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  1. Frustrating today, but I thought we should have been at least 2 up at half time and almost out of sight. Reading this thread, amazed at how many are throwing in the towel on the season. I'll stick my neck out and take the contrary view. Evatt is a decent manager and here for some time. He has lots to learn but I think he has the same energy, drive and determination (bloody mindedness) as Allardyce. I think he will sort it out. We will go up this year probably without the need of the playoffs. Need to turn draws into wins but I think we will get stronger and better as the se
  2. Battling with dementia. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-9123901/Frank-Worthingtons-dementia-battle-left-Peter-Reid-heartbroken-wants-action.html Some great tales in this article but tragic for Frank and his family.
  3. Thought he was the new signing.
  4. Loan agreed and arriving Wednesday but no name - Evatt in his after match interview.
  5. Assuming White’s gone back it only leaves Mascoll, Hickman, Senior and Graham.
  6. Talking of shite. Where's Joe Garner off to now he has terminated his contract? Was going to India in November I think but not sure now.
  7. He needs to keep his stock rolling, but been dragged kicking and steaming out of the club.
  8. According to one of those sites that are like Clubcall from 25 years ago, we have had an offer to take Declan John a left wing back at Swansea on loan rejected. No nothing about him.
  9. That aerial contest between Spearing and Santos when we have a corner should be good.
  10. Santos signed as 19yr old for Peterboro and made over 60 appearances in League 1 before being sold by to Barnet at 21 for £100k. Peterboro have a good track record of buying cheap and selling on. Not sure why he has been festering at Barnet for 4 seasons but clearly can play at higher than L2. Presumably Evatt thinks he can improve him more and so far he has been right. Nobody will be spending money in January 2021 though. So he might as progress with us for now.
  11. Better start to 2nd half. Baptiste should have scored.
  12. Impressive start, but Delfonso and Delaney giving possession away far to easily.
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