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  1. I queued for 3 hours to get my hair cut today. 2 of them stood in the rain.
  2. What in fucks name are those vetements? You have to be a top knot hipster twat to even consider them wearable. Bargain at just over £300!
  3. Sounds like it's got legs as a political stance that. Why has no one thought of it before?
  4. Not your request but if you wanted some cheap Bluetooth in ear buds that you can take calls on etc. QCY t2s 18 quid from Chy-na. Fuck paying £150+ for apple or Samsung equivalents. Come with a free dose of Wuflu too.
  5. If you read through the comments the other woman heads up a new yorkers against cruelty to children charity. She posted a tweet saying yet again the feds are going after the women not the men who did the raping! Since deleted.
  6. Where's good in Greece with kids in tow (2.5 & 7). Is October half term gonna be too out of season for a warm(ish) get away?
  7. That's how I'd describe them chains too. Absolute dog shit.
  8. For those wondering! 👆 I'm positive. I'm wary (understandable) I want LOV to be pie and pea... Make it happen!
  9. https://youtu.be/G0f1g2693mU
  10. What's the average cost? Ours is fucked.
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