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  1. Feeney just turns and runs off the back of Crawford to even get into that position. Crawford isn’t a centre mid and shouldn’t have been marking him
  2. Any chance there’s heavy rain forecast for the next half an hour?
  3. Well it’s game over if this goes in
  4. He points for a corner, then changes his mind. What the fuck is it for? Last thing we need is the ref against us too
  5. Not only is Crawford shite and completely uninterested - we’re now playing him centre mid! Seeing as we can make 5 subs, if you are going to change the system then you may as well get him out of there and stick Thomason, who is actually a centre mid, in alongside Tutte
  6. If he didn’t have the reputation from last season, or that 4/5 game spell in November, then there’d be far more calls for him to be dropped - he’s an absolute passenger in most games. Then again, so are most.
  7. I’m not one for believing that 442 is the answer to all questions, but Crawford is a waste of a player and Doyle is isolated. If it stays like this then I’d like to simplify it half time and bring Delfounso on for Crawford, go 2 up top, use the wingers, get it wide as soon as we can and just keep getting balls in the box. We’re not going to play through the middle with only Doyle up there so let’s get men in the box and just keep swinging crosses in, something will drop to Doyle in the end.
  8. It’s getting better, although that’s not difficult from that first 15
  9. You beat me to it - a simpler version of my rant
  10. Also, considering he is all about his tactics and style - not only are we a shambles in defence, we have absolutely no plan going forward. We’re not a passing team, we’ve not got the personnel to be long ball, we seem to be trying to hit channels early but they’re rarely well directed and it just leaves Doyle chasing lost causes. We’re clueless tactically and seem to have a complete lack of desire and drive. It’s a shocking combination and no changes to the team seem to be making any difference
  11. We already second to everything. You change tactics, personnel, style - I’ve still yet to see us in a game where we’re on the front foot, sharp and out-battling the opponent.
  12. Tutte on the bench. I just presumed he was injured - strange one if he’s just been dropped. Strong bench, finally a bit of strength in depth. I say it every week but please can we start strongly for once!
  13. They are. We had to get pretty much 15-20 players in in Summer - it was always going to be the case that some didn’t work. It’s been made pretty obvious which ones those were, and there are possibly a couple more than we’d have liked, but I don’t think he’ll mess about in getting rid and having another go at replacing them. I’d say there’s at least 8 - the 2 that have already gone, the 2 loanees that are rumoured to be heading back and the 4 you mention. If he replaces all of those, he might get 4 or 5 of those right, but it’s another step in getting the squad to where it should be.
  14. Makes sense seeing as we already have our first choice left back (John) for the rest of the season - he just needs a week or 2 to get back fit. If this new lad can do a job there until then, but was brought in for the midfield options mainly, then it’s an added bonus.
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