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  1. Just parked the car in Long Buckby Northants (home), after driving back from a meeting in High Wycombe and my mobile phone went ballistic. I realised that I was crying, sat in the car on my own. Up to that point I hadn't realised how much it had been pecking my head. I'm 64, FFS! The Wanderers are coming up the hill boys!
  2. Only if you ignore MK Dons and Oxford United.
  3. Zulu

    Stubbs Gone

    You can if you have potential moderator admin permissions. Clearly, Gonzo is being groomed for high office.
  4. I'm with Bolty, Bigtoes and Chief Wiggum on this one.
  5. Zulu


    Yep, that's what I did, pretty much.A1 then over the Peaks and via Stockport. A two hour journey from Northants took eight and a half hours. I walked into the Burnden Paddock and stood on my 'normal' step with my mates at 7.25pm (after a protracted discussion with an orange warrior who told me that 'I couldn't go into that section as it was full'. His supervisor overruled him when he spotted the 1,000 yard stare coming into my eyes!) I'd had nothing to eat or drink, other than a Mars Bar and a bottle of Pepsi all day. I got there though. And it was one of the best experiences of my life. I
  6. Zulu


    'His dog was unwell.' Quality defence.
  7. Zulu


    There's a tear in my eye here.
  8. Zulu


    Sorry to read that Dids. Keep your chin up lad. I know that it won't seem so at the moment - but it will get better. Take your time - and talk to people. Don't bottle it up.
  9. At the risk of being accused of trying to pinch Malcolm's job (I'm not fit to lace his boots!) I can give you the background to San Fairy Ann. It goes back to the First World War and is a corruption of the French expression 'ca ne faire rien' which means 'it doesn't matter'. The soldiers brought it back with them when they came home on leave and it subsequently became corrupted into San Fairy Ann. I can remember it being one of the phrases used by my great uncles when I was a kid. They were all WW1 veterans. They also had a taste for Calvados, acquired on their travels. I would love to ha
  10. More than one, I suspect.
  11. All those people starving in Africa are Roman Catholics? I didn't know that. Wow!
  12. Zulu

    New Kits

    When i was a lad (late 1950's and into 1960's) our change shirt was always red. i believe that it was for many years prior to that too. We hated the Manc bastards then too, by the way! Playing in red doesn't bother me.
  13. Arsenal - because I've never met a Villa fan who wasn't a prick. Loads of the muppets round here too.
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