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  1. Unless they're footballers. In which case, the slag deserved it. She was asking for it.
  2. Aye, an English man has never committed rape. If the two scrotes were footballers, Wanderers Ways would be pleading their innocence.
  3. Staffies are great dogs. Friendly, loving, loyal and great with kids. But they're immensely powerful, so when trouble comes, it's brutal. The problem comes with bad owners. So, let's punish the dog. Yeah, great thinking. Humans are supposed to be the highest life form on the planet. Yet we fuck everything up. Deal with the people. Yet that won't happen. The Daily Mail and its fanatical followers on sites like this will see to that.
  4. Why are you surprised? Huge numbers of people are being treated this way. One poor sod was assessed as fit for work when he was blind in one eye, paralysed down one side and couldn't speak. He died the next day. Watch Iain Duncan Smith's reaction to being told this and remember that he's a hero to the blue rosette brigade on here.
  5. I used to work with a man who once tripped over Stephen Hawking. Stood next to Mark Lamarr at the Edinburgh festival. Didn't punch him. Always regretted it. Nearly ran over Norman Tebbit in London. Regret that too. The nearly bit that is.
  6. Not really. He got his arse kicked in the Olympics by Roberto Cammarelle. It was bound to happen again.
  7. A bit back Liverpool players were having their homes broken into when away playing in Europe. It seems the culprits are branching out. Musicians at Liverpool Philharmonic theatre have had laptops, phones and money stolen from backstage tonight.
  8. Couple of years ago I think. Before that it was back in the seventies.
  9. Bartley was younger than that and had a contract that he couldn't be tied to, although we did get compensation. The under-18s will be on academy contracts, 2 years with the option on a third year.
  10. Quite. Then they employ less people at the going rate who'd be paying tax. Tax payer shafted twice. And liking it, judging by most of the comments on here. The last Labour government introduced work placements as part of its New Deal programme. Then abandoned them due to massive abuse. The thing is, they could be a good idea, if done properly. Giving someone long-term unemployed work experience and the chance of a reference. But they aren't done properly. Companies take the piss and see it as free labour and the schemes aren't policed properly due to under resourcing and inco
  11. I'll go off results, thanks. So far they aren't good enough. The same shower who reckoned that Megson was the greatest ever Bolton manager are getting behind Freedman. It doesn't inspire confidence. The Freedman/Megson is the greatest mob have formed an opinion and are now looking for reasons to support that. I'll do it the other way round. Facts first.
  12. THunter


    As ever, the people who get fucked over are the fans. Don't know where you get the 4-0 from. We've beaten Portsmouth by that score a few times at home, but never at the Reebok. They beat us 4-0 at their gaff ten years ago.
  13. He's done fuck all so far. Four league wins in fifteen, none this year, defeats to teams below us in the league and still conceding goals in the same way. According to most on here we had a fantastic squad and were going to piss the league. The same mob are now claiming that Freedman's the mutt's nuts. He might get it right in time, and I'm happy to give him that, but check the stats and he's little different than Coyle so far.
  14. Think of it like a productivity target. Every three months or so you have a meeting with your line manager at which your performance is reviewed. Fail to meet targets and you get a verbal, written or final warning based on how long that failure has been going on. Ultimately your contract could be terminated with notice.
  15. That's just one of them. Certain companies are making a mint out of unemployment at tax payers expense. The one in Bolton was TNG on Folds Road. It's shut now, so I presume they've lost the contract. They got around £100 a week for every claimant referred to them. Even job centres are in the private sector now. Serco have the contract for that. That's a company with a turnover of £4.5 billion, coming from government contracts. Capita, turnover £2.3 billion are another.
  16. The info came from a job centre whistleblower. I don't see a reason to doubt it.
  17. A third of all new jobs are less than 15 hours a week. Half of all new jobs are part-time. Disabled people being moved from Employment Support Allowance to Jobseekers Allowance and then having their benefits stopped when they can't meet the conditions for it. Then they don't count All front line job centre staff have a target of three people a week whose benefit payments have to be stopped. Fail the target and it's disciplinary action. Bent companies like A4E recommending that benefits are stopped because they have failed to find jobs for the people referred to them. That way
  18. True. Having an incompetent defence barrister didn't help. One who later became home secretary.
  19. That save from Rooney must have just been luck then.
  20. The way Piers Morgan's ratings are going down he might well resort to that before long.
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