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  1. Because the world economy was shite and further austerity would have left public services in deep shite so they had to take the brakes off.
  2. I’ll justify it by saying they’ll spend less than labour and match incomings much closer to outgoings and after 5 years we’ll be in less debt than if the clown party were in charge. The British public know that and that’s why they’ve a 17% lead in the polls.
  3. Let’s hope last game of the season is a final and a win keeps us up, I’ll take that right now.
  4. Great you can’t, then stop arguing for something that’s utter bollocks.
  5. You didn’t but you seem to be attempting to make a case for a labour government, if I’m reading it wrong then I’ll say no more, if you are, then justify a labour government and it’s spending plans.
  6. Do you seriously believe a labour government will leave us in a better position than the Tories?
  7. Aye the systems gonna collapse, best you put your thinking cap on and stop believing everything you read, open your mind and think for yourself, perhaps you’ll then come to the correct conclusion. Not holding my breath though.
  8. Read it, it was an IT issue. Perhaps you should look beyond the headline.
  9. Immitation is the the sincerest form of flattery. Thank you.
  10. The justice system on brink of collapse, fuck in hell, what planet you from.
  11. Exactly, blinkered sad fuckers, living in the past and blinded by indoctrination and blindly following a failed political movement.
  12. I’m hoping and praying. What a season that would be.
  13. Tranmere lose again, 15 points in front of us we’ve 2 games in hand, please let us overtake them and relegate them in the process.
  14. Great retort. 🙄 You know it’s true, I know it’s true every fucker knows it true. Yet still some clowns still vote for Labour.
  15. Would of been a lot more shitter if it was a labour government dealing with the fall out from 2008, anyone thinking differently is a clown.
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