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  1. Good away performance that against a side up at the top end of the he table other than the balls up. Get our home form going and Perform like that away and we’ll start going up that league.
  2. I don’t usually say anything I go the match never booed or said anything about managers but this cunt clearly had a go at the fans at weekend!! Average 13000 at home and 2500 away watching shit... no one really had any expectations and he’s fucked it. Bolton fans don’t forgive there’s no way back!!
  3. It was a clear dig at the fans in my view. Which is mental from the man.
  4. Darcy didn’t give their defence a minute top performance... shame the lad can’t finish!
  5. Fair enough just getting a bit boring already isn’t it!
  6. Are we allowed to get pissed off with defeats again yet??? Dire this
  7. Absolutely over the moon!!! The good times are coming back!! Stay up and Wembley trip in the Sherpa Van!!
  8. MACCA

    Next manager

    Happy with this superb appointment. Bolton lads in charge of Bolton. Moving swiftly the ventures.
  9. MACCA

    Take Over

    That statement gives me massive hope we will be fine this time tomorrow! We live in hope!
  10. MACCA

    Take Over

    My dads stone sits proudly next to Nat as I wanted to visit him at the match every other weekend and felt it was a much better place than a cemetery. If the worst happens tomorrow I will be taking that stone tomorrow and that will break my fucking heart! Come on someone sort this shit out!
  11. MACCA

    Take Over

    Been on a good few forums to see what the reaction is throughout the league... it’s safe to say that we are seriously disliked in the main!!
  12. Looks like about 2000 tickets sold so far going off the website
  13. Lads 5 on Tuesday... as punishment I’m taking him Wycombe for his first away day 🙈
  14. Wow watching some of these older vids is cracking. Wish I'd seen them about a year ago before my old my died. He'd have loved these. Keep em coming pal.
  15. Well this could come back to bite me in the arse!! Think I've only ever created 2 topics hahaha
  16. Well done mate! Maybe the wrong forum to come on as some people on here will liken you to the devil for being from a 'rival' site haha
  17. Wheater yes. The rest of that pathetic bunch of w@nkers I do not wish to see again. Really hope we play the kids Sunday.
  18. If this goes ahead I don't want any of them playing for us again!
  19. Just watched Parkinson’s interview after the match. The man looks tired. Clearly been through a lot these past few months. Especially last few weeks. What a leader, what a man and proud to have the guy at Bolton!!
  20. The FA are well within their rights to remove that Tranmere banner. In what fucking way are they 'super'??
  21. What a day!! What an atmosphere!! What a club!!! Back from the fucking dead! Well done to everyone with white in their heart!!
  22. Superb!! What a feeling to be a wanderer
  23. MACCA


    Lads first game today. He's 2 next week fucking loved it. I thought the right back showed up well. Madine was full of effort and spearing played well. I think we'll do well this year.
  24. You can stick your football up your arse for me. This completely kills it!! Close the fucker down and have 16 franchises!! Utter bollocks!!!
  25. I've still not got over it pal!!!
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