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  1. Eddie

    WBA home

    Yeah but Gonzo, why can’t we just balance the books, make some profit, pay absolutely everybody on time, sack the manager, buy better players, play better football and get new investment next week? Can’t be that hard can it? As for this comment of “he should spend more time looking for investors and less time banning people” - how fucking long do people really think it takes to stick a statement out? Half an hour? Every what, 3 days on average? If anybody genuinely thinks that his statements are reducing his efforts of getting investment then they need to have a word with themselves. Likewise this idea that bad limelight is being put on the club will detract from buyers appetite. I actually think that it’s almost the opposite, the bar is so low in terms of what our fans (and apparently the wider football world) think of Ken that a new owner will be massively in favour from day one, just because he/she/they are not Ken, stick a few early PR stunts out there and they’ll be loved! It won’t take long for people to forget that we screwed over a carrot shagging prick from a tiny club in the Cotswolds under previous ownership.
  2. Eddie

    Sweaty Ken

    If there is one silver lining to come out of the current situation, it is that quite a lot of people are starting to realise just how much Eddie Davies actually did for this club, and how much he actually bankrolled us to eventually see the heights we saw. It wasn’t a tax fix, he didn’t “take loads out of the club”, there was nothing to see in the interest charged on the early debt and it wasn’t just clever accounting. We lost money just like we do now, just to a greater extent, but that man chucked money in every year to cover the shortfall and therefore let us carry on with top 8 premier league football and European adventures. The shit he got accused of, just because people didn’t take the time to understand what was actually happening, rather than just listening to the first thing they heard, was criminal. He should have a statue outside of the ground, instead his name got dragged through the mud and he ended his tenure on “bad terms”. If there is one lesson to be learnt it is that joe public shouldn’t be so quick to shout about the first theory that they hear, it’s often the wrong one.
  3. Eddie

    Brizzle AWAY

    Got to agree with this. Our defenders are good enough, Wheater is a good championship centre back, from what I’ve seen Hobbs is a good championship centre back, Beevers in form is good enough, just, Pav has shown he is more than good enough but is just completely out of form, Alnwick similarly. The only area I would say we aren’t up to championship standard is at left back, but then Grounds is rated by Birmingham fans (to a reasonable level) and Taylor played well early in the season. However, they aren’t good enough to withstand wave after wave of attacks. At some point somebody loses a runner, or a last minute block becomes a deflection for a goal, or someone scores a screamer. It’s like when teams play away at City, they set up to defend for 90 minutes and 9 times out of 10 they can’t withstand it because it’s relentless. We set up like that for all away matches, no matter who the opponent, and probably a third to a half of home matches too. We might scrape a result here and there, just like sometimes a team will get one at City, but it’s a ridiculous mentality to have and we’re not getting anywhere playing that way.
  4. Eddie

    Brizzle AWAY

    We completed 129 passes (3 were kick offs) in 96 minutes of football. We basically passed the ball to one of our players ONCE every fucking minute. I’m sat watching Newcastle away at Chelsea, who are meant to be miles better than them, and wondering how it is even possible to pass the ball that few times (because Newcastle are still managing to string 5 or 6 together). We were playing fucking Bristol City! On it’s own as a stat it doesn’t mean much but you’ve not got much chance of winning a football match when you only pass to one of your own players once every minute. It’s embarrassing.
  5. Eddie

    Brizzle AWAY

    We’ve completed 17 passes in the first 17 minutes! I know it doesn’t mean too much but it made me laugh, Bristol have completed 90 (and had 78%). Why do we always start like we’re playing Barca?
  6. Eddie

    Baronesses coments

    Do you not think that is more due to the fact that every little bit of information, whether true or false is known about the club due to the 24/7 news nature and social media enabling any muppet to broadcast his/her thoughts to the world? If social media was around back in the days of 5,000 attendances in the 4th division, or selling half of an end to put a supermarket on it to keep afloat (I wasn’t around in those days so might be wrong) then I reckon those days would seem far worse than the past 4 months of shite.
  7. Eddie

    Sweaty Ken

    So Ken was “clever” in letting it be known to a smaller clubs star striker that we fancy buying him on the last day of the transfer window. FGR owner is pissed off because he has to let his star man leave or he’s going to have a very unhappy striker on his books. We have the upper hand in negotiations and therefore state that we’ll pay £1m, but it’s in £250k instalments, every 6 months but the 1st one won’t be until January. FGR owner is royally pissed off but agrees, again because we are playing the role of bigger club (we’ve been on the wrong end of it plenty of times). Straight away FGR owner is pissed off that he’s been done over. According to both of them we were due to pay the 1st instalment on 3rd Jan when Doidge became permanent. According to Ken (and this bit may or may not be true) he spoke to Vince in August and explained we won’t be able to pay the 1st instalment until mid Jan when we get the EFL payment, he says this was verbally agreed, I suspect that is bending the truth as Vince already thinks the guy is a cock and I doubt he’d be too happy to help him out. FGR hear of our payment issues over Nov-Dec because of the PFA loans and worry about their money, they give us a ring on the 2nd and ask if we’re still good to pay the next day. I’m presuming they got the answer “no, piss off, we told you back in August that we’re skint and you’ll get your cash when the EFL pay us in a few weeks”. At this point Vince has decided it’s bollocks, we’ve defaulted on the contract and he wants his star man back. There’s the added point that we haven’t reimbursed FGR for Doidge’s wages. We don’t know whether we agreed to pay these monthly or whether that was meant to be a payment at the same time as the 1st instalment. Vince was clever in stating that they have been paying his wages since he’s been here (but that might have been the original deal anyway). It’s unlikely and I suspect Ken has just decided that it’s not a payment that’s at the top of the list as Doidge is still getting paid and we’ll pay FGR eventually but we don’t actually know the terms for this. I’m still not sure how I feel about this if it has actually happened like I think. I don’t think Ken should be entering deals that cost us £500k a year plus his wages when we’re clearly so strapped for cash, but then again if he had scored 10 already this season and we were close to a new owner at which point the cash problems wmould be sorted then all is well. I think Vince has laid it on thick because he clearly doesn’t like KA but I also wouldn’t defend KA on it either.
  8. Eddie

    FA cup next round

    Play them twice away in 3 Saturdays. We’ll go out and no big payday. Shit draw
  9. Eddie

    Sweaty Ken

    So they are, I’ll take back some of my disgust. Still think anyone that is driving down there to watch them just because of this Doidge malarkey is an oddball.
  10. Eddie

    Sweaty Ken

    I’ve had to stop going on there, it’s doing my head in. There are loads of the cunts talking about going down to “watch a club run properly”. I don’t think half of them actually will, it’s all part of the ‘look at me’ nature of twitter where cunts get their bit of limelight but to even suggest that you would travel down to the Cotswolds to watch another club just because our twatty owner has decided we can’t pay up on a deal, when our own team is playing only 25 miles further on, is next level of bellend.
  11. Eddie

    Sweaty Ken

    People talking about going watching their game against Bury, their chairman offering free pints and t-shirts supporting the ST. Fuck right off! Another example of people going over the top and being offended by everything. I feel sorry for Doidge and I’m pissed off the that club has been made to look bad again but other than that I couldn’t give a shit, never mind considering travelling to the fucking Cotswolds to get a vegan pie off a fella that is old enough to know better than to not have that shit haircut.
  12. Eddie

    Transfer Gossip

    You can add me to that list. It’s one thing delaying payments and such to keep us afloat, but to enter into an agreement to buy a player pretty much knowing that you won’t be able to fund it is a shithouse move. Feel for Doidge because he’d got his break into the higher leagues and for me was looking like he was just starting to get used to it and the goals were on their way.
  13. Eddie

    Walsall and Wembley bound

    I get the theory that if it is going to happen now, then it may as well have happened 3 years ago and we’d have started the rebuilding process, but I don’t think there is any chance that it will happen now. There is still value in the club as we are now and that will IMO mean that we will get a new owner. We still own the ground, we own the training ground and most importantly we are still only 1 promotion away from the promised land (although I appreciate we currently seem miles away). Ken knows that the only way he makes some money is if he sells the club. I believe that he’s been holding out for a certain amount which he feels the club is worth, for one reason or another interested parties haven’t decided it’s worth that much. He is well within his rights to hold out for his asking price, if you have a house that you think is worth a certain amount and you are still currently managing to pay the mortgage, albeit the roof is leaking, the oven is broken and you’ve had to sell the tv, then in theory you can try to hold out until you get offered your asking price. If however you then start to struggle to pay the mortgage then you will start listening to lower offers to get some value out of the house rather than lose it all together. I think that’s where Ken is getting to, his levers that he has available to pull are getting fewer and fewer, all of a sudden £20m (which let’s say gives him £2m profit after paying the debts off) might be an offer that is tempting, rather than £25m (which would therefore give him £7m profit) which he thought he could hold out for 6-12 months ago. Once the asking price drops there will be more potential investors. People might say “If the new guy can’t pay an extra £5m then we may as well not bother” but people with this amount of money haven’t got it because they go paying 25% extra for an asset, it might be more out of principle rather than monetary. Hopefully this allows Ken to sell up and sail off into the sunset.
  14. Eddie

    Walsall and Wembley bound

    We might just about be playing Bamber Bridge by now and fuck knows where we’d be playing our home games. I get it that it seems shit at the moment but in the last 2 seasons we have had a promotion and a last day survival with a pitch invasion. Some were saying it’s the best day seen at the Reebok/Macron/Uni of. It was only 4 months ago that we had started the season brilliantly and there was plenty of optimism around the place. Of course it’s very very shit at the moment and it does seem like Ken’s starting to lose his battle and we need a new owner now more than ever, but to make suggestions like “we should have started again” is such an over exaggeration.
  15. Eddie

    Hull away

    See you Phil. A win against Rotherham and a draw against a poor Stoke team doesn’t cover up the fact that we’re utter fucking shite

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