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  1. Really??? Didn't know I was attending?
  2. I think this is a bit of Police propaganda told to the TMG flight to try and keep them happy. I have spoken to a few of the 50 Bolton fans that were in Serbia last night and they have all said there was absolutely no trouble anywhere and even the police were friendly.
  3. The Title of this thread has been changed from the one I added. I don't know anything about any stabbings, my post was originally about the TMG fans being held in a hotel in the middle of nowhere Just had a text from ZozzyTours in Serbia, apparently the fans travelling on the TMG flight are being taken to a hotel and are not allowed to leave until the match tonight. Think they'll be some unhappy faces. I'd still rather be there than at my desk in work though :-(
  4. Old Trafford Which means RobbieSavagesArse will not be attending with me. I'm sure that's a good thing though.
  5. Setting off at 12pm from Weatherspoons BWFCRyan Uriah Zozzy Gaz_Jones Macca Scowie OliSpence BWFCColin Brixton Ainey Jay_C Shaun Soulman Good turn out for Wanderersways EDIT: RobbieSavagesArse posted this using my log in. I don't even know most of the people on this list
  6. Spit the Dog still had three earlier this evening, and the coach that left down to Standstead at 12pm had a few knocking about as well. Tickets will not be a problem over there. If you are struggling PM Robbiesavagesarse a contact number and he/I can pass your details on too the above parties
  7. Replacing him with JLS is the issue though!! I am sorry but surely we have better on the bench that that???? Gardener has player left winger about once in about 5 years, yet he chose that option before anytthing else. Anyone who was armed with the arguement of Megson is too negative (and yes I have heard this numerous times) will have been fully armed with that choice of sub. Not only did we loose shape going forward, but JLS ditribution from the back was poor to say the least
  8. ?20 from me. (RobbieSavagesArse will pass the money on for me).
  9. It's released Nationwide on Friday 5th October. Official trailer
  10. "should you not be getting some stuff washed and ironed for your boss?" All Done - I'm a good wife me
  11. Cask on Liverpool Road - Excellent Juke Box and a good choice of beers.
  12. "Your a big man and you're in bad shape, and for me it's a full time job. Now behave yourself" Get Carter.........Another Classic in my opinion.
  13. -I want the name of your top grass. -He trusts me Harold, I've known him a long time. -Then you should remember his name!!! Love the film. As you say, "Absolute Classic"
  14. Happy Birthday you old git!!!! See you soon for a drink. Love Mr & Mrs Salford. xxx
  15. Don't know if this will help but I remember reading about something called 'The British Gas Help the Aged Partnership.' It was a scheme set up to provide Central Heating/Insulation for older people. I think it's means tested in England but free to all Scotland. It may be worth while contacting Help the Aged about any schemes/grants they are running.
  16. Happy Is there any room on your WWays Coach for 2 Salfordwhites? Cheers Salfordwhite N - Please note the number changes - 2 have dropped out. You should have the names now. - Ta
  17. As a non-regular on this site, I am a member of 'Golden Goal' and I can also confirm that I receive an e-mail a few days before the match with my number for that week. I am definitely not part of the WWays clique and I really can't understand how anyone can be accused of cheating. Anyway, that was a bit deep for only my 3rd post......I will go back to just being a voyeur now.
  18. Did you go to all 4 games? Less than ??400 per game including travel and hotels Did you get pissed off 2 pints shandy belly 1580 - Number of pounds he told me it cost
  19. 1580 - Number of pounds my husband spent on his European Tours
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