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  1. To be fair, he was shite. Not giving that lot any credit. 😂
  2. I agree with this, especially the muamba comparison, worth a try in that role pre season.
  3. You’ll look like bully’s star prize in that kit, stripe kits are a no no, except the blue and red one we had in the Phil brown era.
  4. I would think they’ll be air bridge to Portugal by then but if you’ve gone package deal they might pull the plug because of the uncertainty, wouldn’t be cancelling anything yourself.
  5. Just close the nfl... no loss. 💣
  6. Interesting that, just read up on Mohawks and notable Mohawks included billy 2 rivers the wrestler, didn’t know that red or dead Hemingway was his son, you learn something every day.
  7. Agree on Zouma, lads got potential to be a very good player.
  8. Nowt special about that, I love the Millwall dark blue kit, thing of beauty.
  9. Crawford a class above league 2 fantastic signing if he stays fit. I’m actually getting giddy. 😂
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