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  1. Hickman did not look good tonight
  2. Reminds me of the quote "football is a game of 22 players and 20,000 referees" Thought Gordon was our best player first half . We didnt get beat by Shrewsbury we got beat by Bolton .....2 woeful mistakes at the back . We had the best chances of the game and apart from the first 15 mins of each half we were the better team , gnouhuahahaha looks a proper handful , darcy grew into the game but nothing special , thought senior was poor especially going forward . The Injury to White hurt us most as he looked the only one to do something from midfield having said that Riley looks a prospec
  3. Yup it was just around the final whistle and carried on down the tunnel , couple of red cards iircc
  4. Spot on . Should have been sent off for cowardice.
  5. Battle of Burnden ....who was the only player out of the 22 that didnt get involved and was doing keepy-ups on the touch line as it all got naughty ???
  6. So you sold all your vinyl cos you had it on mp3 ?
  7. Blackpool do it ....But it was the satsumas vs t'rovers so i dint mind a jot.
  8. Totally agree , I always thought Stuart Ripley was a skinney lightweight winger type but hes a beast of a physique, nice guy tho he shit himself in digs in little lever . "name dropping Waddy"
  9. Nearly everyone from Great Harwood is dull as dishwater .
  10. I liked Chic charnley ....saw him at preston 2-2 on the astrocrap , pretty sure no-one tackled him . Always amused me that we had a player that would take a chainsaw to an opponent at any given second.
  11. Neil McNab , Colin Hendry , Willie Moir , Mark Gavin (apparently), Asa hartford aaannnndd Greg Wylde !
  12. The millionaire little chunky fucker ? He's actually not that little or chunky really , always hanging about with the retired Blackburn Hoolies tho like lord of the manor.
  13. I always thought Carlo Nash was from my neck of the woods .
  14. Did all 4 sides of Springfield Park , if that counts a s a tour .
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