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  1. QFPants

    Brum away

    He’s fucking due one
  2. QFPants

    Preston h

    He was obviously very good, just thought others were as good if not better on the day and yet he stands out more. Helps when no bolton player goes within 5 yards of him. Someone basically said it was the best performance from a player they can remember, like a Messi had turned up for a kids 5 a-side game. He wasn’t that good, didn’t need to be.
  3. QFPants

    Preston h

    Nah, not having it. He wasn’t even the best player on the pitch. If he didn’t have such a wank haircut he wouldn’t have been noticed anywhere near as much. Still streets ahead of any of ours like.
  4. QFPants

    Preston h

    That left side is as bad as I can remember; Cowdrill and Storer shit all over those 2. Noone probably made more stupid fouls than passes to a white shirt, and to say Grounds was a yard off would be very kind. 5 or 6 genuinely wouldn’t have flattered them.
  5. QFPants

    25 MPH.

    Worst for me is those doing 40 in a 50. Not so much a problem u til it drops from 50 to 30 and they crack on doing 40, on a different planet. someone doing a few miles below the limit is nothing to get worked up about
  6. QFPants

    Sweaty Ken

    Story updated slightly now
  7. QFPants

    Official Boxing Thread...

    Think I had Usyk 2 up after 7, Bellew by 3 is beyond mental
  8. QFPants

    Official Boxing Thread...

    Did I hear right that one of the judges had Bellew 3 up?
  9. QFPants

    Tommy Robinson

    There’s only 1 Brexit thread?
  10. QFPants

    Todays Games

    In the 5-0? Thought that was Stoke’s manager that Ricketts ran through
  11. QFPants

    Sheffield United Home

    Fulham at home where we didn’t touch it for 90 minutes, not like you need to go as far back as the 80s
  12. QFPants

    Non League Chatter

    Alex Samizadeh looked out of his depth today too, should be starting in our first XI obvs
  13. QFPants

    Birmingham City Home

    6/10 in The Bolton News, bring back Iles FFS!
  14. QFPants

    Reading Away

    Solid performance, thought Vela was very good, 2nd half they were never getting through, great away performance
  15. QFPants

    West Brom 1-2 Bwfc

    Guessing he’s in there as Wildschut doesn’t do enough defensive work to protect our full backs

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