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  1. Nice to see they are planning ahead to the play-offs 👍
  2. I called in about 5.30 on my bike commute home and had the “Runs Like A Deere,” 6% Mango/Pineapple IPA, it was gorgeous
  3. I honestly think we need to dismiss this outcome from our realistic possibilities. Even at our free flowing, less pressurised, consistent best, we demonstrated an inability to knock 3/4 goals in and comfortably see sides off with a significant goal advantage. And I’m saying this as an observation not a criticism, as I have been delighted and praiseworthy of the way we have gone on this run and used intellectual in-game management to see us get victory after victory. Like it or not I believe this will either continue or if anything become more tense as we edge closer to the finishing line.
  4. You can end up making out our “form” to be whatever you want it to be. 4 games has us level on points with Morecambe, 8 has us above them. Play to our best and potential, which we have done more often than not since January we’ll win. I’ve accepted that this won’t be a comfortable or convincing scoreline but I’m sure the majority of us don’t give a shiny shite as long as we win. Some of us (not me) will be happy with a point. I get this as it still leaves it all in our hands.
  5. IE mentions John’s injury on his after match interview with Bolton FM “We think he’s got a bang on his knee. Declan’s not sure whether it’s a kick or twist. We’re hopeful it’s just a kick”
  6. I like Brockbank, but we definitely lost something down the left side as he kept cutting back in, or gave possession away. I’ve given up thinking we are going to bag 3/4 and make it easy for ourselves. Probably unrealistic now at this stage of the season. But I’ll take 1-0 all day long, however it comes. Grit, determination and resilience are the factors that are going to see us go up and I think we’ll see this against Morecambe too. COYWM
  7. I turned them off straight away when their commentary automatically came on. I remember listening to them in the away game Boxing Day and they were unbearable. They were laughing at us at half-time slagging Santos off, criticising Evatt for continuing to try to play football. They were silent when our 3rd went in. Hoping we have the last laugh in another 45 mins. Good half from the Whites. Afolayan looking very dangerous. Couple more this half would be perfect.
  8. I know I should do, but I’m finding it hard to have any interest or strong opinion on it. And I get all the stuff about how this effects the whole pyramid and the repercussions for all of club and international football. And about lining the pockets of the greedy conglomerates. But I think it’s the fact that I’ve long since stopped giving a shit about the premiership and what these clubs are up to. It just seems so far removed from where BWFC is at the moment and whatever happens it won’t really have any direct influence on my enjoyment and passion, so it just gets a shrug of the shoulder
  9. 0-4 We’re Going Up, Going up as Champions 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
  10. In the lovely seaside village of Beer (Devon) in the pub called the Barrell of Beer, I drank a few beers. I did stop short of buying the T-Shirt that said “I had a beer in Beer in the Barrell of Beer” Back there in July, great place
  11. Yet the record crowd at Reebok is above 28,000 Highest attendance at a home match (Reebok Stadium😞 28,353 (v. Leicester City, Premier League, 28 December 2003).
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