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  1. Much better today , better balanced in 442 but went to 541 second half ... And a clean sheet.


    We took our chances today for a change . Looked poor in defence when crosses came in looked much better when going forward. three very valuable points
  3. Well I think Keith must have been rooting around in his drawers and found Parky's tactic book ...... Keith throw it away do it your way. Darcy and Graham thanks for all you have done but .... Just not good enough . i thought Wimbledon were also poor today .... We should be taking 3 points against teams like this.
  4. 3 on the bounce .. A bit jittery in the second half , great result , we are improving each week.


    Anyone go to the fanzone yesterday .

    Rotherham (a)

    Sorry mate , comma in wrong place should have been after "conceding"

    Rotherham (a)

    Purposely left my post until today giving time to reflect . we need to stop conceding first , they have their work cut out as we look weak when attacked from the wings and we look like conceding every time a cross comes in. i think we need another centre half good teams are built on a strong defence. expected to lose yesterday but not by 5. roll on Tuesday ....COYWM

    Rotherham (a)

    mine came this morning.

    Take Over

    Time to move on many thanks to the EDT
  10. I agree with Mr Gray we need a Gary O Neil type pro to bring them on .
  11. Well, really enjoyed today's great performance , pre-match , match and post-match. They couldn't have given any more and got what they deserved. A big thanks to all BWFC staff but particularly David Lee. Roll on Tuesday.
  12. Two tickets for East Stand lower mate please sorry the systems been down all day well just rip two off the roll and I will give you a tenner Sorry can't do that why , tomorrow at the turnstiles they will do that sorry ?
  13. First half .... Dire second half 4-4-2 much better , Murphy had a decent game . but just papering over the cracks .
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