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  1. Problem is I go to Portugal at least once a year (until now obviously) and Superbock is about 40p a can over there.
  2. Yes direct from them. Not tried the Northern Monk yet, heavily pregnant wife has banned me From supermarkets so we’re relying on Tesco click and collect and twice when I’ve been to pick up it’s been subbed for something inferior.
  3. £86 for 48 cans of the Brewdog v Cloudwater...I’m tempted
  4. Where is this, nowhere near me I’m sure but useful to know. Is it proper CO2 purged growlers rather than just filling an empty milk bottle from the tap? Verdant do some great beers. Managed to convince my wife it was a short drive to their brewery bar when we were in St Ives last year. Anyone ever down Falmouth way the bar is great and food superb.
  5. SNES and PS1 too, HDMI connection so can play on modern TVs fine. All easily hackable to load 100s of games on there so in reality you only need one of them and then play whatever you like.
  6. No we get different I think. Shame really, love the Williams Bros beers, always bring a few Jokers back when I’m up in Edinburgh. That Double Joker is dangerously suppable.
  7. Paul Ritchie was Hearts no?
  8. Think he slagged British football rather than us in particular. He was used to a keeper rolling him the ball and having time, now he had strikers with the nerve to try and tackle him. I’m guessing Gegenpress wasn’t big in late 90s Italian football.
  9. Alternatively there’s a useful app called The Brewer’s Eye. It’s worth a download; tells you all breweries that are delivering by location with links to their online stores.
  10. I’m over towards Chorley so that’s likely to be too far. My dad’s in Bromley Cross a few days a week though so that might be more doable?
  11. Is the delivery range likely to extend out anytime soon pal?
  12. Have they asked their old place to take them back on then furlough them? Believe it’s possible, though not sure what the incentive is for the old company.
  13. Yes but only statutory holiday entitlement I think. Might affect some of the high flyers on here that get loads.
  14. Believe they were pushing for the credit notes to have the same protection as ABTA protection. Is there an update on that Traf?
  15. Did Chorley to the pike and back early doors, saw more deer than people at that time of the morning
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