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  1. Talk the talk but he won’t walk the walk.
  2. Dapo carries & dribbles the ball better than anyone else in the squad how he’s not scored and not drawn a penalty yet is quite unbelievable.
  3. Anyone else thinking a Wrexham type of day, without the match attendance.
  4. I like GT but if I was Evatt I’d be looking for game management from experienced pros over a great young kid and think that’s what Evatt will do if Sarce is available.
  5. I wouldn’t be dropping any old heads, I’d bring Sarcevic back if he’s fit, if not keep Thompson in the team, if Sarce is fit it has to be him Lee & MJ, purely based on them having experience in a high pressure game.
  6. Football at the top level is in danger of eating itself, this goes through and more folk will seek alternatives, grass roots, non & lower league could benefit, I’ll be pulling all my football subscriptions, I’ll just go to local non games midweek (if BWFC not playing) Only issue is if the lower leagues can survive without the money filtering down.
  7. Think it is just leverage to get more of the pie. I’d call there bluff.
  8. Getting Sarcevic back is massive, it’ll boost us just when we need it, the Morecambe game reminds me of that big game against Fleetwood, let’s hope for the same outcome. Keep the faith.
  9. It will be a pleasure but don’t be boring me with that fluke cup win when you’d all been on a stag week end tale. We had an off day, cos even Dogger scored. 😂🤣😂
  10. It’s not the Vulcan vagabond waxing lyrical about his football prowess again. 🙄
  11. What’s it got to do with you?
  12. Nobody should give a fuck about his opinion, he’s only got the 1 thing to say, his one and only opinion never changes, he brings nothing to the table, and he only posts when we lose. What is undeniably true is that he’s a complete and utter bellend.
  13. Terrible performance. Title gone, hope it’s not us who bottle it, and our finishing is absolutely terrible beyond belief.
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