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    It augers well....
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    Play in navy blue and white and owned by Mahendra doni Anyone up for arranging a trip to boo him and get pissed... Its probably 40p a beer.
  3. "gaviscon" That's how it starts...
  4. stevieb

    Season Tickets

    Who gives a fuck. It was 22 years ago or more. Everyone involved is probably dead and we've changed ownership 3 times since. It's time to move on!
  5. As a tory voter... It's shit that he's not got involved, however... These debates should be tory / Labour for main policy - itv got it right this year instead of hearing opinions of the greens and snp who had fucks chance of getting in power. For specific policy like climate change I think it's clear to a tory party it'll be a hatchet job on the tories if they have the greens and the anti tories against the pm. I can understand why they didn't put boz up. Apparently offered gove! In general though, these TV debates are proper toss. Too heavily managed by the hosts in fear of giving either party too much air time. They should just let bozzer and corbyn shout at each other for an hour. I'd watch that.
  6. If Dual nationality does that mean both?
  7. I think my wife is having an affair with my best mate... He's been really miserable lately!
  8. I see the comments section on the bn for this has been suspended...
  9. Thank god norman wisdom is still with us.
  10. If I remember rightly the poll we had on here was fairly accurate for the brexit referendum result. Probably because we are a welcoming diverse bunch of white males.
  11. 6 for a quid int coop. Sickly after two so I can see why you'd want to lob the rest.
  12. Rog, you are clearly a red. Why are you posting on here? Or are you a wum?
  13. 64% of a sample of 78 women agree. Always pisses me off.
  14. He posts on here as Whitestar...
  15. Remember when we all used to hate con/lib/lab being too similar to each other as centrists. That's aged well. I've always voted tory but if you had a David milliband leading Labour now it'd be a landslide. I'd probably vote for him myself if that's how it worked. Chris Green is getting my vote again. Actually seen him about in my constituency on a few occasions and seems OK (20k bench presses aside)
  16. I hope it snows like a bastard on the night of the midweek game and we have to replay their game in mid April, a wanderers win pushing us on for play offs. How sweet it is...
  17. £20 a month for mobile insurance for a top end phone. Fuck that. Just look after it you pleb.
  18. Did you not learn something from that 15 minutes or are you Ken / parky / a n other released.
  19. Listen to it. 2 hours 12 mins in onwards Yes he is but he highlights some interesting points that will change your mind about him.
  20. Fucking hell that was good viewing.
  21. Whilst we're pulling folk up on words... It was Esteemed
  22. It's phrases like this that keep me coming back to wways! Internet gold.
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