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  1. This. Also Bar Sijf off Oude binnenweg worth a visit for good beer and food and music. Look out for statue of Father Christmas holding a butt plug and turn right. Im doing cycle tour in that area at the moment. Currently in Leiden. There are good beers here but you have to find them. If you’re in Rotterdam on a Sunday try Fénix Food factory near Hotel New York for something a bit different. Alstublieft.
  2. Suits me. Sunlan is down the road and son lives near pompey
  3. and it means we don’t start next season on -12
  4. I couldn’t understand one morning why I woke up with my arse on fire and I asked the missus. She said “ring sting” I said “ how the fuck would he know?”
  5. Andersons ite domum
  6. I don’t think hating Aldridge could be classed as irrational.
  7. White on Tyne


    He was quite small. That's all i can remember about him.
  8. Has Darren finally banked all those 2p pieces and lodged a bid?
  9. I think whichever way this pans out today tissues will certainly be involved.
  10. Shock on the cards. If Scotland hold on.
  11. I saw north ferriby play at Blyth a couple of years ago when they were on their steep decline through the leagues. They brought about a dozen fans. They were dreadful but actually won. Nb my spellcheck ironically keeps trying to correct ferriby into terribly.
  12. Most of them seem to stop at Lancaster services too.
  13. Looks like another challenge has been laid down to the Wigginers https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-47524760
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