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  1. I’m the same with food, but think I’d be a bit different if I burnt 6000 calories! How did you manage that? When I ran Manchester marathon in April I burnt about 2500 calories.
  2. I also don’t want to be one to complain, but the website says email us before Monday to cancel your DD (I’m paying up front this year). Did that this morning, had a response telling me they’d cancel my DD when I come in to pay for my tickets. What’s all that about? 1 of the 4 tickets from last year (that incidentally isn’t renewing) was paid for up front but is now seemingly added on to a DD, and I’m also looking at moving seats, potentially to join others. It also presumably imposes a deadline of Monday for me to go down and pay for my tickets, even though there’s 4 weeks before I can use them. If I wasn’t actually intending to renew would I have no choice?
  3. Proud as punch. Never used to leave a game early but a couple of games in the last few years I’ve seen enough (1 hour of Burton away springs to mind). Even if we were 10-0 down you couldn’t have dragged me away before the end. The two young lads behind me criticising Brown for ‘not trying’ need not bother coming again, every other fan top drawer, can’t remember enjoying a defeat so much!
  4. Not for these https://bolton.camra.org.uk/rivington-beer-walk-2019/
  5. Aye, lot of love for Wheater from me
  6. Think it’s about 4.5k, used to be more when they let fans stand on the grass banking. i went to that Halifax game too, think it was a record attendance for that level. Stockport had 6.5k on the other day and think there was only about 150 away fans in that, for Chorley to compete with teams like hat is brilliant
  7. Not sure the Chorley ground holds much more than 4K single they closed the grass banking, no chance of a 6000 gate unfortunately. Sure there’ll be a few more sold than is officially declared for tax purposes. Pretty sure Stockport haven’t released their tickets yet either, no doubt they’ll sell them sharpish though. Have already told my wife to right off Easter, looking forward to it all to be honest.
  8. O’Neill mom definitely for me, then again I’d play Buckley over No one every week so fair to say I’m in the minority. Both centre backs did very well too, some great headers won under pressure at the back post, fair play to them. Chuffed to bits!
  9. QFPants

    Brum away

    He’s fucking due one
  10. He was obviously very good, just thought others were as good if not better on the day and yet he stands out more. Helps when no bolton player goes within 5 yards of him. Someone basically said it was the best performance from a player they can remember, like a Messi had turned up for a kids 5 a-side game. He wasn’t that good, didn’t need to be.
  11. Nah, not having it. He wasn’t even the best player on the pitch. If he didn’t have such a wank haircut he wouldn’t have been noticed anywhere near as much. Still streets ahead of any of ours like.
  12. That left side is as bad as I can remember; Cowdrill and Storer shit all over those 2. Noone probably made more stupid fouls than passes to a white shirt, and to say Grounds was a yard off would be very kind. 5 or 6 genuinely wouldn’t have flattered them.
  13. Worst for me is those doing 40 in a 50. Not so much a problem u til it drops from 50 to 30 and they crack on doing 40, on a different planet. someone doing a few miles below the limit is nothing to get worked up about
  14. Story updated slightly now
  15. Think I had Usyk 2 up after 7, Bellew by 3 is beyond mental
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