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  1. Think Esco was on about Celtic’s Griffiths
  2. Frustrating isn’t it. I bloody long to get the first (then maybe one or two others) and for another team and set of fans to feel how horrific it is to see the second half minutes ticking away when sub after sub after sub, followed by rest here, drink here, physio here, time waste here, time waste there, keeper keeping hold of the ball for 2 minutes 😤 I might try the going for a walk option next week, if we go a goal down.
  3. I agree there’s been little aggression. Pace too, although he’s addressing that this window. I’m not having fitness though, yes we may have drifted in the second half of some games, but this is more to do with poor possession/passing. We’ve fought to the end in lots of games and scored goals in 80+ minutes
  4. Despite my above post to offer some balance there’s some clear areas for improvement and this is one of them. Another one is Delaney. He was better today, but losing his man so easy was non-league at best
  5. Those of a negative persuasion won’t like some of the positives below. But, here’s a selection from our posters, none are my words but plenty of which I agree with. Jackson - good player, quick and good left foot. Impressive today. Happy to use his right peg too. Much better balance today with options on the left. We deserved something Played well in the first half but needed to score and didn’t. We created more chances in the first half than Parky did in a month. Half an hour up to half time was really good, should have gone in at least one up. If Doyle's finishi
  6. It’s a ridiculous looking table. So close and compact from top to bottom And that offers a realistic perspective of our current situation 👍
  7. All the best mate. Hopefully after you come back we’ll be in front on our way to victory
  8. Just noticed no Greenidge on the bench or Crellin (or a goalkeeper)
  9. Well there you go. 2 new boys in and Tutte rested. Casino, Traf and agent Magee in the know. Got to feel for Crawford and Arthur. Let’s hope it works out 2-1 Whites
  10. I agree - this is where we are at whether we like it or not. While I’m not a fan of walking through the door into the team (unless there’s very good reason, which who knows there might be) IE is damned if he does damned if he doesn’t with his recruitment and team selection/tactics To me it makes sense and he’s come out and explained it. He knows he needs bodies, he knows where they’re needed, he knows January signings are complicated, he’s shown he can be loyal with players. It’s almost feels like another reset on our season.
  11. Reading between the lines from IE comments, he’s brought 2 young lads in on loan, he’s intimating the next 2 signings will be more experienced, (hopefully one a keeper) but we’ll have to wait till the end of the window
  12. I’m always a bit wary of new into the building signings being thrown in on the first day. I could get my head round the left back going straight in, but presumably if it’s Fonz losing his place then I’d have thought Crawford or Arthur deserve a run out after Tuesday. And if Tutte is out then I’d have thought Thomason. Certainly makes for an interesting 2pm @burnden post for the team.
  13. From the BN this morning But he predicts another hat-trick of loan deals will be on the cards in the following fortnight plus another attacking signing that could really turn heads. “We are monitoring situations. Some are younger players who we think are talented and we believe can help us, some are more experienced – and they are the ones we will probably have to wait for. They might have aspirations of moving higher up, or the club are waiting for another player to become available before releasing the one we want. “We might have to be patient. But I want four more
  14. Great knock from Root. Thought they should have got to 500 but not enough support for the captain. However should be plenty enough.
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