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  1. no balls

    K O

    I bloody loved that place! Rave on!
  2. My first day back in the office tomorrow in a number of weeks & because I'm a cunt I'm hoping I can walk in with a smirk on my face.
  3. Ha Ha, grandad! Probably best I'm not there as I'd only have embarrassed myself trying to get my stumps over the advertising boards Time for champagne with random strangers now! They'll all be Wanderers fans by last orders! The whites are going up............
  4. There's a pie shop opened in Arnold called Live and Let Pie Obvs. I've not tried it though now I'm trying not to be such a fat cunt
  5. FFS, didn't realise it was on at the same time! ????
  6. I've found a bar that shows sky sports. They'd better put it on for me or I'll be windmilling!
  7. I'm in Shanghai, even worserer!
  8. P.S. Why the fuck would anyone want to nick 3 tv remotes?
  9. It's not if they have this policy in their small print. Most big hotels have this but a shitty Blackpool gaff, they're taking the piss. Contact Blackpool council tourism department and report them http://www.visitblackpool.com/about/
  10. Blackburn fans at work yesterday have already thrown in the towel. They congratulated us too. Poor sods, I nearly felt sorry for them.
  11. Bloggers/charlatans making a fortune promoting 'clean eating' when they've not a fucking clue. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/news/clean-eating-is-a-recipe-for-osteoporosis-warn-experts-ntxt7rnmt?CMP=Sprkr-_-Editorial-_-TheTimesandTheSundayTimes-_-News-_-Unspecified-_-Statement-_-Unspecified-_-ACCOUNT_TYPE&linkId=36430532
  12. only if you wash it down with a slim fast shake
  13. I tried slimming world a while ago with what I would call at best mediocre success. I was miffed at the time and fucked it off. I didn't like the way it felt like an odd cult too. Anyway, I have a dietician now, yep, I'm a wanker, and am now using a kind of 5-2 diet which is giving me great results. We got on to discussing slimming world and she said not all diets work for all people. She gets proper peeved with it as she's been to uni to do this, has a masters but the leaders of these groups have been on a short course and think they're gurus. Not having a pop at you like obvs. as what with you bring medical you probably know this anyway but just saying. You can only imagine what she thinks of juice plus
  14. This may be why he screams like a girl http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/04/11/united-airlines-passenger-david-dao-convicted-soliciting-gay/?WT.mc_id=tmgoff_fb_tmg I wonder who found the dirt on him.....
  15. United airlines staff are fucking obnoxious in my personal experience so I wouldn't have given my place on the plane for them either.
  16. Cheers for that. I think I'll just stick to the gym then
  17. Gym 4/5 times a week but I still can't run more than a few hundred yards. I'm not build for it. It's got to be genetics I reckon.
  18. So are we helping ISIS & Al Qaeda then? This is all a tad confusing.
  19. Ex Heaton player. What a cunt. http://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/news/15211042.Former_Bolton_Cricket_League_player_jailed_for_beating_wife_with_bat_and_forcing_her_to_drink_bleach/
  20. Vic? It's called the Albert. Always has been always will be!
  21. Fighting dogs? If so, put the owner down along with the dogs.
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