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  1. Salford Trotter

    In Or Out Again

    Is raygun man there too
  2. Salford Trotter

    In Or Out Again

    I agree, the time for the speculation to end and reality to start to kick in is fast approaching
  3. Salford Trotter

    In Or Out Again

    The 27 countries are now actively encouraging their businesses to buy from the EU (to Spider's point) irrespective of the kind of exit we have so the EU won't lose out, the UK will! To counter that the UK will have to source more from the UK but with a declining manufacturing base that will take decades to rebuild we will lose out. It is simple economics
  4. Salford Trotter

    Donald Dead Cat On Is Head Trump

    And the law suits are flying in already. Trump will be spinning like a top before long
  5. Salford Trotter

    Donald Dead Cat On Is Head Trump

    It's so comical to watch the tango'd president going down in flames. He calls an national emergency for an 'invasion' of south americans that isn't happening yet the US suffer another mass shooting that he ignores and won't introduce gun controls to combat. Hopefully now future Democtrats Presidents can call a national emergency on gun control and climate control, true national emergencies not made up ones
  6. Salford Trotter

    Donald Dead Cat On Is Head Trump

    Lots of similarities between Trump and Boris et al, they both made promises built on a pack of lies and hoodwinked the electorate This will end up with the Supreme Court after months and months of legal wrangling and it appears, according to some reports, that one of the SC Judges might even vote against it
  7. Salford Trotter

    Donald Dead Cat On Is Head Trump

    "who's paying for the wall?" "We are?"
  8. Salford Trotter

    In Or Out Again

    So the DUP want out of the EU and yet don't want a hard border. Have they offered any concessions at all or is this another cake and eat it situation?
  9. Salford Trotter

    Tight Arse Valentines Day Club

    I hope she likes the new iron £4 card and a meal at our local chinese restaurant
  10. Salford Trotter

    In Or Out Again

    This...quite laughable for someone to suggest that Mounts knows everything about this debacle, I don't think even Mounts would claim that now. Like I've said previously, a clock is correct at least once a day
  11. Salford Trotter

    In Or Out Again

    Some of those 36 deals also include trade deals with Japan and South Korea, I'd wager they'd be up there with some pretty important trade partners that we'd need to agree a continuity trade deal with, don't you agree? Edit: Just watch the India trade deal as they've already intimated they'll be looking for the relaxation of the current Visa controls, is that what you want?
  12. Salford Trotter

    In Or Out Again

    Serious question Si, this trade continuity deal with Switzerland, is this meant to be better than the one already have via the EU because isn't that the point that we have better ones? The Dr better get a move on as we have only signed continuity deals with 4 countries in 2.5 years, the Faroe Islands, Chile, Israel and Switzerland all under the same terms apparently. Only another 36 to go in 6 weeks, that's a lot to do!
  13. Salford Trotter

    In Or Out Again

    It's a pity that these and others were caught hook line and sinker by Boris and his mob, promised the cake with a big fat cherry on top. How does the saying go "Act in haste and repent at your leisure". Any how we can be all be reassured that soon Mounts will know his WA from his Political Declaration so we will be just fine
  14. Salford Trotter

    In Or Out Again

    Mounts, I am not sure where the WA outlines the points you are making, here is a summary of what the WA is actually agreeing to. Can you quote the paragraph in the actual document that you are referring to so I can see for my own eyes? If it does I will happily apologise https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2018/nov/14/brexit-deal-key-points-from-the-draft-withdrawal-agreement The silence from other leavers for your stance is deafening, doesn't that say something about how confusing your position is?
  15. Salford Trotter

    In Or Out Again

    The WA looks at the terms on which we will leave the EU, a legally binding document that sets up the platform for the not legally binding Political Declaration. This letter does not say what you think (hope) it says but rather it states the ideallic relationship both entities would like to have. Have a read of both documents and hopefully you will appreciate the difference

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