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  1. Couple of wins and you’ll be firing on all cylinders.
  2. Where were Man U mob when Scotland turned up at Wembley in 76/77?
  3. This is big part of problem for me the ball ain’t sticking up top, we need to get the ball in that final 3rd and keep it there, while the pair of them decent we need a target man to hold it up, is Miller that type, if so play him alongside Doyle and play delfounso one wing and the lad we’ve signed today on the other wing, drop Crellin, Santos and Gordon as well, those changes would give us much greater chance of winning.
  4. Perhaps it’s because the 2 he slagged off were fucking shite.
  5. Where do you start, keeper not good enough, Gordon never a pro footballer, jones bog standard league 2 full back, Taft did ok, Santos is a dope, Comley I’m better on crutches at 56, Crawford trying to knock 50 yard balls every time thinking hes Okocha, delfounso and Doyle while ok don’t compliment each other, white a play maker who is alway 80 yards from the opposition goal, Evatt decision making, formations, subs are woeful. The only slight excuse is that we have a completely new set of players, but I think at least 5/6 of those won’t play 20 games for BWFC.
  6. St Mirren same season, I was on the embankment they had about 200 on but BWFC couldn’t budge them, tough fookers.
  7. I was at both those games, blue Peter badge for me.
  8. They were up at about 15k ST holders few years back, the cheap tickets worked but it’s biting them on the arse now there at 7k.
  9. If majority of our ST holders stick with it, we’re surely in better place than most clubs can’t be many in league 1 & 2 with over 8k ST holders.
  10. Current form don’t work like that.
  11. Could the land the chippy is on be worth more than the chippy itself? Any way how long does another 500k keep the club alive for? 2-3 weeks I’d think, might as well let the corpse quietly die, in fact I think Krasner has already given up and just wants his fees. Liquidation odds 1/3.
  12. Think they’re as good as gone. Who’s gonna put the final knife in the back, think it’s looking like 4/6 admin 6/4 the EFL.
  13. It needs making simpler, for example you can’t pay to view via the app, a simple link from the app to pay and view would suffice, instead you’ve got to go to the ifollow web site, register then login, pay and then go back to the app to view.
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