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  1. Genuinely wish you all the best. I have relatives near Torpoint who are STHs and Green’s my favourite colour. But you’ve spent around 30 of the last 50 years at L1&L2.
  2. Anyone with a modicum of ambition in L1 & L2 will think they will be the one to turn it round. Premiership standard ground and been there before Embargo ending in no more than 12 months and maybe earlier. Little money available to be spent by competitors 10000 fans and more if any success delivered. Barrow, Plymouth, etc likely to be relegation favourites and with very limited scope to go higher in league ladder.
  3. Brush it out of history?
  4. We’re only making plans for Nigel
  5. Games Workshop another repaying furlough money. Don’t understand the attraction but they are currently raking it in.
  6. No refund and happy to pay up for next season now. I do think the club should offer it though rather than just make a blanket no refund decision like Sunderland.
  7. Saw him last Oct supporting Alice Cooper. They were all class. RIP Dave will play Golden Brown tonight for old times sake.
  8. Big fan of Germany and USA. Hamburg, Berlin, Bremen, Munich, Dussleldorf & Rhine Valley all excellent. Cologne a dump. In the States NYC, Washington and Nashville all good. Memphis an absolute shit hole. No country that I dislike but wouldn't rush back to Bahrain, Switzerland, Jersey or Northern Ireland.
  9. As others have said, if on a day to day basis we can't run the club with its currently capped wage bill on average crowds of circa 10k there's no hope (for us or any other club). However running costs and capital investment are different things. To move forward, refurbish the stadium, get a better squad when allowed, pay off historic large bills for admin, etc we appear to need new investment. If FV haven't got it, they need to bring in new partners who have.
  10. Seeing him at the Apollo on 15 May will ask him where his cash is. Don't think so. 2.75 million shares recorded as issued last Sept.
  11. Latest companies house update on FV shareholders Shazza 1,500,000 shares Micheal James 500,000 Jeffrey Thomas 500,000 Nick Luckock 250,000
  12. And no Verlinden in the Stoke squad tonight.
  13. Bunney, Faal, Brockbank, Hall, Graham and Weir all playing for U23s tonight.
  14. Lots of chemicals to make it green and weed free I'd imagine.
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