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  1. Been to the club shop today, and they said a new strip will be out by the end of May. Has anybody else had a problem with the 1958 replica shirt? Bought one last week before Wembley, washed it once and the blue collar has run? Been to the club shop today and got my money back, they said there has been quite a few!
  2. Not fact, but my opinion! The players are not happy(arguing after 2 mins last week) The fans are pissed off(I know a lot of people who are not going till Megson has gone) I was probabally wrong saying what I said, but I woke up this morning how many more defeats till megson gets sacked! and I for one can't wait! I will be happy if we win today, and apologise for what I posted this morning, I just woke up in a pissed off mood!
  3. Go and fuck yourself you cunt, you don't know me and how much I support Bolton, I always get behind the team during the matches and it fucking pains me to say I want us to lose. But it's for the good of the club. So how fucking dare you say that you fucking tosser.
  4. I'm sorry for being like this, but a Bolton win today will buy Megson another 4 or 5 games. We need that tosser out!
  5. It's the only way to get rid of Megson! If Megson is still in charge at the end of the season, we will not be in the premiership next season! And yes I am a fan, I've had a season ticket for 20 year and always will do, but this is shit!
  6. Hopefully a big win for Fulham today, then it will be time to go Megson........ Can't believe I'm saying this but I can't watch this shit anymore!!
  7. He left because of that ginger cunt!!!!
  8. It is the least attactive football in the premiership! Why is Gavin Mcann playing.... And he was out of position!!! Why was jlloyd dropped when he had a good season, for megsons bum boy!!! Why do I feel the need to go for a pint 15 minutes into the match!!!! I could go on and on mate!
  9. Tell you what mate, Allardyce's football was 10 times more exciting than that shite! Sneekes was right "WE DESERVE BETTER" and that comes from somebody who has worked with him!
  10. What was wrong with my post? Why have you deleted it? I'm entitled to my opinion, and it wasn't offensive in any way! My point was in watching Bolton for 22 years, this is the worst football I have seen...... The least attractive football, and the most negative football I have seen! And that he has ruined another weekend!!
  11. We have been to the police about this & they are investigating one of the guys. We now know that SG is not involved. Sorry for posting the name, but it was written in the heat of the moment & obviously were pretty angry & upset at the time. The reason that we posted on this website was that we thought that the conman might have falsely used these names and wanted to warn the people that their identity may have been stolen. Also wanted to warn other Wanderers fans so they don't get done on future European trips. The bloke is very good at what he does & is very believable so be warned....
  12. We are very pissed off as we have been ripped off for munich tickets and flights etc by a c**t calling himself martin <edited>, sorry if this is you and you are genuine. Please contact us though as this muppet is using your identiy. he is also claiming to co own a cleaning company in Bolton who i wont name for there business's sake, but they were very helpful. He may also be going under the name of Shaun or Sean <edited>. Apologies also if this is you, but he is using your name also. The package was advertised on the fans forum via the bolton news website, claiming to have match tickets , flights and accomodation for munich at a very good deal. We meet this t****r at the braga match and he seemed very genuine and knowledgeable about bolton wanderers. This is what led us to believe he was genuine and you dont rip off your own or so we thought. next stage he was texting us all the time with updates etc....... however when it came down to showing us the goods after we had paid half the money, they did not materialise. We had previously seen our names on a lastminute.com printout, this led us to believe it was ok. This w****r has rotten teeth very noticable, has anyone seen him or been done like this? He may live somewhere between Chorley New Rd and Blackburn Rd, as he seens to know the area well. Please contact if anything rings a bell via email- neilpie77@hotmail.com Thanks for your help from 3 pissed off Bolton season ticket holders who should be in munich.
  13. this maybe a bexter but never mind i thought it was funny.
  14. stick to shit stabbing you ragging weirdo Should it not be Uncle Knobhead and not Northy?!
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