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  1. I would probably vote for Paul.
  2. Win and clean sheet. What a surprise.
  3. Blind Freddie can see there will be a trade deal between the EU and UK so, not for the first time, I have no idea where ST is coming from. Stands to reason. In neither sides interest for there not to be - the EU has a trade imbalance in its favour with the UK so why anyone would even countenance that there won't be a deal is beyond me. Just one of the screeched sound bites from Project Fear which has stuck around.
  4. Could qualify to be a Villa fan this lad. Deluded. I am saving that post in case anyone ever asks me for the definition of wishful thinking.
  5. Lovely to see the usual suspects continuing to melt down. This farce in the Senate will soon be over; idiots like Pelosi, Schumer and Schiff will have strengthened Trumps support rather than hindered it as they hoped and the squirming and bleating can continue for four more years. What's not to like?
  6. Always used their Squash shoes for 5 a side. Beltin' grip. Their former Asia Pacific Region sales manager is a personal friend of mine (West Ham fan). I will tell him what you said
  7. Nothing just yet. He should take an Alka Seltzer and have a lie down.
  8. When you say 'most', from where do you get that stat? I only ask because I come from a family of big fans of fish, cockles, mussels, prawns, crab, lobster, whelks (not me on that one!) etc. Since moving down here I have become accustomed to regular serves of calamari, Balmain and Moreton Bay bugs and the huge range of available seafood here (you can keep abalone though!). Isn't the point in this case that what the UK reaps from its own fishing grounds becomes a valuable and exportable asset rather than simply what British consumers may take?
  9. Bastards. My neck of the woods that. Should have said Tun Fowt.
  10. Love many things about the US. Too many psycho nutters amongst them though.
  11. More 'Walker' than wanker then?
  12. I agree. Common sense Northern lass. That said, I doubt she will get it and sincerely hope she doesn't. I want the continuity Corbyn candidate to get it to give the best chance of continuity of their abject failure.
  13. Left orientated media. Prevalent worldwide. And yes, before someone shrieks 'Fox News!' or 'Breitbart!', there are exceptions but only a small percentage of them by comparison. The BBC and the ABC down here are cases in point. I am always amazed on the odd occasion I check out Question Time at how the BBC heavily load the audience and often the panel with loudmouthed lefties. Even the news programmes down here extol the (highly questionable) virtues of the Australian Labor Party and can't wait to shovel shit on the far more successful opponent. The electorate, in the main, is not stupid and sees right through this sham.
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