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  1. The words “drop” and “Lee” should not be put in the same sentence unless started with “one thing we should not do is...” He’s the best centre mid in the league for fuck sake. He missed a couple of sitters granted, but you accommodate him with whatever other changes are needed, you do not drop a player as good as him with 4 games left to go and promotion within reach! FWIW I actually do think we’re a better team with him playing in the 2 next to Williams, but having no Sarce causes us problems for the 10 position (and it means that GT would have to be very unfairly dropped from recent
  2. Eddie


    Exactly this. The game has moved on and he didn’t move with it. One of those managers that changed the game once upon a time, but he’s been bypassed and is no longer in the top tier of managers - although he is still a “great” considering his overall record. The shout for International management is a good one, it should suit him perfectly. Depends on his ego really and whether he wants to prove people like me wrong and that he is still top class.
  3. Players hold all the cards. They either all get together and say nah fuck this, none of us are playing in your shit exhibition league - at which point the idea ends (as long as all the good ones agree and take the same stand). Or they realise just how much power they hold and all of a sudden go from earning £150k a week to £1m a week. I wonder which way that will go 😳
  4. We were 5/1 before tonight - I’d imagine we’ll be about 3/1 now. The fact that Cheltenham didn’t get a point is a big thing due to their goal difference, only 2 points behind means we only need 1 game to go above them, whereas if they drew then we would have still needed 2 games to go above them.
  5. Nice one Traf, I’ll have to go out of my way to log on on a laptop but it will be worth it 👍🏼
  6. I agree, if it was a difference of opinion, but it’s not, it’s the same shite on every thread and usually nothing to do with the point of the thread. I agree with others that it’s completely fucking tedious having to scroll through pages of drivel on every thread just to get back to the point. Get rid of the twat (it doesn’t help that I can’t find how to put it on ignore).
  7. I was wondering this. Just fill the whole car park behind the hotel with tables, loads of beer stalls so that they can cater for everyone, only let people book in 6’s, loads of staff in so they can do table service - all COVID boxes ticked but one massive beer “garden” for bolton fans. Dunno the rules on iFollow for the clubs showing on a big screen but I’m sure we could pay someone to allow it. Cash earner for the club too. Highly unlikely to be possible for all sorts of reasons (sure police would tell you to fuck off before you even looked at anything else) but it would be class in
  8. There was one block from Jones with about 5 minutes to go where I’d already resigned myself to them equalising it looked that certain - he came from nowhere. I know John gets a lot of the plaudits, and rightly so because he’s better than this league, but Jones’ improvement from the start of the season and his form since he settled at right back has been top draw. You almost forget he was one of the ‘originals’. To be fair to the rest of them, there were some brilliant blocks, last ditch tackles and covering runs etc. from them all (Santos was a man possessed in the last 10 especiall
  9. 2-0 Doyle and Lee The promotion push continues
  10. Have you ever seen a team that’s worse at corners? We just kick them straight out now!
  11. That’s a soft foul. Should be 2-0
  12. The more I think about Saturday’s win, the more important it seems. Teams tend to go on streaks in this league and once Easter finished off our good streak, another loss, or even a draw, could have seen the start of a poor streak of form. With the win though, regardless of how it came about, we’re back on the up again building the next winning streak. It was all about stopping the poor form as quickly as possible.
  13. 1-0 Doyle The promotion push continues
  14. A minor blip - I think I put a full stop in the Newport prediction which was obviously the difference between Lee scoring and not. Lesson learnt, back to the tried and tested this week - Harrogate won’t know what’s hit them.
  15. 2-0 Doyle x2 The promotion push continues
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