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  1. Eddie

    Taken over?

    Shania Twain Beckham G Nev Although I think the last 2 are ridiculous to be honest
  2. He’s scared of the football. If we want to watch a better style of football then he can’t be in the team. Cheers for Southend away but off you pop.
  3. Eddie

    Taken over?

    I don’t know about others, but this season has been so shit, I’ve watched so little football, I’ve not been to an away game since November, home games have been a chore, I don’t like any of the players, I’ve hardly watched any other football and even talking about Bolton has been miserable. But due to all that, I’m dying for next season and to have something to cling on to. I don’t give a shit if we’re on -12 points. Just a bit of a refresh, a new owner, a new manager would be my preference, and inevitably new players because these tossers are all off, would give a bit of optimism. Stick a few wins on top of that and I’ll not want to miss a game. This season has made me realise that not going watching football and missing everything that goes with it is shit. Roll on next season!
  4. Eddie

    Taken over?

    We don’t want Lincoln whilst they’re still on a full-upper from the last few seasons. Let them lose a few and us find our feet before we take our thousands over there. Somewhere reasonably close and pretty shit so that we can take a load of fans to get behind the new lads / kids but can also start clawing back to 0 points. Blackpool (I know our record there is shite) or Shrewsbury away for me.
  5. Eddie

    Taken over?

    Home games at Bolton arena on a Tuesday night
  6. Andy Taylor is lucky he had one more season at this level, he should be looking to play one last game in the Championship because he won’t see it again.
  7. Eddie

    Taken over?

    Then we’ll steam into league 1 with Nobby Nolan in charge, thousands following us to Lincoln and beyond, back to 0 points before the end of August and I’ll be able to actually enjoy the thought of football again.
  8. Eddie

    Taken over?

    I would assume that is 2x £250k instalments and £100k of wages. If not then it’s just a complete bollocks number, there’s no way he’s on £20-25k a week!! Another interesting point is that this additional debt seems to be to Davies, and if so it sounds very much like the debt that he left in the club when he wrote most of it off. Maybe what is coming to light is that whilst he was alive, it wasn’t considered to be a big deal because he was likely to write that off too (it was seemingly left in to stop asset stripping) but now his estate are having none of it and actually want it all paying. Seems to stack up more than this whole, Ken has managed to dupe a factoring company, stuck £14m in his personal bank account and won’t see any ramifications from doing so.
  9. Eddie

    Taken over?

    Hilarious that Ken is now writing in 3rd person
  10. The only way I’ll be at this game, whenever it is, is if we have to stick the youth team out. If it’s the usual set of shite then there’s no chance. I’d rather watch the youth team get beat by 7 or 8 than watch the current 1st team fail to give a shit. I’ve seen enough of that this season already.
  11. Eddie

    Taken over?

    He kept saying “you can ring Sir Dave Richards and he will confirm”. He was one step short of saying “I swear on your life it’s true”
  12. Fully understand that we haven’t got great players, I don’t think anybody doubts that. There is an argument to say that the players are better than they are currently showing based on previous clubs etc., or that we have players in the squad that aren’t being used when they could improve us. But the biggest failing for me, and I’ve said this before, is the lack of basics that don’t require loads of money to get right. We should be running more than any other team, we should be the fittest team in the league, we should press and close down and make it difficult for anyone to play against us, we should have a solid shape and press in numbers, we should be fucking brilliant at set pieces, every set piece should be a chance, we should be able to take a throw in with a very simple way of playing our way out and keeping the ball, we should be using every shithouse trick in the book (not seen since Henry left last season). All of these can be done without the most skilful players but would make up some way for the lack of ability, and there’s loads more. It should be obvious when you watch the team week on week that they are working on things, obviously it would be good to see the passing and moving improving and the more technical side but that’s where ability becomes a limitation, at the very least you should be able to see evidence of the above in matches but there’s absolutely fuck all. He’s given up, they’ve given up and they can all fuck off if they’re going to keep hold of their shit mentality over the summer.
  13. Yet again we don’t score. We’ve scored 29 goals all season (4 of which were in the 1st 2 games), that means we need over a game and a half to score 1 goal. There are only Huddersfield with 20, Cardiff with 30 (both 9 less games) and Ipswich with 33 that are anywhere near as low out of 92 league teams. You’re not telling me that we’re the only team out of the whole 4 leagues that have what we consider to be poor players, or have had off the field issues, or play teams that have spent more money than us? His approach to football is not only negative and one-dimensional but most of all every game is played with a defeated attitude. His excuses are already lined up for him, and his players, before they step on to the pitch, we know he is up against it but if he had anything about him then he would find a way around it, it’s not impossible. Instead you can write the script for the next game because it’s exactly the same as all the previous ones, nothing changes, there’s nothing new. Maybe he has just been worn down and hasn’t got the energy anymore but whatever the reason it’s got to be the end of the road for him. I know he has had success in the league below but the whole club needs a clean slate, an injection of energy and most of all to be rid of this defeatist attitude. Ta for the promotion, keeping us up (just) and being civil whilst it all went to shit off the field this year but the club has to try something different.
  14. Eddie

    Taken over?

    It used to be one month (as of 2 years ago), and it was standard across all contracts. I think the theory was that it gave a player 1 month to sort a contract with a new club as they shouldn’t have been doing this whilst under contract with their current club (although I presume most in reality will already be doing it). When did it change to three months?
  15. Eddie

    Taken over?

    Imagine being bankrupt, then making a load of money in some property deals, then thinking... fuck it, I’ll blow a load of it by buying Bolton. Clearly there are other more sensible reasonings/explanations but at face value the guy seems mental.
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