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  1. If you put blotting paper in your shoes you’d faint.
  2. Tranny’s goal difference taking a shoeing here
  3. I once bought a lobster in leadenhall market and wowed my girlfriend on the grass at Leeds Castle later that day. Can’t remember what we ate.
  4. If you fancy having a go at steering a ship through the canal to see how easy it is have a go at this... https://www.cnn.com/interactive/2021/03/cnnix-steership/ PS you need to be full steam ahead to get the genuine effect.
  5. Hope Alpine does well and their windscreen doesn’t crack like mine has. Alonso had bike accident and broken jaw but should be up for podium if not tomorrow but soon.
  6. Company I work for insures and advises the operators of @ 30 of the vessels currently impeded. Not only does this have impact on shipping containers and the inevitable delays and port congestion but also for Black sea ore and US east coast coal and grain etc having to wait or round the cape. Will also lead to delays at bunker ports in Durban etc. Price of ore to rise and Clarksons estimate delays up to 3 weeks for Europe. There are hopes to get her shifted at least marginally on tonight’s tide. Plus suction dredgers. usually wind alone would not cause her to encounter the bank effect a
  7. Goals like the Ipswich one just weren’t scored in those days which is why it stood out. Nobody had the confidence in their own skill or imagination to do that. Except Frank. met him in Teppanyaki in Manchester one evening in @ 92 and had a chat. I’m sure I just blurted out the same as everyone else ever did when meeting him. RIP Frank. And Thanks!
  8. His appearance on desert island discs was a real eye opener to his life
  9. He was shit at Spartans so maybe going from the Toon to Khartoum is more his level
  10. I used to do some work and travel with her fiance James for a couple of years. Nice fella and always stood his round. He was due to go on Love Island (he’s a pretty boy) just before he met her. He left our industry ( marine) and moved in with Sheridan. Cant imagine why he’d rather do that.
  11. England could practice their batting on it.
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