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  1. As others have said, if on a day to day basis we can't run the club with its currently capped wage bill on average crowds of circa 10k there's no hope (for us or any other club). However running costs and capital investment are different things. To move forward, refurbish the stadium, get a better squad when allowed, pay off historic large bills for admin, etc we appear to need new investment. If FV haven't got it, they need to bring in new partners who have.
  2. Seeing him at the Apollo on 15 May will ask him where his cash is. Don't think so. 2.75 million shares recorded as issued last Sept.
  3. Latest companies house update on FV shareholders Shazza 1,500,000 shares Micheal James 500,000 Jeffrey Thomas 500,000 Nick Luckock 250,000
  4. And no Verlinden in the Stoke squad tonight.
  5. Bunney, Faal, Brockbank, Hall, Graham and Weir all playing for U23s tonight.
  6. Lots of chemicals to make it green and weed free I'd imagine.
  7. In his official vid just published, says we are going with Saturdays squad plus Politic and possibly Weir tomorrow night. Confirmed Chicksen contract wont’t be renewed and Also ate a bit of humble pie about his comments post match Saturday.
  8. As long as it’s not his other brother E.
  9. Wright's not coming back either by the look of things https://www.bwfc.co.uk/news/2020/january/confirmed-earl-and-wright-recalled/
  10. Oldham defence not at the races today.
  11. Stoke made 7 changes in their FA Cup loss to Brentford. Verlinden still only made the bench and got 19 mins game time ( Got a 5 from Stoke Sentinel). Doubt he’s forcing his way into their league match day squad any time soon.
  12. Thought Earl was ok at left back - but I like Chicksen better - but poor at centre half. No great loss but need bodies in.
  13. Sounds like a farewell message from Verlinden. But he does tweet a lot so who knows.
  14. Ipswich £96m in debt and not even in the Championship. Another year in Division 1 would surely see them off.
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