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  1. I was there tonight and, despite the lack of clarity on several points, it was obvious to me that the whole point of this trust is to be fully organised for when Sports Shield go bust - probably within the next 6 months. This was a great opportunity for Sports Shield to forge links with the supporters - but there was no-one there to represent them. The trust has made no effort to be on the board........because they know where this is heading. The trust needs to concentrate on being fully prepared for the threat of administration within the next year.
  2. No idea but I'm presuming we are talking about a primary school? Demands of secondary are very different to primary. I have been in a few primary schools in the last year or so but all my experience is secondary. Would be impossible for any secondary sports fixture to finish before 5pm at the earliest.
  3. Yeah shouldn't really get worked up. And as for the grammar, I had drunk that much I'm amazed I could even log in...
  4. Not been on here for months...too busy at work and too annoyed with the joke that is Freedman. But it amazes me that its the same people who are still on here 24/7 moaning about those they claim to be lazy. All experts on teaching ........based on the fact that they once went to school too. Pathetic really
  5. Yeah because you really know what you are talking about...... We teach plenty of kids way beyond the end of the school day. Current Year 11 leave school most nights at 5pm - this is a school in Bolton - due to revision classes and extra support. Both of which teachers dont need to offer but do while people on here spend most of their 'working' day on here moaning about people who they claim to be work shy. quote name="Traf" post="1342418" timestamp="1391604685"]Kids do 180 days a year in school and let's say for arguments sake they're there for 6.5 hours per day ie 1170 hours a year. By ad
  6. Most career advisers locally were made redundant over the last year or so. They do get some advice in their last year but the reality is that most of this is making sure they choose the correct college course.
  7. Absolute bullshit - there's people in any workplace who think they have the hardest job in the world and deserve more money.
  8. Well you might have to word it differently but a lot of them need other options at 16 - the trouble is they just don't see any career paths open to them or any sort of job that pays well.
  9. I have also worked with site foremen and machine drivers who are more 'intelligent' than engineers - my dad being one of them. I'm all for practical based qualifications.
  10. "The first thing that was different was that straight away they asked if we wanted to look round, we asked when and they said now, like right now. No getting anything ready and no telling kids to behave because a 'visitor' was coming." I always advise parents to do this.
  11. I agree that the job of school is to make sure they can read and write. I have worked for the last 9 years in a secondary school that has faced those prejudices re catchment areas. 99% of the staff are very hard working. I've worked in the private sector and seen loads of people do as little as possible and get away with it. The unions have handled things badly but my reason for striking is more to do with Gove's reforms and in particular the decision to give head teachers and governing bodies freedom with performance related pay. My departments results are the best in the authorit
  12. My point being that any student with 10 A* will have worked hard for those results and the idea that they are 'thick as fuck' is just nonsense. I do accept that some exams are not as challenging as others. Some schools have played the system to ensure they are getting the highest grades possible. I don't agree with this.
  13. Really? Do schools prepare students for a career in trade and industry? Of course not. But don't blame teachers for this. We had to scrap a motor vehicle repair course because it no longer contributed to GCSE reforms. I will say that more and more students are losing the value of work - very few have any part time jobs. The workplace will be a culture shock for many of them.
  14. That probably comes down to drive ambition and parenting. I work with loads of kids with English as a second or third language. They generally perform better than White British students. And believe me any student with 10 A*s will be able to speak the language. An A* in my subject (History) is far tougher than a pass under the O Level system. I know this because I have given students both exams.
  15. 16 years of experience working in secondary schools in Bolton, Bury, Manchester and Wigan has given me this perspective....not educational propaganda. Of course there are problems with the exam system but some subjects are as difficult as they ever were. Maybe you're not seeing the brighter ones?
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