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  1. Mine got done a couple of years ago. Same MO as yours. My bikes were even locked with cable running through the frames which they cut with my axe against the wall. Got the break in on neighbour’s cctv but only fairly blurred number plate. We could decipher it but old bill said not enough although off record they said they knew who it was! Our insurance got a company called Wheelies to replace bikes and send them bill.
  2. Crème Eggs are getting smaller too. I used to be able to fit two in my mouth at once. Now I can get three in there. Best is BOOST that's been in the fridge.
  3. I have to say I am quite partial to their teacakes though.
  4. To give some more context the container terminal at Beirut port reopened within a week of the nitrate explosion that decimated most of the port
  5. Had to cancel a couple of short breaks in Holland and Germany due to likely quarantine on return and will be on call. Was driving to both via Amsterdam ferry. Booked a few days in Barmouth instead in Sept so pleased to see good Reports. There,s also sposed to be good cycles tracks. Going via Prestatyn as mother in law lives there. Mind you I’m lucky for beaches as we live less than an hour to best Northumberland beaches and had a few day trips up there..highly recommended.
  6. After the Hartlepool home defeat i was feeling pretty down and the week later was on holiday in lakes with my girlfriend of the time . It pissed down the whole week and felt very miserable with that and the football. Slight relief was finding a nice lakes pub near where we were staying which was very busy and ended up sharing a table with a couple of lads who were on walking holiday. Got on really well and eventually the chat turned to football so I started to cheer up. Turned out they were fucking Hartlepool fans.
  7. Tales of the unexpected or Armchair thriller used to kak me up as kid
  8. I am ashamed to say i once heckled John Hume not knowing it was him. On a bike tour was in a bar in Moville in County Donegal and everyone was enjoying a sing along with a woman on the guitar. It went quiet as this calm distinguished gentleman started a folk song which I felt dropped the mood. So, pissed up I enquired loudly if he knew any Lady Gaga instead. When he’d finished his song, unwavered, the guitar woman grabbed me and made me sing a song in front of the pub. Like a naughty boy. When I discovered who it was i felt ashamed and also lucky not to get filled in. But at least I know some
  9. I used to work with an Aussie in Liverpool and one of the girls in the office and her mate had spent the previous day at some fete where they'd done a balloon race where you write your name on a ticket and whoever's balloon goes furthest gets a fumble off Stan Boardman or some such thing. Anyway the day after the fete my mate phones up this scouse bird in his strongest Aussie accent concocting some story about sitting out on his veranda sipping a Tooheys and lo and behold this shrivelled balloon lands at his feet with her phone number on it. She takes the bait ( as I said she was scouse)
  10. I once paid a quid to enter a competition to win a Mini in Burnham on Crouch. All I had to do was throw 6x6’s on a set of dice. And you’ll never guess what! I didn’t win
  11. How’s it for sizing as it’s a long way to send back if (when) it’s inevitably too tight?
  12. I just hope this Doyle is better than the last one we had.
  13. Smaller than her voice
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