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  1. You will be aware that One Step Beyond is a passable attempt but a pale shadow of the original:- Ever heard this track?
  2. All part of the same strategy. Ludicrous when you consider that a large portion of the Leave vote came from Labour's 'traditional heartlands' in the North. Plays into a narrative Remain plotters hope will influence the public - especially if they manage to get their thoroughly undemocratic second referendum when the result of the first has yet to be honoured. When they are stooping so low as to suggest that a Leave proponent hasn't changed his socks for three days you must realise that there is no level to which remain guttersnipes will not descend to try to overturn the biggest democratic vote in UK history.
  3. I liked their earlier stuff which was heavily influenced by Prince Buster (even the bands name!). TBH, not keen on a lot of their 'more commercial' stuff like 'Our House' and 'It Must Be Love' but they have been massive earners for them.
  4. Let's put it down to personal opinion then. I reckon 90% plus of the worlds population believe the moon landing actually happened. Doesn't mean it did but it's good enough for me - especially when you look who is lined up in the other 10% minus. Flat earthers, tinfoil hatters and turd wranglers from the Macedonian border.
  5. Fair play - that is shit and I cringe when I hear it. Still, there is a very large catalogue of Madness excellence which makes the odd slip into childish whimsy forgivable.
  6. 'Simple things amuse simple minds' springs to mind.
  7. What!!!!!???? Wash your fucking mouth out you recalcitrant Corbynite. A British institution inspired by one of the most, if not THE most influential producer of Afro Caribbean genius commonly referred to simply as The Prince.
  8. Motorhead or prolific bilge generators like any boy band, girl band or sparsely talented fooktards from The Voice, BGT etc.
  9. That twat would be straight off to the oubliette if it was up to me.
  10. The perfect trial for dumping all our plastic and nuclear waste there in the future. Glad some is doing something about it.
  11. Heard her on the news this morning 'Fascist' this and 'fascist' that. What a load of fucking crap. Just another interloper who chooses to migrate to the US over Cuba, North Korea etc. for economic reasons and sets about changing the US into one of the aforementioned basket cases. 'Send her back' has fuck all to do with the colour of her skin. Anti US views are the reason some would chant that.
  12. Now that, to me, sounds like a great prospect for a new euphemism.
  13. Didn't know you'd met Mr. Koontz? You kept that quiet!
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