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  1. FUCKING SHITE..... And we didnt sign Denilson cos he`s a "flair" player, think we needed one today, we looked clueless going forward.. how did 3 centre halves leave Berbatov (overpaid bag of shit) on his own in the last minute... DISGRACE.
  2. i`ll take 1 0f each so ------- 2 xxl fatties please cheers big gaz
  3. Barton has mental issues, nuff said!!! oh and he`s a cock...
  4. Just to reiterate, they are not leigh`s home town club, they were Horwich RMI.... they cant go into the sports village anyway, ive heard on the grapevine, they have been put off moving in for months, i think the sports village wanted them to go under, bet there is a new footy team started soon. p.s i work for wigan council, so i know!!!! i dont really know, but 250 people watching a game in a 10,000 seater stadium, bit of a joke!!!! plus genesis were shite anyway.
  5. Elmander is a good player, playing him wide/in midfield is like using a ping golf club to play cricket, fookin pointless. He`s got no confidence (alright, he`s a bit shit... but he`s better than vaz te)
  6. I know we werent expected to win, but surely at 2 nil down, given the way we were playing, you should be bringing some attacking options on, bringing smolarek on on 85 mins isnt going to cause an impact.... Stiles was poor and let us down again, but at least ricky put a good shift in. hes never been a natural finisher, but at least he shows heart..... Megson out, I dont know, he needs to pick a formation such as 442 and stick to it in my opinion. I dont think he is the man for the job, but he did the job we needed last season by keeping us in the league... Long term solution, get browny in.... JUST MY OPINION - YOU ARE WELCOME TO SLATE IT...
  7. gaz_jones


    It was amazing, just kept me head down and stayed out of trouble.. had a laugh with the boys, got pissed, saw some sickening police action, and watched the Wanderers march on through to the last 16....... get in, doesnt get any better...
  8. He needs to stay on his feet for more than 10 seconds, EVERY TIME I WATCH HIM HE FECKING FALLS OVER......, thats his problem, get the lad a good pair of boots, preferably the ones he had on in guimaraes (he was a god to me for the last 5 mins in that game) Big Gaz (Well excited about going to Madrid)
  9. If we sell anelka, the only replacement has to be gudjohnsen.... Just my opinion....
  10. fcuk steel toe caps just shoot the bastards.....
  11. STAYING IN WATCHING X FACTOR = PASS THE RAZOR........ I thought everyone knew this!!!!!
  12. http://www.comeonboro.com/football_funnies/180031.php couldnt believe this, thought it was pretty damn funny, oh and stupid as well oh and sorry about the boro fan site, the brother in law supports them.
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