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  1. I went in a car with my dads mate and his son that night mate.
  2. I know my mate hated it, but he stuck it out, he flew back to Brize Norton after the year contract was up. I know the Notts/Derby area was awash with mines from my galavanting in the past. Going into Bentinck Miners Welfare with a wench and every fucker speaking with a Geordie accent was an eyeopener.☺️
  3. He ended up getting the job in the Falklands, i took him back down and got invited into the works at Vic Hallams for a buffet, all the bosses came round and shook my mates hand and me, i said i'm not going, i'm on strike. ☺️
  4. Sheesh,that's spooky. I took a mate for an interview at a construction firm in Eastwood what made pre fabs, i think it was called Vic Halloms, i fucked off to the pit for an hour talking to local pickets then met my mate back at the pub.
  5. Where about in Notts ? I only managed to get to Moor Green in Eastwood picketing with all the police checks on the M1
  6. That day at Sheff Utd, 4-0 down when that soft cunt Barnes walked off, the backing from our lot sang all way through the match.
  7. Those Notts lads who stuck it out for 12 months are my greatest heroes, and they all ended up the road just the same.
  8. Never been so gobsmacked in my life at the time, i never saw anybody leaving early though, mind half the Bolton lot had just come in.☺️
  9. It was easier getting in to N Korea than Notts at the time.
  10. I think they took dislike with me having a few " Coal not Dole " stickers on my jacket.☺️
  11. To be honest, it's the first time i've seen that vid since going to the match, i knew we had a couple against us, but i doubt it could've changed the course of the match. The Notts police were twats that night.
  12. The scoring went, 15,16,17,21,22,32, we pulled one back with Foster in the 72nd.
  13. They were 22nd in the league and Fashanu didn't play that night thank fuck.
  14. I remember a Bolton fan coming in late asking me the score, it was the biggest Fuck off you lying cunt i'd ever heard.
  15. Thanks for the info Matt, i'd forgot about the takeaway rule on grounds.
  16. Witton Albion clubhouse was open today for Colls fans, i didn't go, opted to watch Bolton on the telly.
  17. Surely if Rads can find a loophole to serve ale with a burger in tier 3, then Colls can.
  18. I guessed she wasn't pleased with his joystick.
  19. Good half that, we finally might be starting to click.
  20. Cummings is going to have his work cut out trying to save face for all the toxic caused by his party on another shambles.
  21. Yeah, the night of the fateful helicopter crash for Matthew Harding.
  22. Anderson was lucky his Brasserie didn't get torched if the Whites had gone bump last season.
  23. Did Dubcek not stand up to Russian oppression in 1968 ?
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