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  1. For the best but must be shit living in a hotel room on Middlebrook during lockdown. Kioso had similar issues with it as I recall. Many would have buckled down and got on with it, but we're all different.
  2. Ifollow cameraman zooming in on the stand roof, doesn’t augur well for match pictures. Also match overlay says we’re at the City of Cardiff stadium. Quality.
  3. Middlesbrough in 1989 https://twitter.com/FBAwayDays
  4. Apparently only Premier League side he hasn't scored against.
  5. Gutted. RIP Frank. Never forgotten. Responsible for 3 of my top 10 Wanderers moments. That Goal v Ipswich The brace in our win at Old Trafford in 1979 The Goal at Blackburn in 1978 Privileged to have witnessed them all.
  6. Just got jabbed at the Etihad this morning. National booking system only let me in on Monday evening (in 60-65 group no underlying health conditions). Could have gone y’day but working, Unibol first available appt was 8/3. Etihad was on an industrial scale but not busy. Appt was 1130, rocked up at 1105 and was back in car done at 1115.
  7. Games coming thick and fast at the moment. Wouldn’t surprise me to see Lee rested either tonight or Saturday. MM not playing 90 mins twice a week either.
  8. Class tweet from Youri, 19 yrs today since he signed for us.
  9. RIP Captain Tom. What a final year. Hope my last year on this planet includes a Battle of Britain flypast, a knighthood and raising £33m for charity. Oh and a Premiership title please.
  10. TrickyTrotter


    Or their training and match day management.
  11. Member of Mansfield ground staff was moaning on Twitter at teatime that pitch was fit to play by 1600 but referee's inspection took place at 1230 because of our need to travel (or not).
  12. Match Off Frozen pitch
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