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  1. I’ll take your word for it as I’ve never been but heard from folk who have and it’s not for me. Obviously you’ll only be able to go if it’s safe. Anyhow hope you can get there and have a great time.
  2. I’m sure there were lots of things going on but he’s hardly a calm and rational thinker, Parkinson would have kept a calm head steered the team through it and kept us up.
  3. Aye, but it’s under control in Spain and healthcare there is excellent, lots of these poorer countries won’t have it under control even though they will say they do and don’t have the health system to look after folk who contract it.
  4. The rest probably don’t give a fuck.
  5. I’d not be going to any 3rd world shithole while this virus is knocking about myself.
  6. Parky played the kids, Hill over Xmas and new year was utterly clueless, he’s proven crap at Barnsley, crap at the end of his Rochdale career and crap would be too kind a word for is Bolton tenure.
  7. His good record is mainly at league 2, BWFC is way too big a club for him.
  8. I think Hill probably knows his days are numbered so little point anyhow.
  9. When you look back he suffered from being Bolton born, similar to Roy Greaves, and similar to Greaves he played all over the park and rarely let the team down, and he gave me his ticket for the wolves games outside Molineux for that cup match years back the one that was beamed back to Burnden. Top Wanderer and top bloke.
  10. we had AIK lad with us in Denmark pre season friendly early Allardyce era , he was a massive unit, not sure why he was watching BWFC, might be same lads.
  11. Never seen him play though I did see him at one of the old wanderers players doos a few years back and he looked in good health. RIP Fellow Wanderer.
  12. Why can’t we all have a nice summer holiday? You deserve it, we’ve been through challenging times, many folk lost loved ones or know someone who’s passed away, no reason to be miserable forever.
  13. And the cunts who own them in the shopping mall business... happy days.
  14. I might be wrong but can’t see quarantining being on the agenda once the July summer season kicks in, unless you show symptoms.
  15. Italy, Greece, Spain & Portugal already said Brits welcome, can’t go wrong with any of those locations for holiday.
  16. End of June wouldn’t surprise me.
  17. Fully expect that’ll be lifted.
  18. Well the sun does shine there. 😎☀️
  19. Spain are not quarantining, neither are Italy or Greece.
  20. They’ll be waving us Brits through. 🇬🇧
  21. Not sure, just read that Spanish president said they’ll be open for summer.
  22. Spain today announced intention to open the country to tourism from July and without having to quarantine.
  23. I’ve no issue with normal folk who are outraged, just shithouses like blackford who clearly would stamp on Cummins head if he could, and why, because he enabled a Tory majority.
  24. He’s not on the sage committee but sure I heard he’s present at meetings..... except when in Durham.
  25. I pleased Mounts has made someone’s day. 🤣🤣😂
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