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  1. Happy Wanderer

    Helping those less fortunate at Christmas...

    Instead of our family secret Santana this year we have all donated the money to Bolton urban outreach
  2. Happy Wanderer

    Monthly subscription

    The subscription section isn’t set up yet. How many times do I have repeat myself.
  3. Happy Wanderer

    Monthly subscription

    How about the big green banner across the top of the site?
  4. Happy Wanderer

    Monthly subscription

    The site subscription liknks within your profiles don’t work as of yet. please make donations using the link buttons that appear at the header (top) of the site. as for the 2, 3 or 5 it’s just a choice that some like to give a bit more than others.
  5. Happy Wanderer

    Posting pictures

  6. Happy Wanderer

    Posting pictures

    The settings remain the same even after the upgrade so not sure what your individual issue is. I can upload/attach a pic so it could be the actuall size of what you are trying to post, try to reduce it in size.
  7. Happy Wanderer

    FA cup draw tonight

    If it's Sunderland I'd offer them the whole of the East stand and try and pack out the lower tiers behind the goals with home fans.
  8. Happy Wanderer

    Old Bolton and surrounding areas

    https://www.timepix.uk/Collection-galleries/OS-Revision-Points-in-Greater-Manchester/1940s-1950s-Swinton-and-Bury/Little-Lever/i-JVF985b/A photo bombing 1940’s style
  9. Happy Wanderer

    multiple trades needed

    Helen Lee for graphics http://www.helenlee.co.uk/ Vehicle wrapping http://displayequipment.co.uk/index.html Van liners http://www.vanliners.co.uk/
  10. Happy Wanderer

    Jamie Bulger Documentary

    In try wways style mixing a thread up, serious-perv-serious-gaypileons
  11. Chris Custodiet - you are getting far too personal, any more and I'll ban you from the site.
  12. Happy Wanderer


    My opinion is that the sale of firewworks to the public should be banned. The way forward is organised show such as Bradshaw Cricket Club etc are controlled well and the safest way to enjoy the event. This also stop the idiots who start 2-3 days before the 5th and 2-3 days after the 5th.
  13. Happy Wanderer

    100 years ago

    Many of us looking back had a relative who suffered during WW1 My late grandmothers (mums side) first husband died in 1914. I’ve never found out actually when and where, all I know he died during the war. Very surreal to think if he hadn’t died for us I wouldn’t be here now nor my children. Thank-you to all those who served and especially to those that paid the ultimate sacrifice, lest we forget.
  14. Happy Wanderer

    runaround car

    someone hacked his account as well?
  15. Happy Wanderer

    Leicester City


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