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  1. Anyone know how much that brass in Corrie is charging? Thanks 🙏
  2. I finally got round to watching Class of 92 full time and realised that while people’s opinion might have softened since he stopped football, Gary Neville is indeed a grade A cunt. Can’t wait till we take over that little shit hole and batter em. It’s almost worth relegation for that
  3. What a fight, fair play to Wilder to have taken it that far. Fury is a legend ...and crackpot
  4. Sorry if I missed already Rudy, but are you able to say what his job is at City
  5. Is there still a fast train like Virgin comfort standard nowadays between Manc and Euston? Thanks
  6. What a load of jizzbroth our manager speaks every week
  7. Wilder lost every round then boom, goodnight Vienna
  8. There’s all sorts of fake news about undercover police etc, but TMGJ nail on head, you’re with them or against them. Can’t cross the roadblock without fear of being attacked, some old boy died after being hit by a brick, no one mourning that poor sod. Anyway today was relatively trouble free but we await it all kicking off tomorrow while they regroup. The protesters are very resourceful it has to be said
  9. There’s no one prepared to mediate on the protesters side Malc. Cheers TMGJ, somewhat safe but when they’re lobbing bricks at buses from bridges and throwing petrol bombs in downtown area, it feels like the beginning of the end...😢
  10. Weekend riots have become the new norm but this week, it’s midweek too and the place is on lockdown. I can’t get to the office etc. no end in sight cos govt/police are useless and the protestors are leaderless idealistic young kids so it becomes tit for tat really sad to see this fantastic place destroyed
  11. Are you going Green genie, always had a soft spot for Argyle and great support given the distance travelled. Hope they bring a few
  12. Seems he's viral with this No Context Hearn feed on twitter. These memes (is that correct, where there's a "funny" face, expression) and there's a tagline like "me after I've been on it all weekend etc" seem to be all what young uns do all day. Seems like a collective one joke wonder to this old fart...
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