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  1. It's alright Horwich. I can walk home from the match after a skinful. Was a nightmare trying to stay awake on the train home when I lived in the city centre. 😙 Fucking hell... I'm neighbours with Whitt!
  2. 🤣 I grew up on rivers of mince based dishes as a kid on the mean streets of BL7 At uni I once had a meal of pasta with butter because "going out" took priority. I'm not above shit meals but as a grown adult you still have pot noodle butties and whoever it was was partial to fried fucking spaghetti. It's mind blowing shit! Ill probably try a pot noodle butty at some point but fuck frying leftover spaghetti
  3. Fucking hell. Never a pen in a million years. Useless cunt
  4. That's proper shit. I'm glad my lad is in a year in primary that is neither here nor there. I wouldn't want to be starting /leaving a school or sitting exams when all this is going on.
  5. I didn't think we'd be stooping much lower than the pot noodle butty but a leftover fried spaghetti butty on Blackpool milk roll has surely got to be as low as we go. That's 'my mum and dad spend all their money on heroin' tackle that. 🤣
  6. I've started putting asparagus tips and a dash of hoi sin sauce into my hot pot. Proper adds a cosmopolitan vibe to a greater Manchester classic.
  7. My lads one this morning took 20 mins of interruptions 'miss I can't see the PowerPoint' Miss I can only see you Miss I can see the PowerPoint fine Miss I have a mute button a camera button a...( List every fucking button) Miss I need to log off and back on again Miss can you repeat the question as I got it wrong (someone's dad in the background quoting for a job) I felt like smashing the laptop up just listening to it. Fuck knows how teachers restrain themselves from having a falling down moment.
  8. Someone cleverer than me please put a poll up... Have you ever chosen a different path of voting / political thought after reading a thread on the Internet? It's going to be 99% no. Let's get it over with and get back to battlenips, favorite ways to kill an elephant and battlenips...
  9. First World Problems. 🤣 Come February you'll be moaning your 9 quid DIPA hasn't come with the unique glass it's best served in been in as all the glass in the world is being used for vials.
  10. I think I've usurped Gonzo in the 'next to be mod' stakes for the double nips.
  11. @Carlos Can you do some modding and merge this thread with: Trump Brexit Politics BLM And any other thread that isn't battlenips or Adidas thread. Cheers pal.
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