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  1. bolty58

    In Or Out Again

    Will you stop being correct FFS.
  2. bolty58

    In Or Out Again

    Permanently inebriated and there are those on the remain side who would kiss his arse. No doubt likes pricey tipples too at your expense - snout in the trough.
  3. bolty58

    In Or Out Again

    Abso-fucking-lutely me (there you go, a tmesis included as well). if you think I am going to waste time and energy reading the thoughts of Chairman Cheese and a few others, you are fucking wrong. If I want an argument based on the other party simply taking the contrary position for the fucking sake of it, I need only walk into my own kitchen rather than waste precious time on here. I have a heinous half dozen at present and have visions of achieving a dirty dozen one day. Why have an ignore function other than to weed out boring cunts?
  4. bolty58

    In Or Out Again

    Another fucking annoying jibe from the Remain side.
  5. bolty58

    In Or Out Again

    If you'd followed the thread, I have desisted at the request of Traf. Just a one off retort to someone who saw fit to trot out 'holding all the cards' numerous times in one post which I find as stultifyingly crass as Remainers find that other label. Tempted to propose a 'you stop and I'll stop' deal but it would have to be a good enough deal
  6. bolty58

    In Or Out Again

  7. bolty58

    In Or Out Again

    I'll drop Remoaner if the other side drop that stupid 'holding all the cards' bollocks.
  8. bolty58

    In Or Out Again

    You ought to. Yes, of course goods are available elsewhere. This is about selling INTO the UK you plum. FFS, I hope you don't run a business.
  9. bolty58

    In Or Out Again

    The light's on but no one's home.
  10. bolty58

    Politics - Not Interested, Dont Look

    I know whose HQ it would be easier to create the word on with only 3 letters added with an aerosol paint can.
  11. bolty58

    Politics - Not Interested, Dont Look

    Not sure they did owt on TV mate but read the book. It's a fucking scream.
  12. bolty58

    In Or Out Again

    If we don't deal with the EU, of the two trading partners, who will be the biggest losers? Think about it. Hopefully, a light bulb just came on.
  13. bolty58

    Politics - Not Interested, Dont Look

    Your last paragraph made me think of dear old Spike and his description of how the border was arrived at in Puckoon. I repeat that I was referring to the use of this issue as a political football, mainly by the EU and the remain side as some sort of 'let's abandon the democratic decision made by 17.4 million people because this one issue is difficult to solve' gambit. If I knew how to solve it I wouldn't be typing it on here. I'd be in Westminster or Brussels demanding a kings ransom for the sale of said solution.
  14. bolty58

    Politics - Not Interested, Dont Look

    I can't take the credit for coming up with the term as I am sure you know. For you sir, I will desist. The temptation with one or two others will be tough to resist.
  15. bolty58

    In Or Out Again

    ...and I will assist you wherever I can mate.

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