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  1. Do fuck off ginge. Your sort swallow everything that's fed to you - particularly if it gives you a chance to cling on. Ginger klingon. Has a bit of a ring to it.
  2. For a bloke who works putting out fires Weliphant, you seem to be a bit of a firestarter. You could be next. Not wasting any more time on that worthless turd so quote him as much as you want. I'll leave the gormless cunt staring out of his Halliwell 2 up 2 down wondering where it all went wrong the fucking peasant.
  3. His intellectual level matches his personality vacuum. Thick as fuck.
  4. Youi could not be more right. Hammer the shelves at Icealand in Fuengirola when I am over. Too fucking expensive down here. No surprise what that no mark says.
  5. No fucking surprise there. You should move to France.
  6. Interesting that the remoaners are still firing away. Get over it FFS.
  7. The green eyed monster again. What a sad and miserable cunt he really is.
  8. The MD of the company I currently work for (now retired) was born in Wolverhampton but moved to Oz at around 4 years old. Funny bastard - always bigging it up about something or other just in the interests of good banter I might add. Plenty of stories about the interchanges between me and him but one relates to lime pickle. Bit of a meat and potatoes man he is and used to like to rib me about my liking for Indian food. Finally got him to come along to the Royal India one lunchtime and, of course, everything was "That's not fucking hot"; "Call that hot? I've had hotter black pepper" etc.
  9. bolty58


    Fair point. Some of the bearded clam types on here will have bits of fish batter in them. I'd put money on it.
  10. bolty58


    FFS Rudy. Of course it is but where's the fucking fun in that?
  11. bolty58


    Thanks mate. Have a +1. I think you just got me to 10 'ists' - Blue Peter badge territory.
  12. Sarcasm does not suit you - a bit like your private dick get up.
  13. Shame that. Still rate him as the best central defender around.
  14. See I reckon Wolves may have been sussed and their selling may also cost them. Thought long and hard between them and Leicester. Palace? Can't see any way.
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