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  1. Mounts Kipper

    In Or Out Again

    He’s brilliant is Donald.
  2. Mounts Kipper

    In Or Out Again

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-46243745 Think this is the right and proper course of action, get the deal tweaked and let’s move on.
  3. Mounts Kipper

    Todays Games

    Sunderland done me on the fixed odds for £800, I’ll have to settle for the consolation prize of £150. Fecking Wycombe, mind you they took 750 to the game that’s a fair effort.
  4. Mounts Kipper

    In Or Out Again

    Or Dipsticks who repeat we hold all the cards, side of the bus.
  5. Mounts Kipper

    King Ken

    Shame Chris has left the site his posts and thoughts made interesting reading.
  6. Mounts Kipper

    In Or Out Again

    I don’t know your business but I’m struggling to see why the EU countries not ordering and taking advantage of weak sterling. Perhaps something other than Brexit is the issue. Hope it picks up.
  7. Mounts Kipper

    In Or Out Again

    It’s happening, the difficulty is a strategy specifically engineered by EU law and used by the EU to warn off others leaving, that is the reality. You need to take off your doom blinkers, as I’ve repeatedly said it will all work out just fine.
  8. Mounts Kipper

    In Or Out Again

    You said we wouldn’t vote to leave you were wrong, You said we wouldn’t get a deal you were wrong despite the deal not being acceptable yet, you now say we won’t be able to renogitiate, you’ll be wrong again, you say we will crash out without a deal you’ll be wrong again. You are Mr negativity, nothing you’ve said has been proven correct. Think I’d quit while your behind.
  9. Mounts Kipper

    In Or Out Again

    I’ve not had the time to read the deal for myself, but from reading reports on specific issues I’m concerned about the back stop to the back stop we should be able to unilaterally bring that to an end otherwise we could be locked in forever. The other area that concerns me is are we really able to negotiate new trade deals, that centres around the ECJ and whether we are tied to it, we need to be able to at least diverge where necessary from that rule book or even better not have to be subject to it at all. Regarding leaving the EU without a deal, it is clearly not what either side would desire but if one side cannot see sense then the other side must take that course of action in order to force concessions. This is a course of action I was fully expecting our government to use during the end stage of negotiations, that the government haven’t used it tells me that we have yet to get the very best deal. I think the EU knows that I think TM knows that and I think the majority of MPs in parliament know that.
  10. Mounts Kipper

    In Or Out Again

    Possibly your best ever post.
  11. Mounts Kipper

    In Or Out Again

    I’m not conversing with a clown, that’s him not you.
  12. Mounts Kipper

    In Or Out Again

    I think the deal on the table has the basis of a decent deal but as I understand it, it’s is not acceptable.
  13. Mounts Kipper

    In Or Out Again

    If parliament throw the deal out and as we head towards WTO the EU have no alternative other than to make concessions otherwise they lose 39 billion. That’ll go down well at EU budget meetings and how do the nett contributors sell higher taxes to the public back home.
  14. Mounts Kipper

    In Or Out Again

    That’s what the EU want the British public believe and I’m suprised you have swallowed it hook line and sinker. Thankfully there are plenty of folk who haven’t.
  15. Mounts Kipper

    In Or Out Again

    Yes I watched it. I think I would. Claire Perry that is.

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