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  1. Mounts Kipper

    Non League Chatter

    If he’d have steered clear of injures and had a bit of luck he’d be playing at a higher level than colls. Saying that think he’s enjoying his football at the moment.
  2. Mounts Kipper

    Non League Chatter

    Tom not one for tap ins usually scores the hard ones not as good with easy chances back then. He’s a cracking lad though, remember going to his christening, doesn’t seem that long ago.
  3. Mounts Kipper

    Non League Chatter

    Nice to see that ex Mounts Skip leverhulme park premier 5s centre forward scored 6 for Atherton Colls yesterday. Was gonna go but decided to go Charnock Richard instead who lost 4-1 to Runcorn Town.
  4. Mounts Kipper

    Sweaty Ken

    Can’t argue with much of the statement and I agree with KA about the protest, it does not need to be held on a match day and we need to get behind the team and not have a disruptive protest, which might sour the atmosphere and pitch supporters against each other.
  5. Mounts Kipper

    WBA home

    It might seem like we’re fickle bunch but because of Socila media the fickle few shout loudest, the large majority of fans not fickle but you don’t tend to hear them.
  6. Mounts Kipper

    British Transport Police

    It’s quite comical how they jump in with 2 feet, think for that alone it’s worth putting my two Penneth in.
  7. Mounts Kipper

    British Transport Police

    FFS I said it’s possible folk who fit the profile required might get priority over someone who doesn’t but who might be more able. You clearly think that does not happen I believe it does. No need to discuss it further.
  8. Mounts Kipper

    British Transport Police

    I think it’s very likely.
  9. Mounts Kipper

    British Transport Police

    I think it’s nailed on that quotas need filling and that inferior candidates might well get selected based on gender and colour.
  10. Mounts Kipper

    British Transport Police

    FFS. You implied that from my comments. Mentalist.
  11. Mounts Kipper

    British Transport Police

    That’s most likely because we’ve enough of them but not enough females and black folk to fit some mentalist quota agenda, you can’t do the job but your female or black so your in.
  12. Mounts Kipper

    In Or Out Again

    I use common sense as my guide, and if we are out of the EU properly the trade deals will follow quickly. That’s my opinion and always has been, we are never going to agree and only time will tell who made the right call me or you.
  13. Mounts Kipper

    In Or Out Again

    I’d be very surprised that any deal that included the UK staying in a custom union would get through parliament.
  14. Mounts Kipper

    In Or Out Again

    FFS I’ve never said any deals are imminent and that’s because I’m not privy to what’s going on, you continue to put words into my mouth. What I have clearly said it is very likely if we properly leave the EU and can freely negotiate without EU laws and rules, then in my opinion it is extremely likely that these countries will be very keen to sign new and mutually beneficial trade deals.
  15. Mounts Kipper

    In Or Out Again

    Way down the list? What list is this I’d be interested to hear who it comprises of. We’re the 5th biggest economy in the world, 2 of the biggest are tied into EU (and heading for recession) rules and regulations, that leaves China, Japan and USA in front of us in terms of size, you really believe that these 3 and many others won’t be eager to do a great deal with a global leading country sat on the edge of Europe who are freed of EU regulations. As I see it the only bar to a bright new future is our own government and the repeated message from remainers that we are doomed without the crutch of the EU in order to frighten folk into not leaving.

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