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  1. Of course not but the debate was going along the lines of Liverpool or City champions this year. I am suggesting that such gaffes at the back presenting Liverpool with a bit of a points lead may well cost City at the other end of the season. Time will tell.
  2. So you don't accept the premise that campaigning to Stop Brexit when the referendum result has not been enacted is anti-democratic? Righto, I'll file you under 'Z' with other zoons off here who just cannot (or will not) see the damage that will do to our entire political system. It won't happen but just imagine if those treacherous centrist dogs won an election and became the majority party or even government. What would then happen if the other parties just said "Nope, we are not accepting the result of that election based on your own precedent set when you ignored the 2016 referendum result"? Madness not to implement the will of the people expressed in a democratic vote as the LibDem's very own grandee Mr. Paddy Ashdown said at the time of the referendum.
  3. If he manages to solve the backstop issue, it will be different. From what I can see, without the backstop it would have won a Parliamentary majority (which is a worry in itself thinking that 400+ arseholes might have been in favour). What the LIBdems are attempting to do is not democracy. It is the absolute antithesis. I would not have a problem with the yellow shithouses campaigning to take us back in at some time in the future. That would be democracy and they would be perfectly within their rights. Campaigning to stop the implementation of something the majority voted for in the biggest democratic vote in our history is an act of politicial bastardry and is as anti-democratic as it gets.
  4. Now then, I have watched Man City implode this weekend and now Arsenal with all this fancy playing it around in your own box and completely fucking it up. Is this current trend a result of the rule change or Guardiolaisation? Give me the Sam Allardyce method any day. Don't fuck about with it back there, clear your lines and get the ball into the danger zone (for the opposition) as soon as possible.
  5. Fuck off. If the result is never enacted, that is the ultimate betrayal of democracy. You know it, I know it, Swinehoundson knows it - even the lollipop lady at your local primary school knows it. I never thought it possible but there is now a party I despise more than the red rags. At least the latter are simply misguided in following some hopelessly outdated principles. Overturning/ignoring a democratic result and thereby totally fucking democracy in the name of political gain is scandalous. Don't give me all that 'nobody voted for no deal' bollocks. The LibDems are not saying they will stop no deal - they are saying they will stop Brexit. If you can't see the turmoil that will almost certainly create should it happen then you're as numb as a piss stone. The Lib Dems won't win an election (thankfully) but they can gain a stronger position than such smarmy and duplicitous cunts should ever hold.
  6. Or 'made him' dependent on your point of view.
  7. Very happy with the win. Quietens the gloating fuckers down just a little bit. Can't help thinking about what might have been - especially after that inspirational win on the back of Stokesy. Can only hope we win them back down here which is always a very special victory (when you can't find those who like to gloat for love nor money).
  8. I think you are correct. Looking pretty unstoppable but they will have their wobble just like they all do. If City don't get Laporte back til the new year it's likely the bird will have flown. I have Liverpool linked with 4 others (Ajax, PSV, Benfica, Porto) in my 'safe doubles - holiday fund' bets this year. Opening bank already at 250%.
  9. I remain (can't believe I used that word!) absolutely astonished that a so called Democratic party can openly and brazenly campaign to overturn the will of the British people expressed in the greatest democratic vote in our history - a will that has yet to be enacted. Comparisons with the Brexit Party - campaigning for what the majority voted for - by ST show the level of brain damage his hysterical rants have inflicted upon himself. I hope that Swinson and her band of traitors to democracy fail miserably but unfortunately, those remain voters who are bitter at losing and place more value on that than they do on democracy will give them a larger share of the vote than they deserve for their blatant treachery. Unless Boris works some sort of a deal which may well involve sleight of hand/letting someone down (like the DUP or others), I do hope that some sort of working arrangement can be reached for an upcoming GE between the Brexit Party and Conservatives to counter the efforts of the other side.
  10. Well they're in Eurovision so you never know! Just concentrate on that shit NFL team of yours, rosary bead head and save the well worn jibes for someone who actually gives a fuck. English til I die.
  11. Everything English is in my eyes. Not sure that's got anything to do with the current situation of folk preferring to get out of France and get into the UK mind.
  12. Not denying the last bit. Where I have an issue is 'people' trying to silence him - mainly because it upsets their overly active sensitivities. Different deal with the 'establishment' where they are trying to cover up their failures and inadequacies.
  13. We are even then. I continue to feel great sympathy for you.
  14. bolty58


    Shame the Bears nicked a win still, always nice to beat the Viqueens.
  15. So we're too fucking soft, correct? Many us have been saying this for years.
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