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  1. Does he know who bundled his keeper into the net in 58?
  2. Dunno what's worse... Red rodge posting that united shite in here or Wigan winning today! 🤣
  3. Jesus. I'm drinking heavily tonight
  4. We've been beaten by top of the league... Clutching at straws
  5. Hikman and Crawford were the only two showing remotely any potential. Mind boggling decision.
  6. The grunting of this commentator is just the cherry on the shit pie that is this season
  7. Can't get it working on the firestick browser so I'm watching on the dodgy iptv
  8. Them absolute monstrosity spaz boots that are the lego Adidas released yesterday are now going for 400 quid @Big E is gutted. Actually gutted. And them 2010 London releases were all dog shit quality. Surprised any of them have lasted 10 years.
  9. They just feel shit quality. Tongue is squeaky, sole isn't as comfortable. I had all of the 3x 2008 City series and they were immense. Stockholms easily the best of the lot. I'm a bit gutted I didn't get any of the furry grey Stockholm efforts at the same time. They were on sale rails...
  10. Love it if true though the sole and colourway looks off to me. 2008s were immense but I absolutely battered them in wearing them to pubs, clubs and to the match. 2014s are shite in comparison and aren't comfortable to wear.
  11. 1 - garlic boursain 2 - Lancashire crumbly 3 - that time he said he went to the cinema at middlebrook whilst a home match was on
  12. Possibly. I don't remember any of it other than wanting to go home. 1 other mate lost the will to live and he agreed to leaving at the same time, thank fuck. He went back to Bolton and I went longsight!
  13. I remember having tickets to radio head at lccc. I'd been "out out" the night before, the gig was a Sunday iirc, I was dying out of my arse and there were no takers for free tickets on Facebook. I ended up pre drinking 4 pints in manc that were like drinking chicken bones.... Offered tickets for free to a tramp begging near Old Trafford and his response was 'not my scene pal'... I left after 3 songs and went to bed.
  14. Had this conversation earlier with a mate. If Labour do not win the next GE by a fucking massive massive landslide you've got to question what is their point. They'll be skipping town on a snap GE anytime before corona or brexit is over and done with but surely by then they've got to be massive favourites to pick up the pieces. Even More massive than us for league 2 champions. (always voted blue)
  15. I'll take that and stop ballooning that I've probably had it then!
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