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  1. First past the post with the deepest pockets.
  2. It's possible they used these.. I dread to think of what those windows are like on the insides 🤢
  3. For me it was Hargreaves for the long distance trips and ribble for closer ones, hell they rattled like hell them bone shakers.
  4. The football special trains reminded me of the time you could get on a coach from Moor Lane in town. Depending on cost you had the choice of Hargreaves Coaches or Ribble with the latter being bargain basement. I remember Hargreaves been comfy coaches but the ones that Ribble laid on were back breakers for sure.
  5. Didn't someone on here a while back say something about a gang hanging around then following people back to blackmail them?
  6. clear you cookie jar out and temp files 😉
  7. I still have that 45 record “when we hear the Burnden roar” happy days
  8. I don’t expect zico to post anything in this thread 🙄
  9. 1972-73 season First game of the season, home to Bournemouth 3-0 to the Super Whites. I remember the manny road north giving John Aston plenty of stick as an ex-man u player. My first experience of the hatred of them. That season we went on to win the league and it was the start of a turn around in fortune for the club. All Lancashire clubs won all the leagues that year.
  10. So what was the point of this ST meeting? Seriously what difference would it make? Who the hell would be there to actually help or make a decision on the future of the club? Just people saying yeah, no, moaning doesn’t help the plight of the club. A complete waste of everybody’s time.
  11. Does anyone read the old posts from the Trophy Room section? If nobody searches to read them I may delete them to free up space.
  12. We need to be careful of libellous content when posting about the takeover bid. Any post deemed as libellous will be removed.
  13. It’s official, we are down and out. solution, play the kids and give them game time in readiness for next season.
  14. Bassini was in court and admited he is the new buyer of the club. OMG
  15. It's a toss up which will be resolved first, this or brexit.
  16. You can get an update from TalkSPORT radio
  17. We will know more after today if the game is to go ahead this weekend.
  18. Case Number 39 tomorrow 3rd April https://www.justice.gov.uk/courts/court-lists/list-companies-winding-up 😔
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