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  1. I was definitely stopped in my tracks celebrating because of his “OFFSIDE” shout. But I’m certainly not going to berate him or call him out for his naivety. At heart he wants Bolton to do well, but you can tell he’s trying to be balanced and offer some insight. While I may not agree with the everything he says, he’s a bloke who’s played for the wanderers, he wants us to do well and he’s apologised for a genuine mistake. Move on
  2. Yes. The bwfc poll has him as one of 4 for MOTM. I can’t recall him doing anything wrong today. And I’m certainly not going to accept “he passed sideways and backwards” as a reason. When you are playing against 11 men behind the ball you have to do this. His energy to support the forward play and his commitment to defend and help keep a clean sheet was excellent today. Yes that’s all that matters. BD has called this one absolutely correct. However the wins come, that will do. That’s what happens in 92/93. And Bruce would have said exactly the same thing 👏🏽
  3. I’d rather play them at home than on their farmyard field. And as for the rest of the season I couldn’t give a shit, we’ll get more points than them.
  4. One for you are your lad there Rudy 👏 Have we a name yet? Surely Fran (Franny) is is in the reckoning? 😂 Or maybe Shaun after today
  5. Funny how we can all see the game differently. I thought that was his best game and despite my liking of Brockbank at RB, I was thinking how difficult it’s going to be for him getting his place back. That is a school boy error! Keep off social media and turn your notifications off! Not being able to celebrate that goal in “real time” is a shame. Despite Henshaws “OFFSIDE!” We we’re going absolutely mental here. What an important goal, what a win. All else is irrelevant really EIEIEIO
  6. Patience and subs will be the key here I think. 70% possession in our favour. The caveat being they are camped in the final third, but our decision making or execution in the final third has been poor. Most culpable are Doyle and Sarcevic. That’s probably Doyle’s worst half, he didn’t hold it up effectively, use the ball well or create something from half-chances, but with somebody like Doyle that could change 2nd half. Sarcevic looks like a player who’s been out of the team for a month or so, hopefully he can improve or replace him 2nd half. 1-0 will be as good as 5-0. COYWM
  7. All the best Rudy. Great news, another wanderer enters the world, enjoy your beers, a win for the little un no doubt on the cards tomorrow 👏
  8. Hopefully the video clip from Twitter will embed for people to see
  9. Aye, he didn’t fancy us did he when he knew Thomason would be playing Tuesday. I couldn’t give a monkeys what he thinks to be honest. There’s not many players who have performed as well and consistently as him this season and IE recognises this and doesn’t hesitate bringing him back in when the time suits. Not only is he a great potential, but he’s got so much to offer this season too. IE had great options at his disposal.
  10. In my 47 years on this planet and 40 years watching us, there can’t ever have been a more crazy, ridiculous season (and I’m not even including the Covid nonsense). This division is just so unpredictable. I know the fact that we aren’t out there physically experiencing it is heartbreaking, but the fact that we (well some of us) are watching every game and living and breathing every moment and placing the games at the centre of our being and entertainment (Is this sad??!!) means for me and my boys so much. Yesterday we were analysing the league table and firing up Southend’s game on IPTV 😂
  11. Just to add to that, I wonder if IE will consider resting Williams and give Tutte a go, or even (probably too risky) go with Thomason and Lee as the 2 CMs?
  12. The bit I was waiting for came at the end. Lee is fit and available, he was just rested on Tuesday. Having that combination of Lee, Williams and Thomason fit and available is massive 👏
  13. I agree. I always thought technically and physically (yes he’s big/strong, not fat 😳) he was a key player. Another myth buster is about his attitude and manner. When he came on he looked hungry (😊) and motivated. And when he scored, it wasn’t the “moody look at me, why am I not starting” celebration. It was a real genuine “I’m back, I’m happy, I’m the captain of this club” celebration, which was celebrated as much by his team mates as it was him - A great sign of togetherness. He’s going to be a key player in this run in.
  14. Ah right sorry, yes I misread it. There really wasn’t a poor performance out there today. Charge well and truly on 👏
  15. Really?? I thought he was fantastic and MOM. Unless your are talking about the last 5 mins, which is pretty understandable seeing the work he’s put in Tue/Sat last 3 weeks
  16. Good call 👍 It doesn’t surprise me either to see Lee rested and Thomason back in. COYWM
  17. Or maybe he’s been great in training 😂
  18. You’re right it could be, but I wouldn’t swap him for Baptise on current form
  19. I’ll take you on. Even though I’ve never bemoaned Thomasons replacements, or vehemently criticism criticised IE for his selections, I was surprised Thomason was left out after being part of our renaissance and upturn in form. But I admit IE has got it right these last 2 games and I put trust in him that he will continue to do this. As it happens I don’t think this is the last we’ll see of Thomason. On reflection these last 2 games and pitches wouldn’t have suited him, maybe its at home we might see more of him. Do you not agree that he has potential, that IE has brought th
  20. I agree @hughmungus must live in Wigan, so I feel for him. And the holiday season seems a long way off...... Shame because if he could only take some joy from his team being in the best form of their season, then it might actually brighten him up.
  21. You’re the sensible and rational one 😊. Pour me another please
  22. Love how he found the camera in the corner after his goal
  23. Come on lads and lasses, its ON!! 😀. Rational, sensible heads gone. Have a few drinks and enjoy the moment. It’s the best position we’ve been in to make a charge for promotion and we are joint top of the form table. I’m having a night believing 😊
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