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  1. Eddie

    BWFC v MK Dons

    Still don’t get why Verlinden got a yellow card for getting pushed in the face?
  2. We had enough talent to beat Fleetwood last week, and they’re 5th in league 1. I agree to some extent though, the later we can rearrange those fixtures for, more with the injuries that we have at the moment, the better.
  3. We had burton postponed over the international break as well
  4. I was thinking this against Blackpool. More so Zouma, how much is it worth to us for him to get a full season under his belt? He must be worth something at the end of this season if he’s played 20-30 games, appears to be playing well, young centre back etc.
  5. Eddie


    Should have been ahead in the first half, by far the better team. They had the second half, we either tired or they changed something cause it was completely different. No disgrace, we could have had a point but it’s one of the tougher places to go. Give Murphy a few more games and get Wright back and we’ll be reet. Ive said it before and I’ll say it again Bridcutt is too good for this league.
  6. Eddie


    Liam Birdcutt is too good for this league
  7. Eddie


    Any pub suggestions pre match?
  8. Eddie


    What was the quote for, a formula one car? I checked Uber and it was saying £35-40, so a tenner each, or the trains as others have mentioned.
  9. Eddie


    Think Buckley will end up behind the striker, with Verlinden, Politic and Crawford switching for the winger roles.
  10. Eddie


    Great half that. Look great going forward, Bridcutt looks a cut above, Lowe is everywhere as usual and Buckley is doing a solid job as lone striker. The defence looks shaky but that’s no surprise considering it’s effectively 5 strangers. Oxford seem to be targeting Emmanuel who I thought looked like the player most lacking match sharpness early on but he’s got better as the game’s gone on. No reason we can’t go on to win this, we’ve been by far the better team and should be a couple up - I just hope we don’t tire too much, there’s not much to come off the bench. 11 shots on goal - been a while since that was the case in a full match, never mind 1 half.
  11. Eddie


    How are we not winning this game!!? Got to take some of these chances
  12. It’s nothing to do with the debt that he left in. We didn’t pay interest on the debt, we weren’t repaying the debt, it was completely meaningless other than a safeguard against a rogue owner. The problem was the level of losses that we were incurring each and every month, mainly because we had players on 2/3/4 year contracts and earning way more than the club could afford once we were out of the Prem. The only way he could have safeguarded would have been to instruct Gartside and the others running the club day to day to move towards balancing the books and becoming self sufficient, which would have taken 3-4 years due to the length of player contracts. That alone isn’t easy, and lets be honest would have had supporters up in arms as it would have been seen as us going backwards, throw in a relegation, which he could do nothing about, and you have the perfect storm. We either battened down the hatches straight away, sold off everyone we could, let all out of contract players leave and start signing players on similar wages to what we are doing now, or we gamble, spend the cash for 1 or 2 years in the hope that you go back up to the money machine. It’s well known that Ed gambled, which I’d say was a decision made by the fan in him rather than the business man. The gamble didn’t pay off and we were left with players on contracts too big for the club to sustain alone for another 2-3 years. That’s when shit hit the fan. Personally I think the only way that we could have “safeguarded” against what happened was to always live to a crisis plan, even when in the prem. That means that you always budget for the worst case scenario, I.e relegation that year and the following 2 years in the championship with the parachute payments. From there you know the minimum amount of cash that will be coming in over the next 3 years and can offer contracts that fit your budget, most of which would need relegation release clauses, and or would have been 1-2 year deals (which aren’t too common for the better prem players). The problem with that is that we were top 8 for 4 years running. Once you hit that level, how do you attract the right manager (or keep him in our case), the right players and keep the fans happy when you are running the club as if you will be relegated that season. It’s a balancing act that got harder and harder every year our success grew. The main reason for the demise was on the footballing side, bad managers bought the wrong players on high value contracts with little chance of making good money by selling them on. None of which Ed had much say on.
  13. Eddie


    In +5, flying to Southampton early Saturday, back Sunday. Feels like a European trip heading to the airport to watch the whites!
  14. 5 posts in and the thread is turned into a way to have a go at the Trust and who can write the longest post and pat themselves on the back. It’s predictable and boring! Top man was Eddie Davies, without him we wouldn’t have seen the amazing highs that have made the last 5-7 years seem so shit. There won’t be another like him.
  15. Wonder when the rumours will start flying. Should be the most interesting 48 hours of football related news we’ve had in a while. How many do we think we’ll get in? Got to be looking at 15, plus the 5 we’ve already got and then 4 or 5 of the kids to fill the rest of the places. I’m expecting at least 1 crowd pleaser. Wouldn’t surprise me to see Clough back, Madine seems a bit too far fetched but would be great if we could pull it off.
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