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  1. It's phrases like this that keep me coming back to wways! Internet gold.
  2. Chicksen is quality not sure why he got released. O'grady is playing out of his skin. He's 38 (?) lacks pace but is on it. Proper good addition hope he's got legs for a safety battle! Everyone else... Same... Thought they'd be shit and they aren't. KHSWA
  3. I sold a pair of £70 Adidas London 2007 absolutely battered, pink suede with Jean bleed on the heels for £125 last year to some guy in Sweden. Wear em. Some mug will still buy em. I went from 35 pairs to 6. Sold all the ones I'd stopped wearing. There's buyers on ebay!
  4. Sit on malmos for a few year and you'll earn a shit load reselling em. Fact.
  5. Be nice if they could find a leader that could do it without unnecessarily killing loads of folk. WOMD
  6. If the takeover thread taught us anything it's that you can't lord it up over everyone with your MBA until you have the requisite 6 years experience in industry.
  7. It's absolute horse shit until we get to Wembley.
  8. Send me details escobarp Got it with my iptv but if user face is easier I'm all ears.
  9. stevieb


    Akin to massive virgins calling themselves A-sexual The circle of life
  10. stevieb


    The term they use is flexitarian It's code for 'I'm a massive cunt who wants to jump on a bandwagon without putting any effort in' Akin to massive virgins calling themselves A-sexual
  11. The irony of calling fat families going to maccys when you are having a fucking carvery.
  12. No offence to aldo but given his picks I would say he's under 30? I liked laville and candela too but they weren't here that long.
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