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  1. Ive said it before and Ill say it again , I have a shit load of bolton stuff on vhs including the battle of burnden , is there no way we can pool all this stuff together and make a wanderersways DVD ? I think we missed a trick not buying out Jimmys back catalogue for £2500
  2. Home end for me , Used to live in Accy and half the family is from there . Apparently they have a welcoming committee lined up for us ...Jolly decent of them .
  3. I thought Little Whitt was the lowest form of wit ?
  4. For some reason this thread has me thinking of the ex premier League goalkeeper , who when he tried to divorce his missus , she released a home video of her giving it to him up the wrong un with a strap on......Scandinavian maybe ....I forget his name ....Gonzo will know.
  5. On O.D. Add manager B & take control on say Bayern Munich, sign Maxim Tsigalko give him a 6 year contract....wait 5 years he becomes a euro citizen , sign him for Bolton Wanderers , sit back and watch us win everything possible ever until he retires........ Or... To Madiera
  6. will we stay up ? nope . After thinking for so long that I would no longer have a club to support , I couldnt give a shit , plus if you look at the graph of our divisions we were fated to drop to the fourth before we got promoted again ......I think .
  7. Wasnt there some FA directive about protecting under 18 players from being "worked too hard" or something ? I think we have a fair case for calling the game off. However because of the Blackburn vs middlesboro game eons ago precedence, when boro called a game off at the 11th hour cos of measles or something and were deducted points that led to relegation , where as playing the game with the under 11's and losing 20-0 would have kept them up , are we all panicking unduly ? (feel free to correct me Malc)
  8. Luxary , I still have a bit o string on me finger so I knows me rite from leff
  9. Fuck you and your logic based, fancy, book learning bollocks .
  10. waddy256


    smack him for me .....cos ...ya know....just cos 😉
  11. waddy256


    FyI any crack or fracture in the bone is considered a broken bone and can be self healed in one or two weeks . The horror of a broken bone is a displaced or compound fracture which takes as long as it takes , usually months. A displaced fracture of the clavicle can often pierce the lung but obviously not in this case so heres hoping !
  12. Is this still on ? still happy to chip in .
  13. waddy256

    Ricky G

    Ricardo Gardner was a gorgeous player . I was at west brom when he scored the last minute winner and at Swansea when he scored his last goal for us . He had 3 (THREE) acl injuries ....the same ones that gascoigne and shearer had and came back in half the time . A report in the times called him the best left back in the prem. and when we went to a back 5 with him and mendy as wing backs we played our best football . Allardyce says him and Okocha had an almost telepathic link . He had a choice to make at 16 , sprinting or football, he chose football. I met him when he was 19 and as shy and reserved as they come , humble and grateful for his opportunity . He never gave less than 100% scored some unbelievable goals and was a huge part of our best ever spell. If some no mark tusk wants to call him an average player thats fine , it just highlights that he/she knows as much about football as he does about Guatamalan tiddlywinks . And yes I would have Gardners babies
  14. waddy256


    Im banned from this game , so it works well for me ..... #Imalrightjack
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