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  1. I'd put him around same price as Bent
  2. Haha youre so funny. You need start talkin sense. Shall we stik wit speed and campo in centa mid lets watch sum borin footi agen oh ye tht wud be great!
  3. I fink he's a top player him. Would of had him at bolton.
  4. Mather


    What a load of bollocks. How you can say that god knows. Any bolton fan should be happy with the position that were in at the moment. 47 points with 13 games remaining and we should easily be aiming for 60 points. If you'd of asked any bolton fan before this season, will you be happy if youre fifth with 13 games remaining? they will say yes all day long. And yes i agree bolton had a terrible game today but to say sam out!!! is a load of crap.
  5. Aliou Ciss?? will be a Bolton player within the next few weeks
  6. I got my tickets on the 1st day they came on sale around 5 o'clock and the ticket man said they had sold 1000 tickets already. It should be a sell out.
  7. So really it would be better to get off at Darwen than Blackburn.
  8. Just want to know how far is the trainstation to ewood park? Thanks
  9. Bolton shud go after nugent he's a class striker. He giv us many of goals cum on sam get ur finger out its like this every season!!!!
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