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  1. leigh white

    Non League Chatter

    You missed a belter.
  2. leigh white

    Todays Games

    Noticed today that West Brom brought a few hundred lads down to Wiggin early doors, when I got back from Kendal, it was the usual case of the stragglers and scarfers getting grief off the pie eating cunts.
  3. leigh white

    Skills You Once Had.

    I didn't mind our fall from grace for that one season into League 1, just to live again the old times and visit old haunts. I bet Sunderland fans love that division.
  4. leigh white

    Skills You Once Had.

    Certainly have, I don't half miss those times even though we were bobbins for ages, it was always a great day out in some backwater town.
  5. leigh white

    Skills You Once Had.

    Went before the game, it was packed with Wanderers, much classier place than that shithole down the road to sup.
  6. leigh white

    Skills You Once Had.

    The police making us get on that special train non stop to Bolton was a bummer, wanted to spend a few hours on the piss in Chester.
  7. leigh white

    Non League Chatter

    Engineering work on the track that day so it would have been RR anyway, but as a point of principle, the stagecoach bus runs every 15 mins, so would have caught that.
  8. leigh white

    Non League Chatter

    Bit of luck, a rail replacement bus laid on to Kendal from Oxenholme, and the same back.
  9. leigh white

    Skills You Once Had.

    Cheers, but with only a few months to go before i reach pension age, i might give it a miss.
  10. leigh white

    Skills You Once Had.

    Working on a lathe, screw cutting to fine dimensions for valves. Wouldn't know how to use a micrometer anymore now.
  11. leigh white

    Terror Attacks

    Send him to an Halfway House in Glasgow.
  12. leigh white

    In Or Out Again

    To be honest, I don't think anybody has a fucking clue to the answer.
  13. leigh white

    Non League Chatter

    Killing a bit of time in " Harry's Bar " before the train up Norf, so no chance for me.
  14. leigh white

    Memory Lane

    Loved the Fanzine what complimented every game in that 96/97 season, it was indeed a team to be proud of.
  15. leigh white

    Todays Games

    Just find it strange how most of English folk abroad always flock to Irish bars, get in a local back street tavern and sup for half the price.

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