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  1. Thought he did ok. But Wilbraham did more (including outsprinting Zouma) in 20 mins then the other Murphy did in 90.
  2. We got people moaning about 19:00 and people moaning about 20:00 kick offs. The future is obviously some form of AI football where we all sit at home and watch it at precisely the time we individually want to. What happened to bunking off work a bit early becuse you've got a match to go to?
  3. Bunny and O’Grady.
  4. I liked the look of Darcy and he had a bit of attitude about him. Yes he does need to bulk up but he’s only 18. I didn’t take what Hill said about our youth too seriously. I think he is trying to get a positive reaction. I do think he is right about 21+ yr olds who have never broken into the 1st team squad, but most of our promising youngsters would still be playing U18s if we had a full proper squad.
  5. Most of these players have been with us 4 weeks. Some were training with their clubs before signing, but the free agents were probably jogging round a park to get fit. Getting there, but not enough squad quality in central defence and up front when first choices not available, plus at least 6 injured. It will take a bit of time.
  6. TrickyTrotter


    Looks like outside chance of Daryl Murphy being in the squad.
  7. Give some of our squad time to get fit/recover from injury.
  8. Verlinden and Politic in Belgium and Romanian age groups? Jason Lowe called up for England?
  9. Ken did everything himself, why can’t Shazza?
  10. Or let him scan your phone 4 times then let 4 of you through.
  11. TrickyTrotter


    More entertainment in 45 mins then the whole of last season. How we've not scored. Should be 3-0 up.
  12. Football club owner shows consideration for staff and empathy with fans and community shock horror.
  13. New manager with his own ideas. If there’s any cash left we need another left back, plus Graham Dorian’s has been linked with us although he is crocked I think.
  14. My notification is there ready and waiting.
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