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  1. Get in! Made hard work of it but got there in the end
  2. I don’t think we’re going to win this, and it will be a fucking travesty if we don’t
  3. Good change. Delfounso seems to be either unplayable or complete shite - today has been the latter
  4. In his head, Crawford is De Bruyne. I like the confidence but he just ends up losing the ball 90% of the time. Sarce has been guilty of overplaying today too - I don’t know if it’s because Stevenage are poor that they’re trying too much but with a few better decisions this should be 4 or 5
  5. Crawford with another. It’s infuriating- they’re shite, just keep it simple
  6. We need to wake up. Bad decisions starting to be made all over the field. Delaney has just had a bad 5 minutes since that challenge where he stayed down - needs to get his head straight again
  7. And again, Delfounso in a great position down the left and we don’t get a cross in or a shot away. So wasteful
  8. Final ball needs to be better. We get into so many good positions which don’t convert to chances
  9. I’d actually say it’s impossible not to
  10. It was when Delaney decided he would have a bit as well and moved up into midfield for a minute or 2 that I just gave up.
  11. Anyone else shouting at the tv when Baptiste was running up the right hand side to join the attack in the 89th minute?
  12. It all falls into place! Nervy 2-1 win
  13. One thing with Gilks that hasn’t been mentioned. Evatt’s game relies on playing out from the back, and therefore the keeper being good with his feet - is Gilks capable or is he an old school, wait for it to go out of play and kick it as far as you can type? I’d rather he started on Tuesday, because ultimately I want my keeper to stop shots and catch crosses, but I don’t think Evatt will see it that way.
  14. 2-0 Fonz and Sarcevic. All talk of play-offs is ended as we finally realise that we’ll win the league - we were just giving the rest a head start.
  15. A few people have called it already but Delaney again was brilliant. Santos has got a lot of the plaudits in the last few weeks, and rightly so because he looks a completely different player to the first few games, but for me Delaney has been consistently good for a while now. To be fair to Baptiste as well, I give him shit when he deserves it (which has been every game so far) but he was good today.
  16. We’ll win the league, none of this play off shite!
  17. Darcy on, either play him up with Fonz or push Crawford higher. Oh fuck, Comley is on
  18. Nothing’s sticking up top any more, needs a change
  19. Hopefully the confidence boost he needs. We need to get back into the game though
  20. Brockbank has another good game. Didn’t think I’d see him getting better and better as a left wing back!
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