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  1. Hbaywt? I trust howard more than life. He gives hope where there is none!
  2. I was only picking in the back so had no interaction other than stamping his receipt at collection point B. Couldn't believe he was the one buying a £35 rug though. Mega lolz at the Ricketts story!
  3. Ace. I served Campo when he bought a rug from argos in Manchester arndale when I worked there. Still my claim to fame! #laminatedbookofdreams
  4. Watching Harry's heroes. Merse has still got the touch. Saw something in sky a while back with him turning out for non league team and he had some shit hot touches there too!
  5. Cheers. Just for any wiganers reading, nowt personal, the bet was because your take over was dragging and you were under an embargo and we'd just signed your blue eye boy wildschutt. Turned out well!
  6. Richer sounds. Decent warranty, also close enough that you can nip into the shops on deansgate or in prestwich.
  7. So my £100 on Wigan to get Relegated before the season started is still on? Traf, what's craic here is it like int horses when they have a rule 4 and reduce your odds?
  8. No wonder Gonzo knows loads about the weather.
  9. Surprising. You have had plenty of opportunity this last few years!
  10. Well that's alright then. Standard, ten a penny occurrence in most Western European cities these days, the old honour killing on a rush hour tram. Carry on!
  11. Multiple shootings in utrecht. Suspect is of Turkish descent so I'll stick it in here rather than have its own thread
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