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  1. Take Hunt Off

    Transfer Gossip

    Worth a shout I reckon .....jsl Last league hatrick scorer I tihnk.
  2. Take Hunt Off

    Takeover - this actually might be a drill

    No fucking news on the takeover then ?
  3. Take Hunt Off

    Callum Connolly

    Kinnel does'nt really matter what the hanging gallery on here think he is here to the end of the season & has my full support...scores a goal two games in regrettably with a 'stooping' header .. Jesus H christ.
  4. Take Hunt Off

    Todays Games

    Six fingered mors bor eating gits
  5. Take Hunt Off

    Todays Games

    Good win for pne ....but only 11k on still more than Wiggin v stoke who must have brought a few.
  6. Take Hunt Off

    Takeover - this actually might be a drill

    See the Oystons are now history ..club will be in admin soon & possible 12 pt deduction ....still happy days all the stayaways will be streaming back .....mmm lets wait & see.
  7. Take Hunt Off

    Brum away

    Impressed with him last saturday calm under pressure & better distribution than Alnwick whom I think is overated. Can he play against Norwich ?
  8. Take Hunt Off

    Gordon Banks

    True 'Great ' RIP Gordon definately our finest goalkeeper & a humble guy as well.
  9. Take Hunt Off

    Transfer Gossip

    Agree with all that but you forgot his last minute header tipped over by their keeper .....had you left early ? Basically unless we go two up top we wont score & if we go two up top we will concede on the break which means we are shite in midfield really .
  10. Take Hunt Off

    Takeover - this actually might be a drill

    This demise is like death by a thousand cuts I have said before the eighties were worse but now I not so sure the whole thing played out in full view techicolour (a horror movie) Vincent Price cast as Sweaty Ken .
  11. Take Hunt Off

    Takeover - this actually might be a drill

    Precisely why there was no need to alienate him .He has the power to shaft us no danger....if I was religeous I would be in church right now praying.
  12. Take Hunt Off

    78 Promotion

    It was the same game I was at a mates wedding so missed the trip News of Waldrons horrific leg break came through first & then later the tragic stabbing.
  13. Take Hunt Off

    Preston h

    Agree with this or play Ameobi on the right & ditch Noone
  14. Take Hunt Off

    78 Promotion

    My recollection of Mcallister was that he was played at left back by JA but he really fancied himself as a central defender so was sold to Spurs where it has to be said he did pretty well. I thought he wasnt the best lb & got a few skinnings once particularly at Bristol Rovers .....80 thou at the time seemed a good price ....although his value increased playing for Spurs. Just checked & shows 'recollection' at least mine is suspect DM was sold by Greaves after the arrival of Tony Dunne who took the left back position (initially under Armfields tenure)& was moved to central defence & played half a season there.So maybe he did prefer left back but was second choice?

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