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  1. I'm all for the raising of funds when they were not being paid. Administrators have now said they will be paid weekly. If any staff are genuinely still on the breadline then crack on but I think there really needs to be a check with some of the staff as to whether A) they still need the financial support they want the attention that comes with it
  2. I love that game too... The young lad in a vest with a staffy, can of Stella and a joint - big Tommy fan. The Cinzano drinking he she - lib dems, possibly the greens. I'd be interested to see if turn out is up from previous euro votes.
  3. The polling station facing me is still busy. Young people going in too!
  4. Shows how much of a step up it is for me. People don't realise we are doing well in the second division of kids and stiffs league. It's not a simple step up, maybe if we were in the (laughably titled) elite development league it might be.
  5. Take his fucking magic hat with him too. Next
  6. stevieb


    The "In or out again" thread.
  7. stevieb

    Taken over?

    Bassini likes mayo Mark my words. Come back to this post in 3 years time 😂
  8. stevieb

    Taken over?

    People who like mayo are weirdos
  9. I've just googled him. He's in China not getting a game and not scoring. Barring his spell at wet spam he's been toss it would seem.
  10. Everyone of our squad this season. The shit cunts! Vaz Te was tipped as the new Eusebio FFS. Haha. That goal in Guimaraes, don't remember it on the day but it was good watching it back a few weeks later!
  11. I think this city team is more entertaining than his barca tippy tappy shit. There's more pace and attacking intent down the wings than he had with xavi and iniesta passing it between themselves 90 times on the half way line til the opposition falls asleep.
  12. He's been ace for a couple of years. Brilliant to watch. Injury is the only thing holding him back.
  13. Harsh. They started out alright. That second before half time ruined their chances.
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