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  1. Sounds like an owner trying to pass the blame to me. Of course a manager is going to spend money if you give it him, Nolan was hardly going to say “no, keep your money I’ll get promotion without it”. To be fair though I’m an outsider looking in, I’ve no idea how he actually got on there other than the stats, I know there’s a few Nottingham based lads on here who might know a bit more. I’m not at all saying he’s definitely the right person for the job but I think someone in that mould would be ideal for our “fresh start”, the fact he has the love from the crowd already would just be an added bonus.
  2. Thing is with Nolan is that he has been successful in his short managerial career so far. He had a 42% win rate at Leyton Orient when he got chucked in for 15 games at short notice, took over Notts County half way through the season when they were 23rd and took them to mid table in that season, and then had them challenging for promotion all the following season and lost in the play offs. Granted he had a shit start to the next season but he was sacked after about 7 matches which was stupid and Notts County have never recovered. I’m not one for appointing someone just because they are a fans favourite, Coyle showed how that can end up, but surely our next appointment should be a youngish manager with fresh, new ideas. Nolan fits that bill and has had relative success in his career so far, the fact that he would get the crowd behind him from the off and bring back a feel good factor that is massively needed would be an added bonus. I wouldn’t want him just given the job straight away, he’d have to be considered with other potential candidates in the same mould, but give me Nolan over a Lambert, Moyes, Parky type any day.
  3. And there are more than a couple of occasions where he has highlighted the ‘other’ buyer, dealing directly with Moonshift. I’m reading that as “Basran might be the name in the press but there’s a more genuine bid that’s going under the radar (Stelios?) and waiting in the wings.” Apologies if I’ve completely misread your comments Howard.
  4. It’ll be reet. People have too much money to lose for us to go bump. Someone will snap us up when there’s no more time to negotiate. We’ll head in to league one with a new owner and Nobby Nolan leading us to glory!
  5. It’s unnecessary. We know you’ve not been paid but you’re still better off than 99% of people that read that message. What he’s basically doing is taking the piss out of the club, everyone knows we’re fucked, the fans are well aware, stop acting the dick and taking the piss. The fact he’s utter shite just adds to it, some would say he’s lucky to be playing professional football still, never mind drawing a wage. A different approach would be to take the Wheater approach, a proper leader, keep quiet, rally the troops, head in and talk to the staff to try and keep morale up (fair play to Lowe and Matthews too). The takeover will happen, the club will move on and I would love to see Wheater, Lowe and Matthews with us next season. Players who are clearly giving everything and have the right attitude. Donaldson can fuck off, shite on the pitch and comes across as a bellend off it.
  6. Interesting one that Birch. Turnover was £15m in the last set of accounts, staff costs were £14m (including players and other staff) and it looks like EBITDA was about -£10m which means other overheads were about £11m or so, although this is difficult to really understand because there isn’t the detail in the accounts. There are all sorts of notes in the accounts that talk about reducing costs, onerous contracts etc. But if you say that turnover stays roughly similar at £15m, then make assumptions for non-player staff costs of probably about £2m and other overheads of say £6m or so now that Ken has taken an axe to anything he can then I reckon you’ve got around £5-8m to spend on players wages each year. There were 51 ‘football players’ in the last accounts which I presume includes youth team and coaches etc. so if you take £1m or so away for all the non-1st team squad then I’d say about £5m in wages for the 1st team squad might just about see us breakeven (before taking player sales and paying interest etc. Into the equation). Squad of 20 1st team pro’s that’s an average of about £4k per week with a couple of goal bonuses chucked in on top as well as employers NI and pension contributions. In summary - not very much. If we were managing to stick to something like that then all of a sudden, a sale the size of Madine pays your whole first team squad wages for a season!!
  7. I did it. You’re right, it was about £150m of genuine cash and about £25m of accrued interest, I also reconciled pretty close how we got to those figures with transfers, losses etc. but it doesn’t fit people’s agendas and I’m not going over old ground again. The fact that people who know their way round accounts, myself included, all seem to come to the same conclusion will do for me. It’s just a shame that people who have no fucking idea throw shit like “net worth” which they found on a random internet site, “tax dodge” and “all interest” around which tarnished what he actually did for us.
  8. Why would he be in it for anything else? If you were reasonably wealthy, saw an opportunity to improve the situation at Northampton Town which in turn makes you a nice profit, would you be in it for anyone other than Mounts?
  9. I’m not sure he can look for any assurances from them. If they weren’t a thing then it’s still his business that needs to find the cash from somewhere, whether that’s an injection from him or there is money to be received in the near future I’m not sure but one way or the other it has to be sorted regardless of whether there is a transaction taking place, otherwise he loses his business.
  10. The ‘new debt’ will get deducted from the asking price so doesn’t make a difference to the buyer. Lets say they’ve agreed £27m and there’s £22m net debt in the business to keep it simple. That means that £5m is actually paid by the buyers as cash to Ken (there’s a working cap adjustment as well but it’s unlikely to move the dial). So say Ken finds £1m to put into the business to pay this months wages, the clubs debt is now £23m as it now also owes Ken £1m. In very simple terms Ken would now get £4m from the sale, but as he is a creditor (for the £1m loan) he would also be paid out from the sale proceeds. The bidder pays the same and Ken receives the same, it’s just structured slightly differently. The only catch could be the unpaid tax on the wages but then that is likely to be considered as normal working capital unless there is more than one months PAYE/NI left to pay (at which point there would be another adjustment to the price). None of this will surprise any of the parties included in the process, although there is an obvious sticking point as to where the cash for the wages comes from.
  11. Where’s that boom-bust chart? There’s no way this team is winning the league, I reckon City will win it with games to spare.
  12. Would you debt fund this investment? I’d be surprised if they’ve managed to find a lender stupid enough to touch it. Maybe down the line if these lot can get us on the straight and narrow then they’ll look to get debt funding but I’d think it will be equity up front.
  13. Seeing as we don’t know much about the new owner, the comfort for me is that anybody looking to make money out of Bolton Wanderers knows that the only way to do that is to get to the Premier League. You don’t make any money out of us any other way. Any new owner knows that and must have a theory on how that is possible, otherwise you’re just throwing money into a loss making business.
  14. Eddie

    Leeds away

    Interesting one Olkowski. I didn’t watch yesterday, was it 352 or 442? He’s clearly shown he is a very good right back at this level, he was brilliant for the first 7-10 games as a right back, with Ameobi generally in front of him. But, with Parky pissing about with every formation possible he seems to have gone backwards and he clearly can’t play / hates playing as a wing back. I’d like to think that with a new manager, a bit of stability and playing as part of a settled back 4 he could get back to being the quality right back that we saw he can be.
  15. Eddie

    Leeds away

    Parky red-carded, we might improve now
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