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  1. Thoughts and prayers with you
  2. Savage, Aldridge stand out. For us surely no one got it more than Diouf
  3. Mark Park (That Peter Kay Thing) - BWFC as an unknown at the beginning/end of his career. Unfortunately a Urinal fan while he was famous 😂. By the way had a catch up on this - up there with PKs best work alongside Phoenix Nights. Eyes Down, Keith Lard “he interferes with dogs” 😂
  4. Only one game of note for me. But perhaps the most important, my first game 04/09/1982 Bolton 3 Newcastle 1. Keegan playing for them. Fell in love with the whites, although the false sense of optimism was quickly washed away!
  5. 1/ Aldershot 2/ Stoke Wembley 3/ Oldham 4/ Middlesbrough - Cardiff 5/ Villa - Wembley
  6. We said exactly the same after finishing it at weekend, hang on when was weekend? 😂
  7. Rebus - Hibs Brain (New Tricks) - Wimbledon
  8. See Marc Iles and Thogden have got in on the act. Good effort. 👏
  9. Question 2 is an interesting one. My opinion over the years has definitely changed, moving into the category of finding homosexual/homophobic slurs offensive. Is this now a more common outlook or do some/most still see it as witty/ humorous?
  10. Thought it deserved a thread of its own. Despite the ongoing CV crisis I found time to feel proud about what our club are doing. It’s been a long time since those leading our club have made me feel this way. Hope the links work. The interview with Emma Beaurgeard on 5 live is fantastic and considering her father is seriously ill she’s found time to firstly put our club in the spotlight for all the right reasons and more importantly find a significant way of supporting the NHS through this crisis. https://www.bwfc.co.uk/news/2020/march/ceo-emma-beaugeard-speaks-to-bbc-radio-5-live/ https://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/sport/18336264.bolton-wanderers-open-doors-nhs-staff-coronavirus-crisis/
  11. Cheers KW - a man in the know it seems. So am I right in thinking the statistics we see published are questionable as we won’t really know how many have now got the virus?
  12. I don’t think this is accurate. They are not swabbing and testing everyone anymore. I know 1 person who’s suffering all the symptoms, went through the advised process and was told to self-isolate for at least a week. Told to treat as if it is coronivurus - I don’t think they are included in the statistics.
  13. desperado

    Keith Hill

    It’s an interesting argument as to how much it was/is Lennon’s, Parkinson’s and Hill’s fault
  14. desperado

    Keith Hill

    It’s a hard argument to fight, but I still stick with Hill. Like previous bwfc managers before him, the task couldn’t be harder than anywhere else. And like previous managers he’s struggling. I think that says more about the situation than him. And he’s probably got it harder than any of the other previous incumbents. We are the worst team away in the last decade, surely that tells its own story. With restrictions and embargoes there’s no quick fix, not even next year. Yes there’s been glimpses and that’s where the frustrations come in that we haven’t sustained and pushed on from there, but these players are either young, inexperienced, rejects or at best bang average for this level. I think it would be near on impossible for anyone to get a consistent tune out of a bunch like that. The supports been good and I don’t hear too much at the games that’s negative towards Hill, mainly on line. I hope it stays that way as that would only make a hard situation even worse. He’s got a good record of bringing teams up from the 2nd, he’s going to be the one who knows these players the best and can hopefully with time bring out the best of them next season. It’s not good for the sole consistently trying to justify that he’s not good enough every game that we play. I didn’t want to go last night, I did it for my boys, I was expecting something far worse than what I saw, so I take the positives, a good fight in the second half, a great goal celebration and a togetherness that we can come back... slowly but surely.
  15. desperado


    That’s where I’m at. Didn’t want to go tonight, had promised the lads so didn’t want to let them down. Seeing as we are the shittest team in the country away this last decade and considering some of the shit that has brought, in comparison to quite a lot of away days it wasn’t that bad. We scored, made a fight of it second half, nearly got a point. A lot more than I was expecting
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