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  1. Salford Trotter

    In Or Out Again

    Where did i say rampant? I said there will be inflationary pressure undoubtedly and that has all sorts of implications with managing the economy and that includes interest rates too. Just in the same way Spider has/is suffering with the whole Brexit uncertainty let me give you a real life example from my last employers. They bought 50% of their raw material from Canada and saw around a 20% increase because of the adverse £ v $ following the brexit vote. That resulted in a 5% increase in cost of goods to the supermarkets. Just in the same way the company I am doing some consultancy work for now had a 50% price increase imposed by their Irish butter supplier in 2016 due in part to the adverse exchange rate which eventually works its way onto the end user.
  2. Salford Trotter

    In Or Out Again

    So our trade partners would pay more or they could choose to buy those raw materials from fellow EU countries that don't charge tariffs, that's exactly what the EU have been encouraging their member countries to do
  3. Salford Trotter

    In Or Out Again

    Well if we pay more for our imports and they would clearly be passed on to the customers in higher prices or am i missing something?
  4. Salford Trotter

    In Or Out Again

    Completely different scenario now, this is for real now and if we go WTO then we will see inflationary pressures for sure
  5. Salford Trotter

    In Or Out Again

    It's a good job we won't be because if inflationary pressures start to materialise we will getting Mr Carney and band of brothers looking at interest rate rises too
  6. Salford Trotter

    In Or Out Again

    So inflation isn't a bad thing? Just watch your shopping bills go up
  7. Salford Trotter

    In Or Out Again

    You are getting confused again Mounts. I have never said we would not get a deal eventually just one that makes us poorer. As usual you twist the words to suit your argument, quote a post of mine that clearly shows i said we would not get a deal and therefore go WTO. You conveniently forget that this is just the withdrawal deal and not the final thing. We have the toughest part of the negotiation to come if we can get through this part first.
  8. Salford Trotter

    In Or Out Again

    For the record i said we would get a fudged deal that won't please anyone so i am pretty confident i will win and that applies to the whole process not just the withdrawal deal
  9. Salford Trotter

    In Or Out Again

    Whatever we end up with no doubt you'll have predicted it
  10. Salford Trotter

    In Or Out Again

    this is more than embarrassing now
  11. Salford Trotter

    In Or Out Again

    This is impossible to sort out by Parliament alone so this has to go back to the country with two choices... TM's deal or Remain
  12. Salford Trotter

    Donald Dead Cat On Is Head Trump

    The net is closing fast now and he knows it. Donald Jnr and Kushnur will be crapping themselves too. I'd love to see the lot of them locked up
  13. Salford Trotter

    In Or Out Again

    Safe to say the Foreign Office staff were not unhappy when he left, the guy is a liability
  14. Salford Trotter

    In Or Out Again

    Now we have the Grieve amendment which hands back an element of control to Parliament, the fact that a majority of MPs do not favour a hard brexit so it is more likely that Article 50 gets extended or we have a GE at which point all options are back on table dependant on who wins. The prospect of remaining in the EU has greatly increased in my opinion
  15. Salford Trotter

    In Or Out Again

    i tend to agree but there are so many different agendas in play that it is hard to see how they can all be satisfied without a lot of compromising

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