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  1. Aye , every Sunday when his mum gives him a bath .
  2. Who are you and who has hacked your account ? For once I totally agree.
  3. Cant argue with any of that .
  4. But again are players likely to do that and miss out on playing in an international tournament ? Think ALL the governing bodies need to come together but then let FiFa make the decision . As crooked as they are theyre the boss.
  5. Would any of the FAs do that in say a tournament year ?
  6. The lawyers will be all over this looking for loopholes to FiFa banning players from playing for their country etc. Keep the same rules , make it a game of 12 v 12 call it Union soccer or some such bollocks with a new Governing body : Super League Association for Greater Sport . Kick them all out of all domestic football and tie them up in the courts for years.
  7. I fuckin hate the Welsh ! Im sure most of them are very nice people but the only ones Ive ever met have broke my heart broke my wallet or broke my face so fuck em all to die of syphillis in a damp squat in Ipswich . 6-0 and relegate the cunts
  8. Ive not read most of this thread as its not good for my blinding rage . And whilst that second half was amongst the worst Ive seen in a long time , we could have been 3,4 or even 5 up in the first 30 mins . I think that , like me as fans , we dont like to see us get bullied off and on the ball . We can out play anyone in this division but most of us hark back to the to the days when we out fought teams first then out played them . I mean would any team wanna mix it up with the likes of Fairclough , Taggart , Pollock , Sheridan, Thomson, Blake and McGinlay windmilling? When you
  9. Thought at first compound fractures of 2 fingers . If as said he has broken every finger then it really depends where the breaks are, if any of them needs pinning then season over .
  10. Who said he had no right foot ???
  11. Once again you win the internet for the most purile fucking comment ever , we schooled the team in 2nd for 70 mins with the best football we have played in 5 years . Apart from a rickett by the keeper that would have been the most complete performance I have seen and 6-0 would have been no insult . Anyone that cannot see what Evatt is doing is a blind failure of a human . The substitutions ... Sarce coming back from a bad injury , needed resting , everyone has been crying out for Gnuha & Tomason for more minutes and with the 2 fastest tempo games in 4 days we have to rotate . At best
  12. ARGGGH you sound like Phil Walsh ......"he only scored in 2 games" ...etc etc Like a hat-trick is less impressive than if spread over 3 games.
  13. How dare you critisize Maddison....Hunt....Thomson ...Stevens....Brookman.....Roscoe.....Fisher.... ariston...
  14. Ok Who are you and what have you done with the real Whitesince63 ?
  15. Poor tackle is an understatement , it was a potential ankle breaker , and that can be a career ender , instant red card and well worth a mass brawl...I refer you to ian pierce vs gundni bergsson et al
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