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  1. Didn’t he play for us once in a really shitty 0-0 home game against Swansea Div 4. Freezing tits off kind of day. He was wank that day iirc unfortunately poor lad
  2. I thought I could be missing Notes from the Chairman, but I suspect there'll be similar from Bassolini
  3. Plays for Kashima Antlers
  4. White Gold back tonight, superb
  5. Deliberate hand ball, what a joke
  6. Hahaha hope I was consistent. I remember they played at Hull two days later and at least Pedersen figured in both
  7. Kawasaki Frontale away, me and 3 whites and 100 Nigerian JJ fans. Nobby gave me his shirt good lad
  8. I was on the pitch that day too, 9 years later amongst the 52,902 at home to Darlington. It all goes full circle, we’ll be back
  9. Chelsea always seem to have a piss easy draw at home. Just checked, I'm that bored. Of the last 16 ties not on neutral grounds, 11 were at home, of which 8 were drawn to lower league teams. Maybe cos I also hate the fckers ever since Clive Walker
  10. 0-1 Stoke hate them too, stay safe, think they’ll be some mither
  11. Heinze Deco Garay Gago Hugain Tevez Di Maria Gomes
  12. Correct, there’s another 8 at international level
  13. Wasn’t that the day after losing at home to Bury, like Dec 27th, god awful game I agree yeah, I commented previously on that game, one of the worst aways. Just a cage at the back of the goal, middle pen, a decent 1.5k bolton, could have the game the day after super John destroyed us 4-2
  14. Wasn’t that the day after losing at home to Bury, like Dec 27th, god awful game I agree
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