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  1. Exactly my lad 15, had it really bad, one of his first memories was on my shoulders walking up Wembley way for the Stoke Semi, he is still scarred to this day.
  2. One thing that must be remembered is when clubs turn to shit it takes a long time turn them around, that was certainly the case with Phil Neal, now if FV think Hills the right man to turn it round then we will just have to grin and bear it.
  3. are they train tickets? If so where from and times?
  4. Can’t you take back to ticket office?
  5. Spurs to get him fit then he joins. Hope it’s soon.
  6. He’s still at Spurs recovering from injury.
  7. 8 at home, that’s 8 too many. Only hope is the spurs lad comes in and Crawford gets fit, hopefully that’ll give us a lift and we start to show something decent on the pitch.
  8. Must have the wrong player, it was local lad from Bury/Bolton area who played under Hill at Rochdale, was some podcast where he also told the tale about Ogrady and Hill when OGrady was supposed to be playing CF and kept pulling out to the left much to Hills anger. Someone will know who the player was, the podcast worth listening to it’s very funny.
  9. This, this and this.
  10. You ever hear Nick Daws comments on Hill, especially when Hill requested Daws went to see him in his office and Hill was sat there just in his underpants. Bat shit crazy he is.
  11. Only you got cheeses dick in your mouth. Laughable as the mans a prick.
  12. Brockbank will be most likely be another who’ll follow Hill around, definitely not a full back but might make it non league centre half.
  13. Let’s hope we find someone better in future , if he’s our standard bearer it’s goodnight.
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