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  1. It’s madness if we’ve not enough face masks, send some freight planes to China and fly them back full to the brim.
  2. Didn’t we have the central section only of the scoreboard, seem to remember fences either side and think we only took a few hundred. Or maybe mists of time clouded my memory.
  3. Isn’t the lad on the left a local comedian?
  4. Looks like the Burnden paddock lever end side to me.
  5. Have to agree up there as a shady away game with the Millwall at the old den, the one where some Bwfc wag painted GMC around the ground antagonising the locals.
  6. That date seems about right I think you are correct.
  7. Was that the season they put in the fence down middle of the lever end? My next door neighbour had about 10 stitches as he was hit by a flying roof tile, never seen so many projectiles at that forest game it was utterly brutal, think West Brom game was similar, stupid idea giving away fans half the lever end, that policy did not last long.
  8. The only time I’ve seen Cardiff bring a big mob was mid 70s think it was an FA cup game, I arrived at Burnden about 12.30 in those days and there was about 25 coaches already at the ground, sadly for them the game got called off.
  9. That Boro game at theirs was the only time I’ve ever seen the gate open at end of the game and no one step outside the dimly lit terrace street was packed with Boro waiting for us, the police closed the door and gave it 20 minutes for them to clear off. Thank fuck they did.
  10. My lads loving it he’s up till late 11-30 he’s set his alarm for 8-45 cracks on with his school work, finishes homework about lunch, weights and exercise, bite to eat then plays games with his mates on the computer until about 4pm goes out for a walk with me and his mum for about 90 minutes, kick about in garden then has tea and spends couple of hours taking to mates, down stairs for goggle box or something that makes him laugh and then off to bed.
  11. Bolton went to Bury to have a go with Middlesbrough think that was 86, Boro at home think we got surprised at how early they arrived and size of mob, only mobs that did have success in Bolton in the 80s were the proper mobs such as Chelsea, Sheff U, Bristol City, Boro, and all of those had to be at their best and mob handed but still had a real battle on their hands despite our crowds being sub 10k, mind you that 10k had a large % of not rights,. As an aside what happened to Man U at OT in 89 when we marched in and out with hardly a challenge.
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