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  1. It is presumptuous to think that the 23% of the vote that went to labour and the Tories would vote remain, this is why I find it amusing that political commentators are peddling the remain vote has won the day. What is clear is that there is still a polarisation between leave and remain and what is also very clear is that a second referendum could easily be as close as the last one and with that being the most likely outcome, there is no point in going down that route again. The message from the British public is loud and clear, deliver on the result of the 2016 referendum.
  2. Comedy gold, you don’t get it at all.
  3. 😂🤣😂🤣😂 So you now know where all labour and Tory voters would vote in another referendum? What is clear that another referendum would be foolish and that parliament needs to deliver on 2016 result.
  4. It was someone poking a bit of fun at our politics, however the message is clear that losers are trying to overturn the democratic will of the people. I thought it humorous, obviously you didn’t.
  5. Read it and weep. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7074237/How-furious-voters-turned-country-Brexit-blue.html
  6. Wanderersways very own comical Ali.
  7. My twitter link was finding the humour in the London wins the premiership analogy.
  8. WTF you on about? No where have I said that. Interesting to read one of Macrons candidates despite them losing in France. it seems the losers want to stop the winners from taking control, and that’s precisely what is happening here in the U.K., worrying don’t you think? But Mr Macron's party is pledging to combat nationalists at the European Parliament and block them from weakening France. The French president said National Rally represents the "leprosy" of nationalism that is eating the EU from within. Nathalie Loiseau, the lead candidate of Mr Macron's centrist party, urged all pro-European forces to "unite to defend the interests of the Europeans" and not let the European Union fall into the hands of "those who want to unbuild it".
  9. Laughable, these remainers spinning the result, we are now somehow in their minds a remain country. 😂🤣😂🤣
  10. The genie is out of the bottle I think we will be leaving now, only on what terms we leave is to be decided on.
  11. it’s been well documented, the backstop and it having no end date is the key issue. If a Brexiteer leader gets to the job I’d hope they’d look again at our ability to strike trade deals across the globe and how us being linked to EU law might prevent that. I hope a sensible compromise can be negotiated, not too dissimilar to Mays WA.
  12. No deal won’t happen that’s always been my opinion, if it did it would not last long, again that’s my opinion. So I’m not phased or worried if does get to that.
  13. There’s one remainer as described not happy. 😂
  14. Happy that no deal is back as a possibility, as Bolty said it has to be on the table to stop the EU taking the piss. Maybe then we will get a deal that will get through parliament. Everyone should be happy if no deal is on the table, because it helps us to get the best deal, obviously remainers won’t be happy though because they want EU to punish us in order we remain, these types (not all remainers) are a set of cunts.
  15. Most likely highest vote ever this year.
  16. I think it spices next season up nicely, 3 great away trips them.
  17. Bring it on, Tranmere and Bury, only need Wigan to have the full compliment of haters.
  18. Yep well done to all. Thankfully TK was there to represent the club/players.
  19. Also like Sir Roderic in the last.
  20. Today at York the 3.45 looks a cracking race, Acqume is Aussie sprinter I’ve no form line to go on but at 20/1 worth a second look.
  21. There is 1.6 billion unclaimed so yes plenty could benefit.
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