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  1. Eddie


    So you’d rather we go bump?
  2. Eddie


    What a load of over exaggerated shit. We’re still alive and we’re competitive. We’ve got 1 point from 3 which is more than some league teams. Yes the kids look knackered but if you’re telling me they’d rather go back to playing in front of their family and a few dogs on Saturday rather than 2,000 fans who will back then whether they win lose or draw them you’re mad. We’re in the shit; we all know we are. We’re holding things together by a thread, but we still had 2,200 fans in an away end backing the club for the afternoon. That’s all that matters. I want the takeover to happen, I want us to be competitive, but for as long as it doesn’t happen I will pay to watch these young lads play for Bolton. I don’t care if we lose, I will cheer a corner and free kicks like a goal and a point feels like we’ve won the league: If we’re in league 2 next season but have FV as owners then so be it: We’ll take thousands to Salford and show them what a proper club is all about. Just be patient and give the kids as much support as you can for now.
  3. Eddie


    I’d watch these lot all season. Some away game that, and we lost 5-0
  4. Fuck them all. Who are they striking against?
  5. We won’t be taking a team, never mind fans
  6. I wouldn’t mind Wheater staying, but I’d be delighted if we had a match fit Hobbs playing 90% of matches this season.
  7. Eddie

    Take Over

    THEY’RE NOT WALKING INTO A FUCKING SHOP AND BUYING A PACKET OF CRISPS!! ”Buy the fucking club or not” - do you honestly think they have spent all this time, racked up all the associated costs (they’ll have advisor costs coming out of their ears) and stuck a £1m unrefundable amount down but are now just sat there in their armchairs, twiddling their thumbs wondering whether to actually buy us or not? ”No time for pissing about” - I presume you have no idea how long these things take, usually months and months, not a matter of weeks which is where we currently are. Obviously everybody wants it done as soon as possible (myself included), but they will be the ones that want it the most. The sooner they can get in, the sooner they can work on ensuring this season isn’t a write off and therefore protect their investment. It’s pretty clear that they are making whatever football decisions they can in the background, without actually owning the thing. “Surely FV buying the club would put off many who want the hotel” - we don’t even know that they want the hotel. They might have no interest at all for all we know, but there are likely to be a lot of legal issues with how the hotel trades with the football club going forward, and most likely how this intercompany loan that was important enough to be highlighted in the admin’s statement is treated. As for the PFA loan. 1) It’s Nixon so could be complete bullshit. 2) It in no way shows that FV don’t have money, what it more likely means is that they don’t want to put more money into something that they don’t yet own (would you?) and they know that an option is that the PFA can pay our 6 players to tie them over, with the loan to be repaid once they have signed on the dotted line. Sensible if you ask me.
  8. The amazement when it looked like we were signing Andy Johnson for £8m - we really had hit the big time (only to be outdone by Everton)
  9. The referee trifecta. Natasha hating big Sam Maximus ITK (and one poster actually being so ITK one year that I swore he was whoever the manager was at the time)
  10. Eddie

    Take Over

    Further indication that the deal is progressing IMO. There’s no way that he’s just decided to come back training if he hasn’t had a word that he’ll soon be offered a new deal. Somebody is making football decisions and I’m not sure I’d bother if I wasn’t 99% sure that I’m about to complete the deal.
  11. Eddie

    Take Over

    Buying a football club out of administration takes a while. Heads of terms have been agreed. You don’t put in a £1m un-refundable amount if there are still material concerns that you won’t complete. Chill, it will happen, stop listening to Nixon. Obviously the sooner the better as we’re getting closer to the season but it looks like there is plenty being done in the background even though the sale isn’t completed.
  12. Eddie

    Take Over

    If we’re making numbers up then: Parky’s on what, £5k per week so it will cost us £250k (of our frankly unknown budget) to get rid. Average season ticket cost, probably about £250 (might be a bit lower with kids but fuck it we’re making numbers up). Based on the small sample size of WW it seems like you might get an extra 15-20% of people buying season tickets if we have a new fresh face in and not Parky. If we say we will get 6,000 hardy souls buying a season ticket regardless, but the announcement of a new manager adds another 1,000 on, then that alone pays to pot Parky. We’re roughly net nil. Obviously all this is made up, just like 95% of the rest of this thread, but this is genuinely the type of market research that I expect successful business people will be doing to fully understand the picture and make an informed decision. Edit - Tonge Moor beat me to it. Different numbers but same principle, there are variables to consider and I would assume they (FV) are.
  13. Eddie

    Take Over

    Get Nolan in. I don’t give a fuck about what his record is compared to Parky’s. I just want to get excited about going to a football match again and that will do it. New owners, new players, Nolan in charge, we’ll have more fans at Tranmere than Tranmere.
  14. Eddie

    Take Over

    I’ll give it a go yeah, it won’t be for a while though, even when the latest set are filed they will be over 12 months out of date so won’t tell the full picture. Gut feel, honestly, not a fucking clue, and anyone that claims they have an idea either has inside info (to the point of access to monthly management accounts), thinks they can read more into some accounts to Jun-17 and a few bits of information on companies house or listened to ‘Howard’ far too closely. I could make up any one of 10 outcomes as to how KA has ended up out of all this and support it with some tiny bits of information and plenty of hearsay. This whole guesswork, piecing bits together and then going round and round again is absolutely pointless, even if someone has got close to the real answer; 1) nobody will confirm for us to know for sure; and 2) it won’t change anything! The next 2 sets of accounts will give some clarity, some of the notes will have to give some detail and I’d hope the fact that they will be overseen by new owners will mean that they will not hold back on some of the related party dealings. Even then though, I’d suspect very very few people will know for sure how KA did out of this whole saga.
  15. Eddie

    Take Over

    Don’t fucking read it then.
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