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  1. I agree, folk need to stop having a go at KH. He may have some strange ways that's just his personality but ffs get off his back (not you Traf) and take the pressure off him and let him do his job.
  2. Today's society and mindset pisses me off. No one is ever satisfied these days, never, they always have something to moan about. KH may not be the best manager, but most said PP wan't a good manager either, some hated BSA. Yes it's all about opinions but be thankful you have a club to support.
  3. Do you have a good iPhone that you want to sell on? Must be unlocked, no scratches, no damage. PM me 👍 @Happy Wanderer
  4. photos can be uploaded to the 'gallery' section on this site.
  5. Sunday 14 June Group D England v Croatia (15:00 Wembley)
  6. Happy Wanderer


    you know the rules, face price.
  7. Great effort to Dave, well done mate. 👍
  8. If you have a decent account who uses Xero they will provide it for you. and yes you are a tight git.
  9. Well I lasted 3:42 with a smile 👍
  10. Sorry to hear the sad news Mick, condolences to you and your family. It's always a massive void when anyone passes away; even more your parents. Always look back at the good times with found memories.
  11. alreet Norpig and welcome, enjoy the banter!
  12. Refreshing Twitter all night to much delight 🤸‍♂️
  13. Time to close the take over thread, it's been long suffering. By all means open other thread such as 'odds on staying' up and 'which players should we sign' but this thread has served its purpose. Great work by all.
  14. "Sadly, Mr Anderson has used his position as a secured creditor to hamper and frustrate any deal that did not benefit him or suit his purposes. Thankfully, with the assistance of the Trust and others, we were able to overcome this obstacle.”
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