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  1. Recommend Matt kilgallon, Stephen elliot and Michael gray
  2. What happens if 5 goals are scored in a second half and both teams make full allocation of subs individually. 20 minutes extra time? the overreaction of added time for a low scoring game sets precedence for others
  3. Phil doing a cracking job at Sunderland
  4. Sarcevic is a proper player. Build it around him
  5. Crawford. give over. not having it
  6. Stop fucking launching it when you get the ball
  7. Don’t think we’ve strung 5’passes together this half. long ball all day. phil? Is it you phil?
  8. Jesus if this is good I dread to think what it was like. We’ve barely had the ball. Baptiste has 5 ironed a few to no one
  9. Jesus Christ no. absolute joker who bought his way to the Premiership
  10. The penalty saves are majorly covering the absolute shite he comes up with in matches It’s like a striker scoring a 30 yarder but missing 4 sitters. What’s the point. id rather a keeper do the basics and not save penalties
  11. Prince guano was a fan favourite after 3 matches.
  12. Aye that’s works well for us before. How many times have weve turned it around with the whole away end going berserk at the players?
  13. Depends if he had madine
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