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  1. Further evidence of what the lefties have sown. Full blown reaping has yet to come.
  2. Said to the missus, with those inflated lips and tattooed eyebrows, she looks like a fucking clown.
  3. Point 1 - yes. I would have to defer to the local lad on that point. Point 2 - a promise kept? Wasn't she one of the 'open armers' welcoming 'refugees'?
  4. Me too mate. If I were there I would be doing the same if our beloved BWFC disappeared.
  5. I've been following this thread and I don't recall too many comments along these lines so 'time and time again' sounds a bit dramatic as does 'in the next breath'. This would suggest almost consecutive posts which I definitely can't find? Maybe you could enlighten me by presenting the evidence? I am curious about where Remainers stand on a giant, federalised European super state. Is that really something you would find desirable or is it simply the concept of standing on your own two feet which inspires such fear (and fear mongering)?
  6. Too early to ask yet, I know but, is the general consensus that we will prevail and, with new manager and players next season will romp League One?
  7. Hallelujah! More common sense. This is the basis on which we went in - not some overly bureaucratic federal super state with a bunch of unelected gravy trainers making the rules which all must abide by. We'd all be Remain voters for the original Common Market (even though I did vote 'No' back then).
  8. Pointless keep pushing the Italian angle. They'll be the next ones to have a referendum on leaving the EU if my soundings are correct. They have the Euro which they generally despise.
  9. Oh aye. He must be. He's on cruises, swigging Moet from pint glasses; downing Tempura prawns and living the high life. He'd fit right in with the Knightsbridge proletariat hypocrites.
  10. You wouldn't risk putting your cock between her gnashers would you?
  11. As is often the case, I haven't a fucking scooby what you are on about. Something to do with Jimmy Tarbuck?
  12. Really. She's anti British IMO. No thanks.
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