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  1. Dubious penalty for me and never a sending off Catastrophic error by Hill not putting Zouma on straight away but both full backs were awful
  2. Agree I thought he should have used 2 subs with 15 minutes left
  3. roybarker

    Jack Dearden

    Hope you beat it Jack
  4. The odds table says us and Bury are going down
  5. roybarker

    Take Over

    Yes but can you disclose after buying
  6. roybarker

    Take Over

    Surprised that nobody has picked up about the non disclosure clause-does that mean that when you buy the club and found all the skeletons in the cupboard you can't tell anyone
  7. roybarker

    Take Over

    What the hell is this thread all about,I thought it was about BWFC not rubbish
  8. Just read Marc Illes post on BEN about the under 18s As someone who works with children and young adults I have just had to do a course on child and young adult protection The ELF have breached the rules by suggesting the under 18s should play the remaining 2 games possibly putting them at odds with the other players Be interesting to see if they get pulled up by the Child Protection Company
  9. F-----g predictive text should read breadline
  10. I can see both sides of the argument,however I think they should have played the last 2 games,they are not on the headline and if the club goes bust wages are the first in line for any payout
  11. Party should have gone in November The team have set off on the back foot every home game There NO excuses for today's performance no matter what he says
  12. Why don't we all turn up anyway they can't stop us being on public footpaths anyway and who is going to pay for policing then
  13. roybarker

    Take Over

    Suggest everyone calms down,take a chill pill and get a drink-all will be revealed in time in the meantime listen to the Saw Doctors sing To win just once,perhaps Parky should make it his anthem
  14. roybarker

    Take Over

    I suggest people read The Offshore Game to understand where monies went from tv rights etc
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