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  1. That surprises me not one bit. A rousing chorus of "The Red Flag" by middle class Chardonnay swillers must have proles like you punching the air with pride.
  2. I always have. In the long run, I believe it will serve the UK best.
  3. Fair point. OK then - if they want a negotiated deal but want to give away their one ace before starting negotiations, would you then agree?
  4. This bloke and the thousands who accompanied him are what make me proud of my country. Genuine heroes.
  5. Me too. Popular with the grass roots membership. If not him has to be one of them who isn't so childishly fucking stupid to take 'no deal' off the table and thereby surrender your only bargaining chip. Beggars belief that there are so many people around who are mentally subnormal enough to even consider this.
  6. Finished Dead To Me and agree. Just OK and went slowly downhill towards the end.
  7. Surprised. Hopefully another witch as good will come along again.
  8. Quoting that treacherous cunt Heseltine. Still sulking after all these years about the leadership poll he lost. I see now the lisping eyebrow forester has been suspended by the party for his voiced support for the Illiberal Undemocrats. He should fuck off and join them. For good.
  9. Be wary of exit polls. They just did one here and predicted a Labor landslide! Hopelessly wrong!
  10. Just watched it. Party Political Broadcast on behalf of the Labour Party and the Marxist terrorist sympathiser who leads them. Just some paid apparatchik spouting bollocks. Thankfully, they're going nowhere fast. If they can't make any ground now they'll be utterly fucked when the blues get their act back together.
  11. Did you mean 'cult' or 'cunt'. I only ask because of who you were addressing it to.
  12. ...and I can picture the scruffy little 'heroes' who did it. Public floggings for utter scum like these.
  13. Not watched it but that Fred Perry colour seems to suggest he is one of Gavin McInnes Proud Boys?
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