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  1. I think that is very possible. But I also think if we drop out another way would be found to do a deal that is acceptable to parliament and the EU.
  2. You think it is Mays deal or no deal I don’t think Mays current deal will be the last deal on the table.
  3. WTF you on about, I have never moved the goal post I’ve consistently said a deal will get done, but this deal won’t.
  4. There is zero chance of the current deal being approved.
  5. I didn’t have a plan I said we’d get a deal, how many times do I need to repeat? And as I’ve consistently said we need to take it to the wire or even over the wire to get best deal.
  6. That’s not a problem, refusing to leave on the 29th is. If we do hold our nerve and leave, watch how the picture quickly changes, as the EU whatever you think also need a deal agreed, whether that’s before March 29th or after.
  7. Aye lose your best card that’s a great idea. FFS.
  8. We have one card and that’s no deal. Fail to use it and we will deserve everything we get.
  9. Strange because its the importer who would be liable for tariffs.
  10. Well it sounds promising but it would have to be someone close to the deal. I will take it with a pinch of salt.
  11. There is no chance of a long delay from what the EU have said today and on that I can agree with them.
  12. I am now firmly in the turn Mays deal down, based on Tusk threatening us to accept and remainers trying for a second referendum on Mays deal or remain. My position has hardened and I expect the ERG AND DUP feel the same. Take it to the wire and beyond. Nuclear option bring it on.
  13. Times are a changing. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-47648086
  14. Whatever it was the message was loud and clear.
  15. Tough. The current generation voted to leave.
  16. I think it’ll of harden opinion of the DUP and ERG. She’s toast.
  17. Just vote liberal same thing, either way pointless.
  18. Growing? Is there 7 MPs? They’ll disappear in 12 months. And chuka is the prince of cunts after the king Corbyn.
  19. You listening to Jeremy to much. You’ll be coming out with shambolic next. And if there was a people’s vote you’d lose again. 😂
  20. They won’t even of heard of the EU by then. 😂
  21. The reason it’s not got through parliament is the deal negotiated is remain, plus labour will vote in the main for anything that brings the government down, labour being a remain party (despite their manifesto)should have got behind Mays deal if they did not morally want to go WTO. In reality labour don’t care about any possible downturn they just want an election, And I can guarantee if they win there will be downturn.
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