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  1. enzo gambaro

    Iles reporting PFA pulled out of funding wages

    He’s meant to do whatever his boss tells him to do, which presumably would include winding his neck in on Twitter. As it is, going after Ken seems to sit comfortably with the BN, who will get more clicks for their advert-riddled site off the back of all the negativity. I’d say that most of what Iles has written in the last month actually is a round-up of events based on the chairman’s notes, just with a ever-so-slightly different slant.
  2. enzo gambaro


    I’d stay in the pub for another pint and miss the first, but if it helps I can narrow it down to two horses for you. Once that’s out of the way I reckon you could do worse than backing all of Barry Geraghty’s rides for the afternoon. Elsewhere, I think Eddystone Rock is worth a go at a decent price in the 3.15 at Donny.
  3. enzo gambaro

    King Ken

  4. enzo gambaro

    King Ken

    No marks seem to have you pretty riled.
  5. enzo gambaro

    Millwall away.

    Is it 1994 again already?
  6. enzo gambaro

    Melbourne Cup 2018

    Wasn’t a dig at you so much as at received racing wisdom. We have the same over here about draw bias all the time - pundits will queue up to tell you the John Smith’s Cup is hard to win from a high draw despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. I know (think?!) you’re being glib about the ages but, while the variation in birthdates between the hemispheres makes sense when kept in context, it’s ludicrous to refer to a European 3yo as a 4yo - Cross Counter was foaled 274 days after Youngstar and, as such, would have to have waited four months to be ‘born’ in your neck of the woods.
  7. enzo gambaro

    Melbourne Cup 2018

    Three year olds can’t win. Must be drawn low.
  8. enzo gambaro

    Wanderers V Swansea

    I’ve spotted the Baldrick influence in your cunning plan.
  9. enzo gambaro

    Melbourne Cup 2018

    I’ve had a saver on Marmelo, though I’m not entirely sure what it is I’m saving.
  10. enzo gambaro

    Melbourne Cup 2018

    Muntahaa was an impressive, well-backed winner of the Ebor but if you were to take that run out I’d say he’d be a much bigger price. Cross Counter has looked a staying star of the future on occasion this season but Old Persian let the form down a little bit when he disappointed in the Leger. He’s only a three year old but Charlie Appleby’s horses fare well on their travels and they’ve not taken him there for the weather. Marmelo is interesting - his run behind Vazirabad at Longchamp in the Spring reads well and on a line through Weekender you’d be hard pushed to find much between him and Muntahaa. I reckon he might benefit from a drop of rain but the jockey booking is obviously of note. I’m sticking with Cliffs of Moher - I was pleased to see Moore take the ride and, while I find it hard to believe the draw is so important given the distance to the first turn, history says he’s drawn well enough.
  11. enzo gambaro

    Villa v bolton

    And Tom Eaves.
  12. enzo gambaro

    Todays Games

    Gary who?
  13. enzo gambaro

    King Ken

    If Allardyce had shares and they were devalued by the takeover (that probably saved the club) then yes, I imagine the greedy fat cunt would be perturbed. I took issue with the suggestion it was interesting.
  14. enzo gambaro

    Villa v bolton

    Which team should he stick with?
  15. enzo gambaro

    King Ken

    I suspect otherwise and refer you to Casino’s insightful musings earlier.

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