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  1. newquaywhite

    Bolton Wanderersisms That Piss You Off

    Selling 10-20 million worth of player for 3-5
  2. newquaywhite

    Traf's Geegeez Stat Of The Day

    Aww crap, now i really am confused!!! I'd come to the conclusion that you were Matt @Traf.
  3. newquaywhite

    Song Thread For The New Manager

    Song freds
  4. newquaywhite


    Interesting choice of language by Whisky nose. "sheep wandering off" Not a million miles away from a phrase such as.. i dunno... "black sheep" is it? Thats what i heard him say regardless of what he actually said and now i am just repeating it back to him- in a sarcastic way. (or summert0
  5. newquaywhite

    2 Down And Win

    Charlton last game at Burnden? No?
  6. newquaywhite

    "i'm Going To Smash Up Amir Khan"

    6 mans?
  7. newquaywhite

    Nfl Thread

    Broncos last neet. I had £50 on them -5 pts which was only 2.85 with bet365 (purely anti Chargers feelings) and was properly sulking when wandering up to bed by 2.15 ish. Nice suprise to wake up to though eh? Of all the matches to fall asleep during...
  8. newquaywhite


    free app on any android phone. It's different if it is a wanted present ...i spoze...but i just cant see the point of buying a stamd alone reader for that sole purpose.
  9. newquaywhite

    Traf's Geegeez Stat Of The Day

    Empiracle My Word! Wrong thread most likely, sorry.
  10. newquaywhite

    French Flat Form Pre-Arc Meeting

    Really enjoyed the meeting both days. The badges from Racing Abroad (£75 for the two days) meant we had plenty of cat swinging room, swift access to 1664 and betting, a reserved seat (lever end style moulded and a bit mucky) and english comms broadcast over the PA. Obviously i was miles away in the big race but between mi dad n me we collected place portions at least and a few winners in 5 races of 9 on the Sunday. There was of course the French public including those emplyed within the service industries to deal with. I can only assume they don't know how cuntish they actually are.
  11. newquaywhite

    What's Your F**kin Problem

    By any chance is this the co-op at bottom of Hulton Lane in Deane? Although i suppose this is the other side of the coin.... Staff in there can cause a 20 minute queue from the slightest smattering of customers by failure to understand how to work top-up/lottery/till machines.
  12. newquaywhite

    What's Your F**kin Problem

    THIS THIS THIS Email them again and again. I've often sat in that mess thinking, "well none of us are getting into work for 9am but i bet i am the only one going to take such a bumming for it" I'd be coming down St Peters way wanting to go left m60 (fucked if i know which way clockwise is, i always thought it depended which way you were looking at the so called clock) towards simister.
  13. newquaywhite

    French Flat Form Pre-Arc Meeting

    Moment may well have passed for now but i shall pop back for the code if/when i do register. For what its worth. The Arc's cutting up! I'd already backed SNA out of stuborn stupidity but it "feels" to me now like the thing is laid on a plate for Camelot
  14. newquaywhite

    French Flat Form Pre-Arc Meeting

    Would you have a code for racebets you would like me to use?
  15. newquaywhite

    Phone Call

    Toook one from a claim back your PPI type last week. All i did was listen for 15 mins, she thought she was in so we went into more detail. (im off work atm) 45 mins later when i said not intersted she was not very happy at all...and got some chap on, like a team leader who seemed to hold the opinion that i HAD to agree now. £349 upfront. NOPE

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