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  1. enzo gambaro

    Callum Connolly

    He’s only been here a fucking fortnight!
  2. enzo gambaro

    Brum away

    This could have been a cut-and-paste of a post from four years ago.
  3. enzo gambaro

    Transfer Gossip

    Thirty, two points clear of the bottom three.
  4. enzo gambaro

    Transfer Gossip

    We were F30 A52 at this stage of the season.
  5. enzo gambaro

    Road to Cheltenham

    Back to work, Traf.
  6. enzo gambaro

    Sweaty Ken

    Tight Yorkshire bastards.
  7. enzo gambaro

    Preston h

    Gary O’Neil has won fifty quid on Lifeline. Bonus.
  8. enzo gambaro

    Road to Cheltenham

    Germs are resourceful fuckers.
  9. enzo gambaro

    Road to Cheltenham

    I’ve got a bad feeling about this.
  10. enzo gambaro

    Ludlow today

    Hope you’re not a carrier.
  11. enzo gambaro

    Newport tonight

    Maybe they should start giving it a go in League Two.
  12. enzo gambaro

    Newport tonight

    Do you think Newport would survive a season in the Championship?
  13. enzo gambaro

    Sweaty Ken

    And I’m still not having it that Parky signs the players.
  14. enzo gambaro

    Sweaty Ken

    Is it? He’d already shown he could score goals in League Two so him picking up where he left off is hardly a surprise. It doesn’t mean he was good enough for the Championship, even if we didn’t play to his strengths. Mind you, the last one ‘not good enough for this level’ was Adam Armstrong, and he seems to have made a fair fist of things elsewhere.
  15. enzo gambaro

    Sweaty Ken


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