy

    WBA home

    Nice slippers. Need a back to em though.
  2. Eavesy

    WBA home

    That sideboard draw needs levelling out nice rug though
  3. Eavesy

    Sweaty Ken

    Bang on. hoping ken publishes a note soon without any room for iles to tweet some sarcy comment.
  4. Eavesy

    Sweaty Ken

    He isn’t ‘doing what he likes’. Removing the media privelages of 2 bone heads who having been spouting crap and wanting the club to go into administration is a completely rational and logical thing to do. it doesn’t come under him ‘doing what he likes’.
  5. Eavesy

    Todays Games

    Watching wolves Leicester. the amount of quality and skill on show compared to the absolute dross we serve up week in week out is staggering. i honestly cannot remember the last time we had a shot from 25 yards out on target. Something that gets us off our seats. Something for kids to get excited about. when was the last time we went 2-0 up, game done and dusted and we could play with confidence. Chance for ameobi to start taking the piss. apologies for the depressing post
  6. Eavesy

    FA youth cup

    Could do with Man U coming back in for Max Broughton
  7. Eavesy

    Radio Manchester Fans Forum - Wednesday 16th January

    Still no comment, article or gif from iles on the trust and allansons.
  8. Eavesy

    Sweaty Ken

    Boom kens best note
  9. Eavesy

    Transfer Gossip

    Eh? why would Norwich sell him to us when we owe them hundreds of thousands in unpaid wages / loan fees. that doesn’t add up
  10. Eavesy

    Sweaty Ken

    Lord help will buckley
  11. Eavesy

    WBA home

    Double post
  12. Eavesy

    WBA home

    Get Kevin Poole back! he’ll still be playing that mon
  13. Eavesy

    WBA home

    Bo hansen
  14. Eavesy

    WBA home

    Williams pole wheater Hobbs taylor lowe murphy ameobi vela noone magennis Turner, little, beevers, Buckley, Wilson, Donaldson, hall
  15. Eavesy

    WBA home

    Arise jake turner. come on!

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