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  1. zurichwhite

    King Ken

    Anderson out, is it 1981?
  2. zurichwhite

    norwich away

    Fair play to anyone going to this i’d rather have sulphuric acid poured down my jappa
  3. zurichwhite

    Official Boxing Thread...

    Whyte at 11/10 great odds
  4. zurichwhite

    Official Boxing Thread...

    Povetkin at 8/1 is a decent price
  5. zurichwhite

    The Open

    Fowler and Rose e/w Fitzpatrick and Hatton top 10
  6. zurichwhite

    Todays Games

    Wonder what ours would be. I know what it should be... Anyone who went to Darlo at home Anyone who’s done a 400 mile midweek round trip Anyone who’s travelling in a white tranny with 20 blokes Anyone who’s shagged a tranny or 20 blokes Etc
  7. zurichwhite

    Bolton Wanderers 3-2 Nottingham Forest

    Yes ifollow worked fine, it has been OK since the initial teething problems. The lack of commentary or replays is a bit shite but worth the ton a year. Norwich have commentary on theirs from what I saw at our game at their place.
  8. zurichwhite

    Bolton Wanderers 3-2 Nottingham Forest

    Gutted I couldn’t be there but so pleased for all the fans who turn up week in, week out, especially my 74 old Dad. Times like this make all the other dross worthwhile. Now is not the time to dissect where we go from here but just to enjoy our day in the sun. Great to see Thogdan’s video when the goals went in, reminds me of when I was his age, that sheer agony/ecstasy. BWFC forever
  9. zurichwhite

    Bolton Wanderers 3-2 Nottingham Forest

    Stoke City we’re coming for you!
  10. zurichwhite

    Bolton Wanderers 3-2 Nottingham Forest

    I’d say the effort was there today, but we are League One quality at best. The defence has been shocking, every time Forest came forward it looked like a goal.
  11. zurichwhite

    7 Years Ago Today

    I flew over from Singapore for a weekend for that. Landed in Manchester Saturday morning, day on the lash then set off on a 50 seater coach from the Grapes in Stoneclough at 6am on the Sunday with a toothbrush and passport to Wembley. No bag nothing. It was an unbelievable day till kick off, piss and shit trickling down the coach etc then down Wembley to get slaughtered from the offy, then left at 3-0 to get hammered more in London before getting in the flight back on Monday morning. Happy/shit day
  12. zurichwhite

    Celebrity Deadpool 2018

    Ray Wilkins rip
  13. zurichwhite

    Wanderers 0-1 Birmingham

    Dogshit that
  14. zurichwhite

    Champions League

    Sevilla 9/2 at home to Bayern Munich is standout for me, with 3/1 draw saver or 0-0 Expect the usual borefests with 0-0s and 1-0 this week
  15. zurichwhite

    New Zealand

    Bwfc flag spotted today, jayjay or nz trotter?

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