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  1. Decent read this and just shows the scale of the job on and off the field. https://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/sport/18086588.bolton-ceo-emma-beaugeard-football-ventures-first-100-days-club/
  2. We are missing the movement and creativity of Crawford. Thought the young lads did well in the circumstances and find it bizarre people having a go at them. Darcy's set piece delivery was good. Passed it well and took both of his chances early, and on another day one or both would have gone in. Graham was 17 in June . He wouldn't be playing if we had a full squad and senior pros weren't injured. He didn't play badly and he'll have learnt big time from today. He's only going to get better, if fans give him the chance.
  3. Election bullshit. If the Govt devolve transport powers to Greater Manchester it's only getting built if GMCA think it worth it, to date they haven't. Any line would also have to show economic benefit along the whole route and a high BCR rate to get Treasury approval for funding. A route meandering through Salford, down through Kearsely into Farnworth and then Manny Road to Bolton might tick a few boxes, but it would take forever to get in to Manc. Non-stop to East Lancs and along the bus lane would be the quickest but that ain't happening either.
  4. Was watching Palace on my laptop. Absolutely fine. Cast City game from my phone to TV, absolute bobbins. So Citeh game now on laptop and no problem. Both phone and laptop connected to my 200mb broadband - strange.
  5. Crowded House at the same venue for us July plus Steve Hackett Genesis Revisited at the Apollo in November.
  6. I've heard the sound of distant drums over there towards the North stand a few times this season.
  7. Lincoln mate of mine has been to Marine vs Kendal Town today. Says Emil Jaaskelainen started at Centre Forward for Kendal on loan from Blackpool. Marine won 4-1 Jordan Lussey and George Newall turned out for Marine. Thought Newall showed promise here but what do I know.
  8. Wonder why it was called Pikes Lane? Turnpike, Heads on Pikes, Pikes in the River Croal? Could move back to where Amir's place is.
  9. £15 for adults. They're taking the pi$$ or trying to price us into not going. No longer in. https://www.accringtonstanley.co.uk/news/2019/november/bolton-prices-leasing.com/
  10. https://www.efl.com/news/2019/november/efl-statement-bolton-wanderers/
  11. There are hundreds of thousands (if not millions)of £s at stake for potentially promoted or relegated clubs. Everyone will have lawyers pouring over this.
  12. Decision will be being gone over by (lots of) lawyers before announcement.
  13. Quality picture of Shazza celebrating at Saturday's game, but this is also class by Emma - Ken obviously forgot when Joe got to 50 years https://www.bwfc.co.uk/news/2019/november/gift-of-thanks-for-wanderers-stalwart/ Ps - Joe can you replace the 20 yr old asthmatic hand dryers in the ESL gents when we get some cash.
  14. At home to Millwall, presumably UniBol. Ties to be played by 14/12.
  15. 10 mins to go in ET Still 1-1 but Burton down to 10 men (boys)
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