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  1. I always thought Carlo Nash was from my neck of the woods .
  2. Did all 4 sides of Springfield Park , if that counts a s a tour .
  3. Anyone got the whole match coverage of JayJays perfect 10 at Spurs ? Also anyway to download all this footage to make dvds ?
  4. Bergsson Speed Nolan J.J. Davies Fuck every other cunt
  5. just put a blue flare in his mouth and watch it burn out his eyeballs from the inside .
  6. If we'd had Kevin Davies holding the ball up for Nolan , Speed and Stelios to run onto with the passing of JayJay and Campo we would have won that match . And people have the nerve to say I live in the past .
  7. Good game , good performance , could have finished 4-4 or anything up to that . Thought Emmanuel was mom , crawford looked a cut above and disappointed in Nsiala , shocker . 2 good goals 2 dodgy goals , no real complaints other than ifollow packed up with 3 mins to go and the commentary was norman collier esque .
  8. I know what you are saying but I bet you a tenner we win another game this season.
  9. waddy256


    Still banned from blackpool bolton matches which is just as well cos I really cant be arsed with this , probably pay a tenner to watch it on pc tho 😞
  10. where is the siege mentality (fans not the games or ground) , thought you bolton lads were made of sterner stuff . bring it on ! 6-0 every week , youll never see it on my face .dont fucking sulk ...that used to be me , never be like me !
  11. Not questioning your committment , and yes that far too much cash for a game just down the road....point being youve seen worse . NLF !
  12. waddy256

    Keith Hill

    Yup defo , lets keep chopping and changing managers and team til we land the lucky golden Rioch .
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