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  1. Why you ask? Because we’ve had 3-4 years of a bad owner stripping the club, lack of investment in the playing squad meaning we were in a position where we had to build a whole squad from scratch and without money in such a short period of time , a new foundation is needed a new coaching infrastructure, a complete new squad had to be thrown together in 1 window, it would take time for even the most experienced manager. I hope some green shoots will show before the season ends, enough to encourage us to continue with Evatt.
  2. I’m not sure it’s apathy, lot of older heads on here and many been here before and understand that chopping and changing and lack of stability isn’t the route to go down.
  3. Doyle missed 2-3 big chances last week and if Gnohua had scored that easy chance at 2–1 and with 11 on the pitch we might easily have won today, we are still only 9 points away from play offs and have 2 new players lined up who might tip the scales. It’s hard but let’s keep the faith.
  4. He thrives on width and we don't offer any.
  5. Can’t see him ever managing more than 30 minutes from Derby/Nottingham. Would have got us promoted though.
  6. Absolute banker this. Mansfield.
  7. In my opinion we need a centre forward who can hold it up and add physicality before either of those, wouldn’t say no to a Karl Henry type either. We’re just soft.
  8. If you look back to phil Neal’s time he got some serious stick at the time but what a top job he did, if evatt can get us out of league 2 and put some foundations in then it’s job done.
  9. In. Unless Allardyce becomes available. 😂
  10. How many times are we going to concede in the first 5 minutes of games, clearly something wrong with our mentality. I’m still not in favour of sacking him, he’s got to get a balanced squad, and I’ll judge him then.
  11. What makes it is the fact it’s so tender meat melts in the mouth and potatoes virtually disintegrated and the juice created is gluttonous and delicious.
  12. Was food for the gods, gonna get my old fella cook it for me, never cooked it myself for some strange reason, probably because I’ve no pressure cooker.
  13. Get fit at Wigan, they go bust and he’s fit and firing for us next season. That’s the plan. 👍
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