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  1. Back seat of a packed 523 heading to Bolton from Bury. Sweet little Modette sorted me out under my Crombie. Was more shit scared of staining it than groaning too loud.
  2. Brought a tear to my eye. Not just a national leader and Commonwealth leader - a world leader. Hundreds of millions across the globe will have been uplifted by that speech. Long may she reign.
  3. Ditto. Quinny also came to Rangers games from time to time. Did you know Jimmy H from Breightmet who was tied up with this lot who was also a Liverpool fan?
  4. Just watched Ultra's after seeing a 'related movies' link on The Immortal page. Think someone may have mentioned this on here last year? Not bad, Hard to reconcile with English firms but some truth from what I've seen in the past. Crazies.
  5. I won't mate. I know a couple of years back one of the big NS Dj's from down here (originally Chorley, now Estepona) was up for a Twisted Wheel Reunion and the lad was there doing his thing. Also at Rumworth Labour Club? Time takes it toll though so who knows.
  6. When I got to Fulham, I was sure you were going to mention a handbag!
  7. ...and Northern Soul events where he is (reputedly) still tearing up the floor.
  8. I wasn't coming back but as I'd never fucking heard of the JCL I'd have a look. 'Plumb'? Something to do with lead? Another imbecile joins the ranks.
  9. That cunts obsessed with me since I put him on ignore
  10. Time to leave this thread to the haters methinks. Maybe a quick revisit on 4th November.
  11. Fuck me. I have to read Jol's inane witterings now do I? Maybe the Ignore function isn't all it's cracked up to be. Threatened? I am an admirer you muppet. Margaret Thatcher, Boudicca, HM the Queen. I'd throw my Dormeuil tonik jacket over a puddle for any of them. There are others I'd hold down in the puddle.
  12. No mate but it runs a close second IMO.
  13. Hype? No mate, it's just fucking brilliant. Not seen anything which accurately depicts threat and menace as well as this. Having spent time in that area and 'met' Cammorese, I can confirm that the show is very accurate.
  14. I have Gomorrah above all of them.
  15. Ginge - you know fuck all about me so don't presume to know the way I think. I like him because he winds up silly cunts who obsess about him and because he is the antithesis of the likes of that bent cunt Hillary Clinton. It may surprise you to learn that I am actually incapable of voting for him. Australia is not a US state.I know this will come as a shock to you.
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