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  1. Mixu

    These Drones

    Sorry to come across all "cheesy" but I'm not sure I'm having that.
  2. Mixu

    Tommy Robinson

    Ergo ITV must be the mouthpiece of commie Corbyn and his acolytes.
  3. Mixu

    This ere grenfell tower vid

    I can't be the only one to have received the Grenfell Candle whatsapp picture a week or two after the actual fire Bad taste and poor judgement, but no crime.
  4. Mixu


    Have they started fracking at Barton Moss yet? The foul smell between J11-12 (of the M62) is beyond anything the sewage farm normally emits.
  5. Mixu

    Early Doors

    Like Traf, I thought it best left alone. Won't be bothering with the arena dates, might aswell wait for the DVD. Been watching the original episodes on the dodgy box. Series one quiz question answers were John Leslie, John Leslie (again), Ulrika Jonsson, Stan Collymore, Cruising and Kevin Spacey... they knew.
  6. Mixu

    Tommy Robinson

    Racist white folk holding them back, it would seem. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/4411913/just-one-in-five-muslims-are-in-work-as-report-finds-they-are-held-back-by-racism/
  7. Mixu

    Tommy Robinson

    Shirley, the tax from the one in five working Muslims would more than cover such costs.
  8. Mixu

    Tommy Robinson

    Tommy Robinson stood outside Didsbury mosque and told us that is where the arena bomber was radicalised. Jules is creeped out because he lived round the corner. Tommy Robinson is the cnut.
  9. Mixu

    Do Folk Really Fall For This Shit?

    Bit late for me. Currently in the burns unit at Wythenshawe.
  10. Mixu

    Tommy Robinson

    Not bad going though.3 minutes it took for the second post and it has a picture. That's a 20 minute job for me, minimum.
  11. Mixu

    Calmly Does It...

    Either the clip is edited or the police around there are shit hot.
  12. Mixu

    Donald Dead Cat On Is Head Trump

    Michael Bentine made a career out of that.
  13. Mixu

    In Or Out Again

  14. Mixu

    In Or Out Again

  15. Mixu

    In Or Out Again

    Just read that back to yourself. You can't really think half a dozen posters on a Bolton message board are worse than Nazi Germany.

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