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  1. I took the missus for a surprise weekend away. She liked the idea of Cambridge 😊. First pub we went into pre game it kicked off big style, glasses thrown, tables up in the air all sorts of bother. Enjoyed the game. To finish the night off we got a lock in at a boozer, there was a big boxing fight on - but can’t for the life of me remember who it was. Just looked it up, perhaps not so big. Tyson vs Julius Francis (who the fuck was that?! 😂) at the MEN
  2. Received both through the weblink, don’t have an app for it. I consider myself fairly technically savvy (but as I said above happy to be proved wrong) other than there being a technical fault on their part I’m not sure what it could have been. I’ve watched every game on Ifollow so far and not had a problem. Illes the esteemed one I believe had the same problem, but I’m not sure whether that makes my claim stronger or weaker 😁
  3. I’d love to be outed as someone who can’t cope with simple modern technology, if a reason or solution was offered to the issue I had on Tuesday?
  4. https://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/sport/18809399.barrow-3-bolton-wanderers-3---ian-evatts-post-match-reaction/ “But I am proud of them, I have to say. For the first time this season we have shown fight, we have shown desire, we have shown a set of testicles and you need to sometimes.”
  5. Not a problem (technical) with Ifollow up until tonight. I tried for the whole of the first half (after paying £10) to do what I have previously done, load it up on laptop and HDMI it to TV, but after it initially coming on pre game, it froze and when I attempted to refresh, I just got the black screen with white loading circle spinning around. Presumed it must be a WiFi/Connection issue, but it played fine on the iPad. Got it back on the laptop for first 5/10 mins of 2nd half, before it happened again. Fine on iPad. Anyone experience this or know why? Completely frustrating evening, not
  6. Reverse psychology defeat prediction for this one. I hardly ever go into a game thinking we’ll lose. Fuck it lets give it a try, maybe then anything better will be a bonus. Defeat caused by fucking about too many times at the back. He sticks with Brockbank, he makes the first error, folk apoplectic - we have our new Julian Darby. IE tries a different combination of WBs they don’t work, replaces them they don’t work. Darcy remains on the bench. Sarcevic looks a 1lb heavier, Doyle falls over the one chance that was created for him. Fonz drops too deep. But Santos looks like the ne
  7. It’s hard to argue against some of those points. But I’ll offer a defence/excuse/reason. To summise I would say those things haven’t happened... “yet”..... Logic tells us now you can’t throw these randomers together and 6 games later have them playing like Barcelona. As results have been poor, confidence has taken a massive knock, the confident passing football becomes even more difficult to implement. Last couple of pre season/cup games, the talk on here was how comfortable they all looked on the ball, amazed at the possession stats, class players standing out like Fonz a
  8. desperado


    Crossing over threads a bit here. But the specific point on injuries adds another element of difficulty to IEs job Players like Kioso, Isgrove, Gnahoua probably weren’t even part of his thinking a few weeks ago. However it’s something which every manager in the league has to address. But when it’s combined with all our other transitional problems, you can see why this project, if successful, is going to take longer than we all thought.
  9. Fair come back too - a passionate fan wanting us to turn this around. One sentence I’ll paste from above adding a key word: but a good manager needs TIME to maximise his resources Especially considering he only finalised his squad last week. Players like Kioso, Isgrove, Gnahoua probably weren’t even part of his thinking a few weeks ago. I know I’ve got to be careful with this comparison on so many levels (different generation, quality of manager, one-off manager) but it took Ferguson 3 years to win his critics round! Now no way am I suggesting 3 years! But on reflectio
  10. They are easy, negative observations that anyone with an ounce of football knowledge would struggle to disagree with. And of course you have the higher ground as you’ve got a whole host of poor results to back you up. Trying to be positive (realistic) is difficult and without any (few) results to back it up leaves you with the danger of sounding deluded - I’ll try not to. 1/ This needs time - more half of us were giving him till at least the end of October, some more. 2/ With the above comes a whole host of complexity about getting all those negatives you highlight sorted;
  11. I’m really trying to not fall into this negative mindset (although as I sit here now, at home, pissed watching MOTD) it’s hard not too. As sad as this may sound, the Saturday afternoon 3pm game for me and the 3 kids (15, 13, 11) is the highlight of our week. We work hard at work/school all week, exercise, do our sports to try and keep healthy during the week. Then buy in the treats (plenty of beer for me) to log in and watch the game. When we won a fortnight ago we were loving it. it’s shit when we lose. When you’re not locked down and you’ve had the match day experience you quickly
  12. It might not be working yet but it’s not baffling if you really think about it. I already tried to tell you last week, he took off Tutte last week because he’s not ready for 90 mins, same reason as he didn’t start him today. We had about 10 pages talking about Hickman last week, he played Kioso there today - he played well. Im not happy about the result today, I’m not happy about the position I find ourselves in. It’s not good enough, there’s more negatives than positives, but IE has admitted all of this. When you are still bedding in signings you made yesterday and adding
  13. It’s a debatable point, but it’s where we disagree. Today they weren’t good enough. But I’m not writing them off completely ...yet....by saying they are not good enough. Both IE and us don’t know whether Mascoll or Gordon is better or equipped to deliver at this level consistently. Kioso looked good today, as has Hickman previously, as did Jones... occasionally. We’ve all seen Crawford do better. Surely there’s more to come from Sarcevic. Is Tutte fit enough yet? He looks better than Comely. And can you really summise for definite that Hickman, Jones, Gordon, Mascoll and Kioso (who actua
  14. Really? No Doyle. Unless you are creating a load of chances that he’s failing to finish, you don’t drop a proven finisher at this level. It’s tantamount to the morons who were saying drop Anelka after 5/6 games
  15. But hasn’t your opinion been negative right from the outset? Have you offered anything other than IE isn’t up to it, he’s out of his depth? If this is your starting position, you’re just out there to prove your opinion is right. Rather than wildly suggesting the players aren’t playing for him and he has lost the dressing room, why not be more patient and constructive in your criticism?
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