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  1. bolty58

    Holidays 2019.

    Dave, I really like Adelaide but it's a bit of a retirement sleepy hollow really. Barossa Valley close by if you are into wines it is sensational. The rest is coastal related really which sounds like it isn't your thing (Victoria Harbour, Glenelg, Semaphore etc.). Seriously though, if it's theme parks, wildlife etc. you are into then FFS jettison all ideas of Brisbane or Adelaide and get thisen to the Gold Coast (Surfers Paradise not a bad pied a terre for getting around to everything). Flights from Siddeley are easy mate - Coolangatta the destination. Loads of theme parks etc. BTW, Singers is superb. the black pepper mud crab at Jumbo Seafood by Victoria Bridge is just about the finest meal I have ever eaten and the Mongolian BBQ at Pall Mall is sensational. Hawkers markets curries top drawer - can even have trotters (yessss!) down on the waterfront. The usual tourist things all available of course - Singapore Sling at Raffles, Sentosa Island for wildlife etc. but if you really want to experience life on the wild side, head for the 'four floors of whores' at Orchard Park (I know this is unlikely with the missus in tow). The really adventurous go up to the fourth floor - one look out of the lift was enough for me. "Down to the first floor my good man" to the lift operator Anyone who thinks the melange at St. Pauli is a collection of kinks and weirdo's will soon change their tune after experiencing the fourth floor. Makes Hamburg generally seem very tame.
  2. bolty58

    Meanwhile In America ...

    Handmaids Tale type lunatics..
  3. bolty58

    In Or Out Again

    i would say that after the horrors they suffered during the second world war, 'caring about the Jews' became much more commonplace. Rightly so too.
  4. bolty58

    In Or Out Again

    There's one simple reason why the Lib Dems entered into that alliance. They knew full well that it was the only fleeting chance they will ever get of having any power or influence. Yes, they are larger than the Monster Raving Loony Party but have a relatively small advantage over them in terms of actually influencing the direction of the country. In short, irrelevant also-rans.
  5. bolty58

    In Or Out Again

    Centrist politics never work. The epitome of indecisiveness. Observing the party itself, it appears to be a collective of geeks and nerds.
  6. bolty58

    Horse Riding.

    You could have said seabiscuit
  7. bolty58

    These Drones

    Reporting that it is fucking 'eco-warriors' down here. That water cannon they've just sold would have been perfect to line them up and both douse and skittle them at the same time before allowing the Met to give their officers Taser target practice whilst the fuckers were still wet.
  8. bolty58

    Hair today - gone tomorrow...

    I'll bet you say that to all the boys.
  9. bolty58


    The Adelphi Steakhouse mate. Kent will verify.
  10. bolty58


    Of course. I have it on good authority that when his handler met him clandestinely, the coded first words "Argo's it mate?".
  11. bolty58


    Of all the places for you to pick! Spent many happy times in Amersham which must only be about 10 miles away. Had the odd ploughmans lunch in CSG. Typical quaint upper class English village - not for the likes of thee and me. Never noticed any haemorrhoid like structures!
  12. bolty58

    A place in the sun

  13. bolty58

    In Or Out Again

    If we have gained one thing from the pantomime in Parliament yesterday it is the fact that we have absolutely irrefutable proof that Jeremy Corbyn is a bare faced liar. Most of us always knew it anyway but there it is for all to see. Lip reading experts have confirmed this. Anyone watching it knows precisely what he said. He has to deny it to the bitter end now or own up to being the liar that he is and losing whatever microscopic speck of legitimacy he had. I have no problems with name calling - there's too many mard arses around these days desperately seeking to be offended at what is essentially fuck all. What this episode has clearly demonstrated is that a man supposedly positioned to become a Prime Minister of the UK no less is utterly unfit for such high office.
  14. bolty58

    A place in the sun

    You've fallen victim to using hundreds of words to achieve what I did with ten.
  15. bolty58


    Hahaha......very good! Actually a nice place is Shitterton. Shame about the name!

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