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  1. Both correct, no complaints on Delaney but that was a yellow on Sarc all day long
  2. Commentator heard from a reputable source that there was nothing in it
  3. Aye, cheers for the update Aldridge
  4. Maybe a shove in the back? Either way this is getting smashed by Vaughn
  5. Looked a strange one, what is it for?
  6. Crawford’s having an incredible game, even for him
  7. Fearing we’re too soft for this one today given pitch and weather, couple of theirs to bully us but hope I’m wrong
  8. Not saying I disagree but willing to suggest what team he should have gone with or rather just hope for a defeat?
  9. Regular run route for me and it was almost that high back in October and it’s been worked on by the council since. Dont think Chorley has been that bad, not as much as Bolton anyway.
  10. Only dilemma is whether it’s worth the hassle. My stepdad took my broken washing machine to get the drum out. By the time he’d got the washer home and spent hours dismantling it to get to it, and then had to take it to the tip after, I think he wished he hadn’t bothered.
  11. Or don’t and upcycle a drum from washer or dryer? Seriously, check how much they go for on eBay before dismissing it.
  12. Stockport mate reckons he’s pacey with a decent cross but prone to the odd fuck up in defence so better left midfield. When I said ‘we’ were linked he was surprised as he thought I meant Chorley...as if I needed a reminder how far we’ve fallen
  13. Boots - https://www.grisport.co.uk/walking-boots-c78/hawk-lowland-trekking-boot-p3036 Use code New15 for extra 15% off, spot on for me
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