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  1. Hickman has already shown that he can deliver a ball well (Crewe in the cup I think) and regardless of being off the money a few times, at least he was still getting in those positions and pushing Grimsby back. Mascoll was hit and miss but again, he was getting in positions and pushing them back. Subbing Hickman for Baptiste made no sense at all. It disrupted the back 3 (because Baptiste is a liability) and put Brockbank out of position - he did alright to be fair but if you think you’re not getting the delivery from Hickman then there’s not much chance that Brockbank will improve it
  2. Delaney MOM, didn’t put a foot wrong defensively and some really good touches on the ball. Santos looks a different player in the middle and was nearly as good as Delaney. Tutte the other real positive, really comfortable on the ball and some nice passes - very surprised he got took off... Comley is a bit nothingy. Hickman, Brockbank, Mascoll, Doyle all had solid enough games - again, surprised Hickman and Mascoll came off... Baptiste is fucking woeful and Gordon couldn’t cross a road (despite getting in good positions). I can’t get my head around the 2 players that I thoug
  3. I’m sure there’s a player in there somewhere and I hope he comes good - but I’m fucked if I can see what Sarcevic does
  4. Can’t say I’m keen on those changes. 2 of our better players off
  5. He was trying to control it
  6. Exactly the same here, and then within seconds we’re in their box!
  7. Baptiste needs to sort his first touch out, he’ll get caught out if he’s not careful with how much we play it around the back.
  8. Lost commentary and they put a fucking song on!! Leave it, I’d rather listen to Evatt bollocking them
  9. Crawford has been surprisingly poor this season so far for me - and he’s started this game the same way. I thought he’d stand out by a mile but he just seems to be a bit sloppy with his touch and final ball. Hopefully he’ll get better (in this game and the rest of the season) because from what we’ve seen previously, I’m convinced he’s miles better than what we’re currently seeing.
  10. 3-0 Defender from a corner and Doyle in the first half. Crawford to wrap it up with another in the second. E I E I E I O
  11. Crellin needs some serious work on crosses, he’s awful!
  12. Get in!! Exactly what we’ve been asking for, now let’s see if we can dominate a game
  13. 2 x 6 ft 5 centre backs and we lose every header
  14. Likely to be 5 at the back but I do wonder whether it’s 4 at the back with brockbank in front on the back 4 with Tutte and Crawford, Sarcevic and Delfounso behind Doyle
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