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  1. Fuck me, the irony. You should be permanently embarrassed.
  2. bolty58


    Sickened (on behalf of Kane 57).
  3. Can't be arsed reading this thread. The hypocrisy was mindblowing. "No more screeching" after his side of politics gave birth to it, nurtured it and turned it into an art form. He just doesn't want any of it on his watch. Pandering to minorities clearly a central pillar of his strategy. He'll be lucky to see out four years by the looks of him.
  4. I'll let them all blow off steam before commenting. Give them their moment. I had mine with Brexit.
  5. No Wellyphant, BCGS is to blame for the wide vocabulary and love of the (unexpurgated) English language. See what I did there?
  6. I prefer the term 'captain' to 'skipper'.
  7. Me too. Just been recommended 'Acceptable Risk' starring one of the lasses from No Offence so that's the next one for us.
  8. It seems that NIC and I love the same book(s). Who'd o' thowt? I'll be watching LotR TV series with interest. The Hobbit and LotR are great books but it takes some staying power to read The Silmarillion. Wondering if this series will touch on the latter - maybe the downfall of Numenor? Still pissed off with Peter Jackson about his ending to LotR. He should have left it to the original ending where The Shire has been subjugated and terrorised and the returning hobbits have to sort it out.
  9. FFS, appropriate you mention 'madman'. In your case one who has been moulded by social media.
  10. My subscription to Sunday Sport tells me otherwise young man
  11. bolty58


    Mine too. Beer, a Capstan Full Strength, railway line scars and supping champers from the FA Cup. What a man. As others have said, nothing sums up Bolton Wanderers more than Nat Lofthouse. Working class hero. RIP
  12. It was Lobby Day yesterday in Richmond, Virginia (don't get excited Spider - nowt to do with taters, meat, onions and carrots). Watched a report on the armed militia's marching around the place armed to the teeth. Fucking hell. Black Power, The Boogaloo Boys, The Oathkeepers, Proud Boys (joke) and others. Few of them get along other than the obvious. A few of the 'whiteys' expressing disdain for the Proud Boys. Others openly 'anti government' and anti police. A powder keg which could (and probably will) kick off at any moment. Of course there are those incapable of looking beyond the
  13. They don't like the term 'remoaners'. Fuck knows why. It is most apt.
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