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  1. He's got special skin. Asbestos. Doctors are baffled.
  2. Student digs facing Bullet King.
  3. Mixu


    Forget Chrome. Only managed when I switched to Edge. And keep refreshing the seating plan. Odd ones keep popping up.
  4. Danny Baker was not an employee of the BBC either. The show was produced by Campbell Davidson and sold to the BBC. I doubt Carol Thatcher was an "employee" either. They use the term "sacked" so as to couch it in terms the hard of thinking masses can get their heads around. Fact is Danny Baker was a long time critic of the BBC but being the consummate broadcaster that he is, was hard to get rid of. His faux pas with the chimp picture was just the excuse they needed to rid themselves of this troublesome man. Jo Brand on the other hand represents everything the BBC holds dear. Left as left can be, hating the Tories, hating white men (though the 'white' bit is only inferred, never mentioned). Can't say that i've seen much of her material but from what I have seen I can't help think Jo Brand is like a Paul Calf type character. There's a clever woman in there pretending to be ultra left, right on, dealt a shit hand harridan when she probably votes Tory and Brexit because she's fed up paying too much tax to fund the feckless foreigners that are lowering the tone of Richmond on Thames.
  5. FC Wanderers of Bolton?
  6. Sorry to come across all "cheesy" but I'm not sure I'm having that.
  7. Ergo ITV must be the mouthpiece of commie Corbyn and his acolytes.
  8. I can't be the only one to have received the Grenfell Candle whatsapp picture a week or two after the actual fire Bad taste and poor judgement, but no crime.
  9. Have they started fracking at Barton Moss yet? The foul smell between J11-12 (of the M62) is beyond anything the sewage farm normally emits.
  10. Like Traf, I thought it best left alone. Won't be bothering with the arena dates, might aswell wait for the DVD. Been watching the original episodes on the dodgy box. Series one quiz question answers were John Leslie, John Leslie (again), Ulrika Jonsson, Stan Collymore, Cruising and Kevin Spacey... they knew.
  11. Racist white folk holding them back, it would seem. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/4411913/just-one-in-five-muslims-are-in-work-as-report-finds-they-are-held-back-by-racism/
  12. Shirley, the tax from the one in five working Muslims would more than cover such costs.
  13. Tommy Robinson stood outside Didsbury mosque and told us that is where the arena bomber was radicalised. Jules is creeped out because he lived round the corner. Tommy Robinson is the cnut.
  14. Bit late for me. Currently in the burns unit at Wythenshawe.
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