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  1. As I can’t remember saying it, just checked and I didn’t, not like you to make stuff up to suit your pro remain agenda.
  2. When did I last say tough shit? If ever. Stop talking shit.
  3. You believe project fear, I don’t, I believe we will get a deal that will ensure no reduction in GDP, the fact is the EU are taking our hard earned money NOW In ever increasing amounts to share with other countries who don’t contribute, while I believe that money would be better used on our country and our people, you should hang your head in shame.
  4. Does not need to be easy, just needs to be negotiated by folk who want us to leave and who let the EU know we will be leaving whatever.
  5. I’m sure you’ll agree we get a deal, leave and keep the money would be the correct and sane course of action.
  6. A good article about what a billion can buy. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-32309311 my favourite being 167,000 hip replacements as I need one. 😂 Seriously though 2.4 billion would pay for over 50,000 nurses, 25,000 doctors, 4 flagship hospitals. It’s utterly ridiculous pissing it into the EU black hole.
  7. Shorthand and my mates WTF you on about? And if FV can cobble a deal together I’ll back them by buying my season ticket, continuing my goldline and lifeline, backing the club like I have done for not far short of 50 years.
  8. What happens if they shut top tier though? 😂
  9. Id take him now over FV. Couldn’t give a toss about his record at Forest at least he’s some money.
  10. There will be plenty of mentalists and I’ll be one.
  11. If take him now over FV. Couldn’t give a toss about his record at Forest at least he’s some money.
  12. Well if they leave for no money then I’m arsed, both easily worth 250k plus.
  13. How do you know who is the highest bidder?
  14. I think the last paragraph is very positive, so I’ll run with that for now. Sources close to the takeover suggest the Football Ventures consortium has made progress in the last few days in its efforts to buy the Bolton Whites Hotel alongside the club.
  15. Instead of a time limit on the backstop why not just change the wording along the lines the backstop remains in place until a technological solution is delivered.
  16. Not been following the documentary is the family the Phelps family? Just had look on Wikipedia he had son called Nathan in 1958, (Thats surely not a coincidence) they must have links somewhere back to Bolton.
  17. Casino reckons things happening new shares look like being listed on companies house, I’m clinging to this new info as a positive development.
  18. Any glimmer of good news is welcome, proper twisting my melons this whole saga.
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