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  1. A double double! Fucking great start to the week! 🤣
  2. 9 bn dollars in liquidated trades in the last 24 hours.
  3. 26th April. New Bretton Woods. Dollar no longer world reserve currency. MMW. We'll be millionaires but won't be able to buy a pint of milk. USA stopped publishing how much they were printing 3 months ago. Printed more dollars in 2020 than the previous 200 years combined. 🤣
  4. Hold until the current financial system burns to the ground and it becomes the new world reserve currency
  5. No. I had 51k of them and sold for double bubble.
  6. I'm also honoured to be top 4. This thread is probably the best thing that has come out of the covaids scamdemic 🤣 Take a bow Zico
  7. If I had diamond hands my £500 in Doge would be £10k today. FML
  8. Comepletely out of the blue I was watching calamity Jane on some rough arse Sunday afternoon after a mad night out out with my mates and my Mrs. Take me back to the black Hills. It was the song that was played at my grandma's funeral when I was 14. Not heard it since. Was in tears! Recently my grandads funeral. He was 94, 20 years on his own since my grandma died, had no qualms when he died as we knew it was coming for years but still emotional when saying the last goodbye. Other than that at the opposite end ... I reckon adrenaline was close to making me cry at the forest game.
  9. Line of duty has no bangable characters. But the actresses within maybe. The golum one called out on here... I think... has done an ace comedy called motherhood on BBC. It's not often I'd recommend a BBC comedy but if you've got primary school kids it's fucking ace!
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