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  1. enzo gambaro

    Todays Games

    They finished 8th last season and in the first season but only four times in between.
  2. enzo gambaro


    I suspect the terms of his loan mean he plays regardless of whether he steps up or not.
  3. enzo gambaro


    Fucking hell, they’ve lost one in six (and drawn four) - that hardly makes them invincible! We’ve only lost two in seven but I doubt anyone quakes when we come to town.
  4. enzo gambaro

    Melbourne Cup 2018

    Cliffs Of Moher? Blew the start in the Eclipse before running on at the end giving lumps of weight to Roaring Lion and Saxon Warrior. Crying out for a longer trip for me and must have a good chance in the Caulfield Cup. 16/1 for Melbourne and I think he’ll stay, even if his pedigree does beg to differ.
  5. enzo gambaro

    Town Centre

    I once saw him on Blackpool prom. Proper double take moment.
  6. enzo gambaro

    Melbourne Cup 2018

    If he’s any horses left.
  7. enzo gambaro

    Todays Games

    Magennis played 80 minutes against Austria on Friday, with Boyce and Grigg on the bench. It’s possible Kyle Lafferty would play ahead of all three.
  8. enzo gambaro

    Melbourne Cup 2018

    Did Charlie Appleby’s plane do loop-the-loops all the way to Oz?
  9. enzo gambaro

    Melbourne Cup 2018

    I’d be inclined to agree, though if he is a proper stayer it would explain why he’s struggled to make an impression over middle distances!
  10. enzo gambaro

    Melbourne Cup 2018

    There’s a bit of form at the beginning of last season where he split Rekindling and Capri in the Ballysax. It’s easy to see why that might catch an Aussie’s eye, but it’s difficult to get too excited about anything that’s happened since.
  11. enzo gambaro

    New owners

    He backed Holdsworth into a corner? Fuck off.
  12. enzo gambaro

    Phil Parkinson

    Is that a serious question?
  13. enzo gambaro

    Town Centre Latest

    It’s hard to fall out with.
  14. enzo gambaro

    Memory Lane

    Belting. Bizarrely, Jimmy Quinn had to play most of the second half in goal for Reading in the return fixture.
  15. enzo gambaro

    Tommy Robinson

    Fucking fuck off you shitbag cunt.

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