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  1. I'm turning green Ste. We are a force to be reckoned with when the away vibe starts showing at home matches.
  2. bolty58


    Been to Napoli and Salernitana games (family ties) and saw Maldini score twice against Reggina on the last occasion I was lucky enough to visit the San Siro (not too far away from my company's HQ in Reggio Emilia). During that Reggina match, Milans Ultras stayed away for the entire first half then all suddenly appeared in time for the second half. A protest against a hike in season ticket prices if I remember rightly. The Fuorigrotta? Mental. Anyone wanting to take on Napolis Ultras would have to be off their heads. Our favourite cousin took us there in the middle of June one year. You could just wander in. Grass was about a foot high and no goalposts up. Deserted. Outside the stadium, crazies careering round in open top Fiat 500's and the like waving giant Napoli flags and chanting. Seasons start was about 2 months away!
  3. bolty58

    Hong Kong

    Only a matter of time before the Chinese Army march in. Sad but seems inevitable. Traf's reet. People will go missing never to be heard of again. I wonder when we will see an Extinction Rebellion protest in Beijing?
  4. I suggest that you take your blinkers off or at least engage brain for a moment. Do I believe that a newly elected Conservative government (hopefully with a working majority) will actually deliver every single one of the spending promises made? Do I bollocks. Just playing Labour at their own game. Some will be delivered for sure but the Conservative instincts will kick in and the ecenomy will be managed conservatively. A steady hand on the tiller The reasons why some can't be done will just roll off the tongue once no. 10 is secured and this seemingly interminable Brexit deadlock caused by untrustworthy shithouses is finally smashed.
  5. As it has always been and always will be. Some are either blind to this or choose not to see in the hope that they might get a slight raise in their standard of living until it all comes crashing down and the cycle starts again. In come the 'nasty party' having to do the unpalatable things to right the ship. And so it goes.....
  6. You can self treat for that matey. Toothpaste on the bellend I hear. Numbs the sensation.
  7. Zulu and I have a mutual friend who had an 'interaction' with Prince Andrew some years ago. Became apparent then that he was an utter cunt then and I have seen or heard nothing in the years since to change my opinion. WTF he was thinking doing this interview is beyond me. The only one I feel sorry for here is HM. Doesn't deserve this. That photo does look like it was photoshopped and I am convinced that woman is on the money trail. Other than that, don't really give a fuck. Gives the papers a few salacious headlines for a while I suppose.
  8. bolty58


    Have to admit though - I love watching Serie A.
  9. Remember it opening and closing. Just can't recall if it was a music shop before or after but I know the same shop was a music shop at some stage.
  10. I know one thing, if we are within reach of safety by the turn of the year you'll probably have to unleash the site pessimists on to me to calm me down. Would be a remarkable achievement to survive after we reached what must have been our nadir a few short months back.
  11. Seeing the pictures on the news down here - this is what used to be the Lido cinema opposite the Balmoral?
  12. Is it just me or does every victory this season feel like a quarter final or semi final win?
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