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  1. Two Tal Ben Haims playing for Maccabi tonight
  2. Boro to keep a clean sheet seems to be the bet
  3. Cheers JJ didn't put the bet on as it happens!
  4. Could well be wrong on this but isn't the company that do the highlights the ones who used to do it back when it was on C4?
  5. ITV have had loads of makeovers and reshuffles of their football coverage and it's usually still shit.
  6. Reminds me of when C5 had that live England game many moons ago. They had Brough Scott anchoring FFS and a crowd of hangers on in the studio.
  7. I enjoy reading the R Post Big Kick Off at the start of every season but there was some right guff about Forest & Dougie being not far from play off positions this season.
  8. Rearing up off a length Handled the ball Helmet Going at the ball with hard hands Bouncers
  9. http://gu.com/p/4b9j8?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other Can only hope it leads to something custodial
  10. She's given me a warm front
  11. There are too many fatties in the country who either don't understand cause and effect or don't care.
  12. A big thumbs up from me for Blackedge. Great beer at £2.40 a pop can't go wrong.
  13. Mine was ok - the tutors were good but the hard luck stories of quite a few of the others in the class galled 'I were doin 32 in a 30 zone' etc
  14. Croatia - fly to Split then you could have a couple of days there, get boat to Hvar and go down the coast to Trogir.
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