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  1. Eavesy

    Taken over?

    Spent it on a restaurant apparently according to twitter
  2. Eavesy

    Taken over?

    Is that write down of £25m purely down to the administration reduced payment to creditors? or are you suggesting ken Anderson wanted £25 more for the club?
  3. Were they released because they weren’t good enough? or are you linking it to the above and saying we are releasing £100k strikers?
  4. Apparently he was only shit cause he never got paid. Wonder why he was shit the 95% of the time he got paid on time?
  5. Looking forward to zouma play. never seen him play ever but he’s young and foreign. So bound be decent.
  6. Not be long before we can restart a 10 page thread on the merits of pre season friendlies and if we should be winning 5-0 or is it all about fitness. and then someone can mention the time we lost all our pre season friendlies but qualified for Europe. or that year we won all our pre season friendlies but then got relegated
  7. Eavesy

    Taken over?

    There’s ‘once in never out’ and then there is watching the absolute shite Parkinson put us through week in week out. i’ll happily go at the start of the reason to recognise the new beginning but if he is still in charge and is telling our centre backs to launch it to a 5ft 5 forward and we are getting played off the park by Lincoln then to hell with that. I won’t be renewing season ticket if he is charge. I’ll be getting match tickets from the start because I know full well he won’t know what he’s doing. if he we get shut of him before Christmas I’ll get a half season ticket. if we get shut of him before season starts I’ll renew. Even if it’s the kit man in charge. He’ll at least have the team worked up instead of rolling over
  8. Eavesy

    Taken over?

    I do wonder what the scoring criteria is and what kind of proposal bidders are required to submit. is it purely financial? short term? Long term? is a ‘football plan’ required?
  9. Eavesy

    Taken over?

    By your beds briefing imminent
  10. Eavesy

    Reyes a gooner

    Played against us on wing away at Madrid didn’t he?
  11. Eavesy

    Taken over?

    Tactical improvement at least
  12. Question is when he punted in long in the general direction of a player. Was he deciding to do that. or was he being coached and told to do that. saying that. If he was being told to do that and it wasn’t working after the 8th time he should have told the manager to do one
  13. Eavesy

    Taken over?

    Bang on. During the last few days of Anderson’s tenure it was banded about it would cost £80m to buy the club. That figure includes about £30m worth on transfers needed to buy a new squad and deal with £6m losses per year. now its £25m to get the club with no mention of the daily losses, oh and the cost to buy an entire new squad basically the numbers are bollocks.
  14. Eavesy

    Taken over?

    Ricky Sbragia in
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