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  1. bolty58


    I'm just waiting for some cunt to link the Packers to Pakistan and demand changes.
  2. Zero, Zero, Zero. Described as a cross between Gomorrah and Narco's. Anyone seen it? About to give it a go.
  3. bolty58


    I am not. Pointless exercise. Leave the saddo's to spew their bile in peace.
  4. Stunned. Folk putting vegetables in cakes require attitude adjustment.
  5. Different ingredients I have been told. I was convinced the strong in the arm thick in the head lot used golden syrup and we used treacle. I know Yorkies down here who say it is the other way round. Same goes for the addition of medium oatmeal which I always put in. Black peas are ace. Don't listen to Spider and his sophistication signalling.
  6. Missus is a dental nurse. Tells me that two out of every three of the dentists she works with are out and out thieves. Carrying out procedures which aren't required, charging wherever possible for the slightest thing etc. Very often driven by the practice management from whom the dentists rent chairs. A line of Beamers and Mercs outside of their plush surgery tells the tale. She always directs me to the straight as a die honest ones which has been a good thing. Saved me a fortune no doubt.
  7. Whereas if that guttersnipe "Albo" was in power, he'd be directing them to a Chinese gulag.
  8. If there is one thing which can be absolutely relied upon it is that Knobcheese will take the contrary position to most just for the fucking sake of it. Fuck Wigan. They decided to 'hate' us for no particular reason. They revelled in it when we were going through it. Pay back in kind. Long may they plummet.
  9. Quietly confident that we now have the right man at the helm. Looks to have a bit of the 'eye of the tiger'. Time will tell but feeling optimistic about this appointment. Weave your name into the fabric of Bolton Wanderers Mr. Evatt.
  10. Superb. Spat my tea all over the screen.
  11. bolty58


    The same 'some' who owe Leadfrog a debt of gratitude for getting the Meanwhile In America thread removed.
  12. Industrious and profit generating folk in general. Can we do a 1 for 1 swap with some undesirables who might quite like living under a totalitarian regime?
  13. bolty58


    Just Out Lunatic. Has to be.
  14. Because of me old bean. The Falklands were mentioned in this thread and I mentioned that, purely by coincidence I'd seen some Falklands war footage on a Thatcher documentary that very night. Got the commies a little bit roused. Fuck em. Better dead than red.
  15. Well at least you can spell it correctly.
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