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  1. Trouble is that most of these players get hardly any game time to iron out faults without a u-23s. For instance, Crellin lacking confidence has a fault that he gets too facing the attacker when the cross comes in which means that he can't cover his far post or he has to run backwards very quickly. And the Seniors and Rileys of this world barely start a game.
  2. Trouble is Cambridge dropped him in November 2019 and never played him again. Doesn't really inspire confidence. This about Phoenix picking the signings. Evatt brought in quite a few of his old Blackpool mates as well as those with Morecambe/ Barrow connections. And his old mate Gilks who brought "careless hands". So i don't think that they are Phoenix signings. That said What has Phoenix actually done well?.
  3. 0-2 Uneasy feeling. Wellens is a clever tactician. Unlike our misfit.
  4. There's just nobody in the chain with any experience. Crellin hardly any league experience and not much cop at Chorley. Gilks. Never been a GK coach before Evatt brought him in. Evatt. No coaching experience at League level . People go on about Sean Dyche but he worked as a Academy, Then No 2 for about 10 years. Phoenix. About 6 months at Macc' That's it. Most fans only knew that he was there when he left. Board level. Anyone with football experience? So it's not surprising we are where we are. See that our ex Jake Turner is getting some top reviews at Moreca
  5. My last 7 years before retirement was spent managing venture capital backed businesses. The no 1 trait VCs looked for in management was relevant experience and a track record. So if FV are really true VCs, I just can't fathom backing Phoenix and Evatt who between them have less League management experience than you can count on the fingers of one hand.
  6. Last time that I went to Orient Rioch had just signed John McGinlay. He skied one over the bar whereupon the man in front of me said that he was rubbish and would never make it. Ah well you can't always be Mr Right.
  7. Come back Nicky and Gavin. All is forgiven. And Phoenix piss off there's a good boy.
  8. 1-2 to them. 1 og from Fleetwood's Fleetwood's number 3. Jesus how far we've fallen.
  9. Saw Swindon a couple of times last season. They had a really good right winger and bombed down the left with Anderson and the left back. So there was bags of space for Doyle unlike yesterday. I don't think this attack will score many and the defence looks ropy to me. You need a big strong center back in this division. So as we are, I'm not optimistic. L2 sides won't let you back in like National League sides did with Barrow.
  10. I just can't understand where the team at Bristol Rovers last season went. They looked too good for L1. OK Campbell got injured next game. Evatt has brought in some pretty average players for L2 given the freedom he has been given. And Baptiste is well past his sell by date.
  11. In L2 you have to be able to defend crosses and we need a lot of improvement to be anywhere near atm.
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