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  1. Feel very sad sat at my desk reading this. Went to North Bolton College with Gaz. Havent really seen him for over a decade. Had some very memorable trips watching Bolton with him from around 1997 onwards when we were all 17/18 years old. RIP Gaz D
  2. I only managed bury and rochdale. After the rochdale game I was convinced that this was going to be a terrible season!
  3. Thanks swanny but it will be too big for. Cheers.
  4. How new is it? How worn I mean? Could you add a pic? I have a 118 bet one but it's tatty now.
  5. I'm after a quarter zip training top. This season or last. In large mens. . Missed all the ones in club shop and missed ebay. Anyone selling anything or know best places to look. Thanks in advance.
  6. I've got 2 tickets in home end and was hoping to move into our end so I hope we don't sell out
  7. Off goals compilation 1993. Get a yellow shirt on rioch
  8. Wasn't bothered about the game but am now after this.
  9. like other i forgot how good blake was. quality. I remember city away. 3 of us went from college, aged 16/17, got cornered by a few old city lads post match near oxford road station. 1 lad lost his hat in exchange for keping his teeth!! stood on the embankment after charlton. what a view. still gutted about tranmere. Aldridge is a wan#er. what a season.
  10. hopefully not a strange topic, but can anyone give an opinion as to which is best over all? its for christmas for my daughter who is only just 3. cheers in advance.
  11. Sorry traf. No balls can you send us your number via pm and I will arrange to meet you Saturday pre match.
  12. Go on then no balls you have twisted my arm. 20 for the 2. Can meet you pre match to give them to you if that's OK
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