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    78 Promotion

    Also on the Embankment that day ...must have been near you as I remember a copper not opening the gate and some climbing the fence. Hell of a crush at the front and was more swept through the gate ripping my watch off my wrist in the process when it was finally opened. Managed to keep my scarf tied to the other wrist though ;-)
  2. Late 70's early 80's, whilst a juvenile Ronald and his yank oppos were trying to figure out how to grow to Wimpy size, The Great American Disaster on Lower Bridge Street in Chester was knocking out arguably the best burgers I've ever tasted all served on wooden platters.
  3. Went with my lad last night after we both saw it in 2007. Superb production enhanced by the small intimate venue I thought. Downsides £4.50 for a placky bottle of cider and LoV seats aren't designed to be sat on for long periods!!
  4. Cloudy most of last week with some spectacular thunderstorms in the Sporades and folk walking round at night with coats on it was that cold. Friend of ours sacked it off and flew home.
  5. Agree fantastic, regular visits when I worked round the corner in Piccadilly. Get there early for a seat if you want to eat in! Been meaning to call in for ages. Was another rice and three we went to somewhere near port street. Not sure it had a name just a door that led to an old 'disco'complete with thick artex and dj booth in a basement but amazing food.
  6. Been mid May for last 3 years and love the place, has so much for a small island and at that time of year everything just starting up but so relaxed. Does mean the sunbeds might not be out on a lot of the beaches but we prefer that. Stayed self catering in Aghia Paraskevi / Kolios roughly half way along the south coast as we like to get out and about without being tied but if you want hotels loads of smaller ones in town and larger ones spread along the island, Atrium, Skiathos Princess. One main road with regular buses (every 20 min in May) 2 euro from one end of the island to the the other.
  7. As a comparison I was looking at Taylor Swift tickets for the g/daughter at Etihad ... £330 ...and no that's not on the resale sites that's retail before booking fee etc!! Let's treat the g/kids with their mum and auntie, that'll be a grand thanks!! Fckin ridiculous.
  8. I had a 'debate' with a fully paid up member of the flat earth society the other week in the pub, absolutely fckin bonkers he was! My gast was that flabbered by the end I even left without paying my tab!!
  9. Went to Specsavers at Middlebrook 2 years and despite the optici ... opthalm... girl that tested my eyes looking like she'd just left kindegarten, picked something up and referred me to the eye clinic at Bolton where they identified I have assymetric optic nerves. Just had second annual hospital appointment doing loads of tests and this year they even took photos of the back of my eye to reference any changes in the future. Everything fine and if no change next year will be discharged. Like most large chains/franchises there's going to be variations in quality.
  10. G/daughter's just gone with scouts to meet at the cenotaph in Horwich then parade to rememberance gardens at Lever Park for a service. Always a good turnout and seems to be more every year. Quite a few there yesterday when the 11 o'clock maroon went up.
  11. I agree with your sentiments but see the bad lads army every week doing stuff, whilst some of it is physical I wouldn't call it hard graft and the minute it starts spitting they retire to a nice warm building for a brew 'til it stops. They are in public view though not surenthere's any embarrasment factor.
  12. As long as you manage to sneak past the line of dibble on the train station ...still one of my favourite youtube vids!! ????
  13. She's not officially passed the keys to the pitchforks yet, still time to get the NVGs out now the nights have drawn in
  14. Sorry, found two duplo boxes but apparently the blocks in them aren't duplo!
  15. No point, women weren't allowed at football then were they? Actually just remembered a scrap between two girls on the Lever End pre seats days with them ripping each others clothes off. Plod trying to get to them and the crowd of lads stopping them whilst encouraging the girls.
  16. Had to use a branch to certify some papers for this issue and they were next to useless as well. Mind I was a bit stunned when I was told at Nat West I couldn't pay a cheque into my sons account without a card or pre-printed paying in slip as I only had his sort code and a/c number, anti money laundering apparently. Ok I says, I'll pay it into my account (same initial) which sort of defeats the object as it's not my cheque! They paid it into his.
  17. Absolutely. I'll ask Mrs Dee, sure we had some somewhere.
  18. https://www.smythstoys.com/uk/en-gb/toys/lego-and-bricks/lego-duplo/c/SM06010704 - HTH
  19. Anyone a rough idea the total fines and compensation paid out by RBS in the last few years since the public very kindly bailed them out? See the FCA have said they may take further action and the bank have responded saying they're sorry and set aside £400m for compensation on top of the £115m they've already paid out. Been dealing with them last couple of weeks, what an incompetent, unprofessional, couldn't give a toss, absolute fckin shower of shite they are! No wonder they're constantly being fined for stuff, not come across one person capable of taking ownership, giving a straight
  20. That's brought a memory back, as a naive youngster early in my career at a bank one girl used to rest her tit on my shoulder every time she came to my desk to talk about something. Same girl, just the two of us working at a sub branch, also had a habit of persistently bending down so her dress fell forward with nipples poking out her bra and a hint of bush poking out. Not sure if that qualifies as sexual harassment.
  21. Food waste goes in the green bin in Bolton with grass etc ....Spider would have an apoplectic explosion if it wasn't emptied for 5 months AND charged for!!
  22. Thought all the countries ills were down to Thatcher according to Red Ken Livingstone in an article on facetube the other day ..you live and learn.
  23. I'd have expected your car's sat nav to have rerouted you!
  24. I cut the grass verges in front of our house, next door and the owd couple next door but one, takes me about 10/15 mins a fortnight and time it just before the council wallahs come with their heavy machinery damaging the edgings, churning up the borders and leaving grass cuttings everywhere. They've sussed it now and leave ours alone. We have nicely trimmed front borders and the cuttings go in the green bin to be taken away rather than tramping through the house. Yeah it's something the council is paid to do (or at least outsourced contractors if it's the case) to do if I wanted to a p
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