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  1. No ammunition left tonight, I worked down the road at Plank Lane pit, and those scabs could never wind any coal up. x
  2. It's situated on the scab pit in Leigh what worked during the strike and since been built over
  3. Ha ha, our M&S are flogging homemade lobby, you Bury Rd inbred.
  4. Along with Mr Grey in these pastures. ah well, we don't live in a close proximity to Black Pudding land.☺️
  5. I hate being out of Europe. I feel naked in my own Country.
  6. I'd stay in lockdown for another year if this was thrust on me.
  7. My Fred Perry jumper came out and it as shrunk to fuck, my Grandson would struggle to fit him.
  8. So many settings these days on the clobber you want to wash on so many programmes.
  9. Got my Tunnocks Tea Cakes ready to watch all this unfold on the telly.
  10. Don't bother booking an holiday if that's the case.
  11. In the past few years, a day out in Bradford for an away day was better than a visit to Leeds.
  12. Was at Wrightington Hospital today, got my ticket on entrance, went to pay fee on exit and swiped my ticket, it showed 2-70, and before I started tipping money in the machine, it said go to free exit now, puzzled, I took my chance with scanning my ticket, the barrier stayed shut for an age, and then almost like magic, the fucker opened.
  13. I love Roy, he's fucking brilliant.☺️
  14. Still missing some good chances.
  15. The Oldham team on I Follow.
  16. Yeah, at Little Bispham Methodist Hall.
  17. Roy sounds like a big bag of fun.
  18. Goal Difference looking good now.
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