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  1. Right..... but if I get a train or jump on the 125 to Adlington, then we’re ok?
  2. Just catching up with these new restrictions. So am I allowed to go to the pub for catch up with a mate....socially distancing.... outside if need be...??
  3. Wow that’s brilliant 👏
  4. An emotional and heartfelt response to BLM from Michael Holding and Ebony Rainford-Brent on Sky today. Better viewed listening to them, but can’t find a video link. But a news link here https://www.bt.com/sport/news/michael-holding-and-ebony-rainford-brent-call-for-end-to-institutional-racism
  5. That’s brilliant. Drills like this look purposeful, energetic, fun and interactive allowing the coach to intervene to improve.
  6. He’s got a presser at 10. Let’s hope Iles gets some good info from him. I’m particularly interested to hear whether he fancies any of the out of contract lads and whether deals will be offered to the likes of Crawford, Matthews, Emmanuel, Zooma etc
  7. Don’t get me wrong - Wigan Athletic are up there on my clubs I love to beat list. Your small supporting, Rugby loving, pie eating town have pretended over the years to think they should be competing at the same level as us (and indeed recently you have and surpassed us) and have become deluded that this recent history makes you bigger than us. You are probably one of those who realises that’s not the case. All that said, it’s those opinions which create local rivalry and for me make football so entertaining. I love the local games and it’s sad to think we may not play Bury again and I would hope you survive so that we can play you as we swap divisions. Yes get back to your rightful level in the lower divisions, but don’t go bust. All the best
  8. His ambition and self belief in striving to improve comes across in droves. He hasn’t been content in the last 3 months to wallow in how good he’s made Barrow, he’s got himself fit and ready for his next challenge, he’s talked about reading 3 books that have inspired him to be a better coach. The athletic podcast is a really good listen. His positivity and confidence in the brand of football he wants to play is unwavering. He sounds like the type of guy who balances the personal touch with discipline to achieve results. It looks like we’re in for one hell of a ride. Can’t wait!
  9. Is that what you’re going for pal with MB U16s 😂. Breath of fresh air this man. Great appointment. Very excited for the season ahead
  10. We’ve plumped for a Lodge on Loch Lomond.
  11. And schools are progressively taking in more children as the rules/guidance changes
  12. I know what you are saying. But if your gripe is with the schools, it’s misplaced. They’re open, teachers are working, delivering lessons to those both in and out of school. They’ve had to write 200 page risk assessments and change the environment of the school to keep kids 2m apart and put in a whole host of measures to ensure risk is at a minimum. Anybody with kids has been massively inconvenienced and has the worry of how this has affected their children and families. But as frustrating as it is for us all, just because Liverpool fans, beach lovers, BLM protesters and general knobheads can’t stick to the rules it doesn’t mean schools can sack it off suddenly and say let’s bring back all the kids.
  13. Good post Although the buy in for that generation (my eldest is 15) is arguably better than it was for mine (born 73). Yes the decline through the last decade has been drastic, the club has been horrifically run and memories of the golden era are vague. But they’ve had the 2 seasons of last day glory going on the pitch, consistent home crowds above 13,000, a proud commitment of following your home town club in a world class stadium and a fantastic away following. In the early/mid 80s at primary school it was hard admitting you were a Bolton fan. The best it got was a victory at home against Kevin Keegans Newcastle. It was grim. But I’m convinced the harder you have it, the better it is when the tide turns. This generation are the same as us (born in the 70s) They are IN now, they are BWFC and there’s no turning back. The excitement for this generation is that it just might replicate the 90s revival that we experienced. And I don’t care what any other fan in the world says it wouldn’t surpass being a Bolton fan. COYFWM
  14. I’m just trying to keep my excitement in check. Having looked at all the potential candidates in detail over the last few weeks, he seems the stand out candidate. Although I have felt this in the past with previous appointments like Coyle, Lennon and even KH, so maybe it’s misplaced and I’m too easily pleased! But I just love the potential that we are going for the best option, we are going to head into the new season with a passion and togetherness of a fresh start, a phoenix from the flames, a quality manager whose current ambition is to be the BWFC manager, a new squad with a nucleus of tested young academy players and a return to proper football (fuck this premier shite) that will bring us all together after being apart for so long. I can’t wait. Bolton are back 👏
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