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  1. Hill’s recent comments were all about long term planning & recruitment... not quite sure how this fits in with that... and the fact that, extremely short term, thinking is muddled and contradictory... but I’ll give Buckley the benefit of the doubt. He’s shown (in patches) what he can do and he’s been loyal, unlike some.
  2. Buckley resigned now official...
  3. As you’ve reliably informed me that hotel is ST/Lifeline etc only (see other Rochdale thread), early breakfast & town start, midday Brinsop Arms and trundle down to the ground... followed by whatever shenanigans may follow... Bolton 2:1 Att: 11,342
  4. Cheers pal, appreciated. And thanks all for your info/opinions...looks like i’ll Be doing a crawl from Northern Monkey, taking in Vaults, then Barnstormers, then hotel... and then sleep, knowing me. I might even make it to the match..
  5. Where do people tend to go for a beer before the match these days? I’m coming over for the weekend of 19th Oct (I live in France to don’t get over much at all) for my stepdads funeral. He was a big Bolton fan and took me to one of my first ever matches in the early 80’s, so wanted to see the match and have a couple of beers in the old man’s honour... cheers
  6. Probably should have been said by all of us long ago...massive respect to those that have stuck with it, through bad times and bad...
  7. Felgate

    Take Over

    I think he’s referring to the tweets by the Boohoo brothers, saying they have not bid for the club...
  8. Felgate

    Take Over

    I think the only conceivable reason why the Chinese consortium are interested in The Trotters is because 2019 is the year of the pig... All linking nicely with a return for Spam Allardyce...
  9. Heathcotes catering, debuting new celebratory recipe, chicKEN Faggots...
  10. Felgate

    Take Over

    Howard, Galt and others suggested that Due Diligence info can be shared/bought... Bassini may not personally have seen all of it (he may not even be capable of understanding it all even if he had) but expect others within his “team” have. As also suggested, he may have backers, but also not unsecured... backers/funds secured against club assets... the land, car park, etc that has been mentioned... He doesn’t look great on paper, but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. Opportunity to be a hero/saviour and erase his self confessed mistakes or continue down the road of red hat clown
  11. Felgate

    Take Over

    I’ll let you know on Monday...
  12. Felgate

    Take Over

    Funnily enough I’m in Monaco on Monday... might pop round for a cuppa... À bientôt Ken...
  13. Felgate

    Take Over

    Howard, my dear old thing. You’re letting the mask slip a tad... and I can understand why. Your “upbringing” comments would suggest you’re not a local chap. May I ask therefore how you came to be a Bolton fan, as you have stated? I also don’t think you are in PR, however I do believe and actually trust a lot of what you say... but the motivations and agenda, that I’m not sure of. ”Common Bolton folk” are a passionate and pessimistic bunch, so please do forgive the odd query as to your presence on here, however general stereotype insults are a little uncalled for and may I
  14. Felgate

    Take Over

    Fair enough... I did say generally... 🙃
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