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  1. Home bargains bowl MMW
  2. Spa hotel doesn't include use of the spa as my brother once found out! 🤣
  3. e2e4 editing a post for a typo, seen it all now 🤣
  4. Your not missing owt. Its full of cranks on the wind up. I've not got it either.
  5. Just watching 1917 Wow. Gutted I didn't see this at the cinema
  6. To be honest it's a very easy app for the novice (like me). No 'trading' facilities like shorting or leverage. Just buy and sell stocks or ETFs The best bit about it is you can buy fractional shares. So amazon is 1000 dollars plus but you can buy 20 quids worth if you want. I'm planning on chucking a little bit into the stocks and shares isa each month and just go from there.
  7. For anyone keen on following captainmeds wolf of Wall Street escapades I've just started using this app for stocks and shares. Free trades and free account or £3 for a stocks and shares isa... Invest in stocks and ETFs commission-free. Sign up here with your email and get a free share worth up to £200 to get started. https://freetrade.io/freeshare/?code=AE21J8ZNYM&sender=FYI454g4 Saves ten quid commission per trade from Hargreaves and lansdowne and aj Bell. One time use referral if anyone wants it.
  8. My Mrs sent me a picture of a face covering that is a woman with a snooker ball in her mouth... She's a keeper.
  9. I'd sooner die of wuflu than walk through the Trafford Centre.
  10. I'm not wearing a mask unless it's mandated. If I'm going for a walk with the family and can keep 2m distance why should we all be wearing masks. If I need to get a train or whatever I'll wear one.
  11. Does this signify the final nail in the coffin for the BHS jungle camp? Sad times.
  12. That's a very good shout. Phones can easily last another 18 months after a 2 year deal these days. I did nearly 18 months on a 9 quid a month sim until the charging port went. Don't be paying 50+ sheets for the latest phone when it's fuck all different to any other phone of the last few years. Phones haven't made a step change in tech year on year for many years so it's pointless paying top whack for newest phone.
  13. I was on 3 for years and never really had an issue. Been on o2 for 4 years no issues apart from trying to use 4g in some parts of manc City centre is pointless. You are better switching to 3g.
  14. 😄 Get fucked. Still got the scar on my foot.
  15. Aye. Tracked me rinsing em for bonuses for 2 years for 3 sets of accounts... Second kid put paid to it for me but a lot went full time bonus bagging! Funny how KYC increasing coincided with bonuses going shit isn't it? 😁
  16. Sounds like a real shitter. As mentioned earlier hopefully you can bounce back as the entertainment industry picks up again. I really fear for a lot of firms that have fuck all in reserves when furlough starts winding down. Its going to be a bloodbath.
  17. Hoof oil sounds like something Allardyce's back room staff invented.
  18. You'll get this with pretty much all bookies these days.
  19. Could be me soon. Getting bought out and the acquiring firm have announced 250 redundancies. Will find out if I'm up for the boot in a couple of weeks. Been waiting for a pay off for years. Now it's here at the worst time known to man! 🤣 Be reet!
  20. You probably took a decent value bet. Send em the details if you want the account. They (bookies in general) have people sending selfies holding passports with a piece of paper with today's date on it as KYC.
  21. It is KFC/McDs with plates. It's the only place we used to take the kids when youngest was a baby and eldest was 4. Not arsed about pissing every cunt off when chips are flying about at a nandos. We've graduated to proper places now the youngest is nearly 3! 🤣
  22. Aye. I've already said if I end up using this deal it will be in local restaurants and cafes that sign up to it rather than national chains. Hoping Lucianos and cherry tree sign up!
  23. One is 50% off if you can afford it to kick start the economy. The other is potentially giving free reign for 'some' to expect the government to feed their kids all year round. Fwiw... I'm all for both schemes. Think the school dinners needs to be as temporary as half price nandos though.
  24. Shoots herself twice from behind. Classic Clinton suicide.
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