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  1. Not that far when you consider the iron man bike ride is 180km.
  2. The relatively slightly weaker pound helps U.K. exports, and when you say plummeting, I remember when I purchased my property in Spain 6 years ago and way before Brexit it was 1.18 it is now 1.12, hardly a massive change.
  3. https://www.globalpropertyguide.com/Europe/United-Kingdom/gdp-per-capita-growth-5-years
  4. Bad laws need breaking, especially anti democratic laws.
  5. Matthews does not dominate his box, can’t see how he’s in front of Alnwick.
  6. Tough to see that today, fans are going to have to play massive massive part to turn this round, we’ve got to stick together and stick together we will.
  7. Had my differences with Sluffy but best wishes for the battle ahead. 👍
  8. Aye they outclassed us that day.
  9. The Turkish paper Sabah tickled me, calling Britain an unsuccessful state, Hilarious given the state of Turkey.
  10. Been to both, Jordan on a cruise, so didn’t take the county in as we sailed into port aquaba and just stayed on the boat, Israel stayed in Eilat, really enjoyed it but was about 20 years ago, went north to tell aviv via the Dead Sea, and Jerusalem tour which is a weird place but a must do, missed a trick by not taking in Petra, stayed in the hotel sport which was decent back then.
  11. 100% correct, never sees it from a UK point of view, the guns also at the head of the EU but the shit house prefers to pedal anti UK and pro EU bullshit. Is he a Scottish or Irish nationalist by any chance?
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