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  1. Evatt getting a lot of credit. hmmm. It was his strange choice of team from the start that put us on our arse.
  2. Service from the right is absolutely shocking. Whether it’s isgrove or Jones.
  3. Friendly. Think it was gary speeds 1st game for us. think it was wetheralls testimonial or someone similar. Scored a late penalty
  4. We always play shit against 10 men. wigan away. Koumas sent off. Horrific. few times under Parkinson Ofcourse only decent match I remember was when hierro was playing for us and he just ran the entire show. Might have been Jensen sent off for charlton?
  5. Remember that friendly where we had a big lad upfront on trial and he elbowed 3 players? (Not the same friendly as Tom Eaves bagging a hat trick)
  6. What’s the best way to listen to the match on the radio on a tablet? Is it possible or all blocked?
  7. Some good away days missed by the fans this season. Shame
  8. How many friggin times does our full back have it. Pass down the line and the full back is infront of our winger and picks it up.
  9. Can he not play a simple 10 yard pass? Trying Hollywood balls all the time
  10. Very worrying that there is no glimpse of improvement. played well in 3 matches all Season? It’s not like we are losing because strikers are bombing chances or goalkeepers lobbing ball into the net. Talks a good game. Finds excuse after excuse after Excuse. if fans were in he’d have been potted weeks ago as the atmosphere would have been unbearable
  11. That forward who was at Preston for a bit. for the life of me I can’t remember his name. Half cast lad upfront. bagged a few
  12. Do we have any examples of darcy doing anything in a Bolton shirt?
  13. Can’t listen to just to the sound. Has to be on YouTube . Reactions and visual timing much better.
  14. Fed up of saying the same things. Maybe he’s not doing his job then?
  15. Beat em when Anelka scored his first goal for us
  16. I reckon if you brought off a defender and brought white on that would change the game. Getting in there before Happy or whoever comes along banging on about players shouldn’t be on the bench if they can’t change the game
  17. Recommend Matt kilgallon, Stephen elliot and Michael gray
  18. What happens if 5 goals are scored in a second half and both teams make full allocation of subs individually. 20 minutes extra time? the overreaction of added time for a low scoring game sets precedence for others
  19. Phil doing a cracking job at Sunderland
  20. Sarcevic is a proper player. Build it around him
  21. Stop fucking launching it when you get the ball
  22. Don’t think we’ve strung 5’passes together this half. long ball all day. phil? Is it you phil?
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