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  1. Same. Mine was £38k. By the time number two goes to school it'll be north of £80k I'm paying £1200 a month at the moment. One on full time nursery and one on full time before and after school club. Ace.
  2. School is miles off mate. You'll have spent £40k on childcare before they even get there. FACT.
  3. stevieb


    It's like some people have been programmed into just the same old moaning regardless of circumstances. Give it a fucking rest pal. They've been playing together two weeks (and tonight they looked bloody good).
  4. Was just about to say the same. Is it just our tabloids that are vermin or does this happen elsewhere (America aside)
  5. In tough uncertain times there's always one constant in your life...
  6. stevieb


    Fly maybe? Done it loads for work. Piece of piss compared to 5 hours on the train. Ring aqua cars for a taxi from the airport if there's a few of you.
  7. Sancho plays for dortmund. Anyway... Safe to say the bookies have cleaned up in the correct score market tonight!
  8. Throw em down the stairs. ...Going to the dogs this place.
  9. No he fucked it off last year and went sulking in the west upper because they didn't have any ketchup. True fact.
  10. Rang and paid for mine yesterday. Slight reduction in cost per game than last season.
  11. Me. I dismantled my kettle as a young lad and saw "Eddie waz here bwfc ok" on the thermostat.
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