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  1. I saw north ferriby play at Blyth a couple of years ago when they were on their steep decline through the leagues. They brought about a dozen fans. They were dreadful but actually won. Nb my spellcheck ironically keeps trying to correct ferriby into terribly.
  2. Most of them seem to stop at Lancaster services too.
  3. Looks like another challenge has been laid down to the Wigginers https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-47524760
  4. Wonder if this guy was wearing one? https://www.iafrica.com/watch-i-was-spat-out-by-a-whale/
  5. Rather ironic that Neymar calls the penalty decision a "disgrace" given his antics at the World Cup.
  6. They say our boss won't pay the rent........
  7. Aye but at least she had the foresight to bring her kettle with her.
  8. Ken should set up Bolton Wanderers Freight (UK) Limited and see if he can blag a few quid out of Grayling.
  9. She sounds like a big girl Mickey.
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