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  1. Can't let this one go. Gave me the best three footballing moments of my life. Not in any particular order - that goal; Ewood Park; the double over the DMB's (this should probably be my number one as no other football moment has excited me to a point where I blacked out - the moment he knocked his second in at OT). RIP Frankie - loved, respected and never forgotten. If there are 70 virgins somewhere I hope you get 'em.
  2. A very significant date and a significant milestone for me today. Through all the BS, we all know that England will always succeed and prosper - with or without the other three (and certainly without the 27). Semper inventionis facultatem faciunt. Out on a high:
  3. Some bumfluff ridden spotty little irk from Cornwall sticking a swastika on his nursery wall and imitating Paolo Do Canio isn't much of a concern. He'll be embarrassed about it when his balls finally drop. No doubt the left leaning media are having a field day with it and the 'influenced by public opinion' (in truth reacting to the screechers) law persons will make an example of him (and yet fail to round up property damaging, statue defacing/destroying anarchists who regularly pollute our streets). The rise of the real far right is far more insidious than examples like him and was entire
  4. TBF - RC was the erudite Trafs recommendation which I took up after recommending Gomorrah and, as he told us it would be, it was superb. Agree with Ronnie, nothing will match Gomorrah's menace for me but ZZZ gets close. Esco - yes sir, watched all of Your Honor ('Honour' FFS you gun totin' nobheads!) episodes from day one. One to go. Gripping stuff. I don't think I have ever watched anything with Cranston in which I haven't enjoyed. Also enjoying S2 of The Bay.
  5. You won't be disappointed. Best I've watched for a long time.
  6. bolty58


    The man was an undisputed genius before this. Out on his own for me after this. Never be matched. No one will ever come close. Meant to add, what a fucking downgrade from 2020: 2021 2020
  7. Viruses know no borders. The response of Boris and the UK government to the 'mistaken' or otherwise standover tactics of the EU was perfect in my opinion. "We want to help our European friends and neighbours". The tactics of the EU mafia no real surprise nor the identities of those leaping to their defence on here. Youri trying the overly emotional heart rending approach no real surprise either. No one has waved flags or had a "D Day type celebration" as well you know. Pointing out the hypocritical behaviour of a bureaucratic monolith is neither of those. It should simply be taken as
  8. Aye and fucking Woolworths even worse with gormless dolts cleaning out all pasta and toilet rolls again (thick as pigshit - how much fucking pasta can you eat by this coming Friday!!). Supermarket trolleys piled high with these items. Fucking madness. The Indian guy who has the UK variant apparently caught it at the hotel where he works as a security guard. It's an isolation hotel. Concern that he's been moonlighting as an Uber driver. Talk this morning about switching from hotel quarantine to 'dongers' (demountables) administered by the military. I'd be happy for some of my taxes to
  9. Kinell! We have just identified 1 case of the British variant here in Perth. They have put us on total lockdown from 6pm tonight until 6pm next Friday. No fucking about.
  10. De Lorean: Back From The Future. Documentary on BBC2. Excellent.
  11. Can't be arsed trawling. The EU mafia showing its true colours again I see regarding the ROI/NI border and vaccine movements. Bleating on for years like a few on here about the peace process and 'no border' and then what do they threaten to do when backed into a corner through their own bumbling tardiness? Rank hypocrisy. Thank fuck for the visionaries.
  12. Can't be arsed trawling back through recent posts. I have to be frugal with the posts now for reasons known only to myself and one other. If I start to respond to individual posts by kakorrhaphiophobic shrinking violets I might exceed my remit. If ever absolute and undeniable confirmation was needed that the UK was right to leave the EU then this vaccine row is it. The EU through its lumbering, stumbling, top heavy bureaucracy took 3 months longer than us and many other independent countries to make crucial decisions. Even to this day their constipated system still hasn't approved the Ast
  13. ...and Moronizio sticks his small head above the parapet. I suppose you use the 'R' word 50 times a day. Don't forget your satchel and lunch money this morning.
  14. Your opinion means less to me than dog shit on my shoe. I don't believe you have ever had an original thought. You simply go for the opposite to provoke argument. If this was my fantasy, it's a lot healthier than yours eh?
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