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  1. Good lad. Good to know that there are many like you who will diligently do their duty in the long term national interest.
  2. I'm barring up now Satan. One sexy looking ride eh?
  3. It's a hard one as British Steel is iconic as a company and a term. Throwing money at a lame duck which is incapable of recovery however is not sustainable. Chinese production is flooding the world market with cheap steel and there isn't really a way to combat that. Not sure if a leaner organisation operating in a special alloy arena might be a small part of the solution but we are never going to be able to slug it out in the general use steel field with countries like China. Nearly forgot. Vote Brexit Party.
  4. You really do need to discover mid strength.
  5. Will you still be there in 2026 mate? That's a definite - me, my lad and his three sons planning the great World Cup tour in a Winnebago.
  6. No surprise our Trotskyite friend is having a rant - fair play though, he didn't totally trash her and gave her some credit unlike those Wigan types who would vote for a farm animal wearing a red rosette and indulge in 'dance on her grave' histrionics impressing no one older than kindergarten students. She was a remarkable and strong woman in the right place at the right time. Scargill and other unions were absolutely fucking the country to an extraordinary degree and no male politician at the time had big enough balls to take them on. Enter Margaret. I would have thrown my most expensive crombie over a puddle for her.
  7. Firstly, your last sentence. Yes please and for a very specific football club. Would be quite happy with the Hung Long Stadium and Dim Sum instead of buttered fucking hot dogs. Now then, iron ores iron content is a loaded question. It (and the impurities it contains) governs who they can sell to. Some suits electric arc furnaces only, others the more conventional type. If you research this you will almost certainly find the term 'Pilbara Blend' which has about 61% Fe content. This is the biggest seller and is a large part of the aforementioned 363Mtpa produced by Rio Tinto Iron Ore (yes - a good old London based company in the hands of the legendary Tiny Rowlands and Lonhro for a very long time). Breaking things down however, the three main products from WA are Hematite (55-65%Fe), Magnetite (up around 70% Fe) and Marra Mamba (around 62% Fe). The problem with the latter is that it has a high phosphorous content and is only suitable, I am told, for electric arc furnaces. To be utterly anal, the Hematite is mainly rusty red in colour; Magnetite looks like jet black talcum powder and Marra Mamba has a brownish yellow tinge. You've probably nodded off to sleep by now so I'll shut the fuck up.........................................
  8. Precisely. The only ones who could be offended by that are glassbacks and other assorted idle cunts. That steely look in her eye when she says 'You turn if you want to. The lady's not for turning' gets me every time. Oh for such a resolute and determined politician right now. Suppose Nigel comes closest.
  9. Mate - I am your man when it comes to iron ore! Our business is 95% dependent upon the iron ore business here in WA. Can't speak for Vale in Brazil (and they are now out of action after the mudslide which is playing very well down here in terms of increased demand and a price per tonne on a very healthy upwards trajectory) but of the four companies we supply industrial gearbox and gearbox service to, one is producing 363M tonnes p.a., another 350Mtpa, a third 250Mtpa and a fourth 150Mtpa. then we have about 10 minor miners who collectively produce around another 80Mtpa. Biggest client - China (around 70%) then Japan (20%) and Korea (10%).
  10. Beat me to it. Correct. Sad but correct.
  11. Now you mention it - I wish I had. Unfortunately I was more in 'angry' mode and and used words the effect of "what the fuck has it got to do with you what my daughter chooses to wear?". I think it had a similar effect.
  12. I've started. I struggle with the word 'red' in anything to do with the great lady. Magnificent woman. Oh for one like her now.
  13. Dodging between the flak and the quoted interjections from morons I have on ignore, it seems perfectly clear to me that no one on here would vote for TR. Nigel and the Brexit Party however - a totally different beast. They are about to clean up I suspect. TR is useful tool (I know, I know - Fartelli and his goon squad will jump right on that) for bringing important issues into public focus. We could do with more willing to stick their heads above the parapet like him. There is no denying there has been a conspiracy by authorities to cover up, and in some cases actively ignore misdeeds by umpteen groups of muslim male gangs around the country in pathetic fear of having the 'r' word launched at them. It does make me wonder what has happened to the formerly indomitable British spirit. It will come as no surprise that I blame softarse and delicate leftie PC types who are a product of an extended period of peace brought about by true heroes who sacrificed much if not all to maintain the freedoms we should all hold so dear - especially freedom of speech. The "#illridewithyou" brigade need a reality check and get back to supporting what really matters. There's good and there's evil and the more we stamp on evil from wherever it emanates, the more the extremes of politics will fade - and that means from both sides. All of this 'far right' bollocks is starting to get up my nose. Yes, they exist and it is no surprise to me after a least two decades of left leaning bullshit being installed as 'public opinion'. We can reduce the fascists, anarchists and communists to inconsequential bit players by stomping on the bad and promoting the good. In a perfect world we would outlaw religion thereby removing one of the biggest points of difference people have with each other. Won't happen I know. Too many weak types still around needing the crutch unfortunately. Can't accept that when we are gone, we are dust - end of.
  14. Was listening to a report earlier about the right wing parties alliance for the upcoming EU election (AFD/Le Pens lot/the Italian mob etc.). Decided they don't want to bring about the demise of the EU just now - rather to bloc vote to try to gain a level of control and stop the federalist extremists from within. Years of turmoil to follow if the so called 'populist vote' holds up. What with them agitating and Nigels dreadnoughts causing mayhem it would be hard to see how some of these remain fanatics could predict anything other than impending disaster for the EU.
  15. Maybe on the first bit and I agree on the second bit - you and Kent are prime examples. As far as gross generalisation applies, I suppose that could be levelled at Kents '99.5% white' comment? Hardly a scientific count I suspect - more just his perspective from where he was sitting. Nothing to see here. White people in the majority at a political meeting in a country that is predominantly populated by white people.
  16. Yes but, would the main minority group turn out for this or save their politically motivated energies to make sure their pound shop empire continues to grow? I think the result on that one is already in.
  17. Sounds like a good neet matey! Would love to attend an Aggies game with 110,000 on!
  18. I hope to find out one day. Have ambitions to watch a game at both Kyle Field and Darrell K Royal Texas Memorial Stadium. Yee-har!
  19. Never found out mate. Quite frankly, I can't remember how far into our holiday (part business trip for me - visiting the factory in Milwaukee) we were but suspect it was a day or two before we left for Manchester on that fateful night before the planes hit. TBH, I had ESPN on the telly for most of the time we weren't DUKW-ing through the Wisconsin Dells or on shopping treks for the two girls in my life.
  20. He spends all of his time convincing himself that he is correct. There's a name for that disease. Odysseusitis.
  21. Kent - of the lefties on here, you remain the most level headed and fairest. Not sure why the demographic in the last sentence matters - the event was held in Britain so 99.5% white British comes as no surprise to me. In these so called enlightened multicultural times, we are still a big majority. Some people would do well to remember that.
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