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  1. You've got to give promising youngsters a season before you can properly judge them.
  2. Just remember him as the prime exponent of the through ball. The player running on to it never had to break stride the pace on it was so perfect. It made a lot of goals for the like of Francis Lee and also made wingers like Brian Birch and Pilks look twice the players they were.
  3. passmosster

    Keith Hill

    Started to have my doubts about Hill as a team builder when the only players he criticised in public were ones that he hadn't brought in e.g. Zouma and Weir. He should be building players confidence not destroying it. the comment that Lincoln have much better players than us is a prime example.
  4. A typical League 2 team would be better organised and out battle us ATM even if they didn't have the players. I don't see why you have to plan 10 years ahead in the January transfer window. Do what you can this season and then start planning in the summer. Couldn't see Macc going to Lincoln and getting thumped 5-1.
  5. Left backs are like gold dust. So letting Chicksen go seems a big risk to me. Bunney needs to play a couple of reserve fixtures before he's fit for first team action.
  6. For some reason he reminds me of Stanley Unwin when he talks.
  7. One thing for certain. Good defences are settled defences.
  8. I remember Nsiah playing for Macc' He's a big powerful lad but those who get nervous with Zouma better take a tranquilliser before going to the game.
  9. Plus lads mature at different rates. Like the Bournemouth goalie, you can get a weedy 16 year old who is discarded being suddenly a strong 20 year old.
  10. Good centre back partnerships have a 1 and a 2. 1 is the big strong challenger and 2 is the one who covers round the back of him. When I have seen Edwards in the u-23s, he has looked a really good 2.,
  11. Which League 1 clubs have got big bananas to slosh about? Anyway we can't pay transfer or loan fees because we are under embargo.
  12. Put another way, if he had given a yellow card for all fouls like Murphy's, there wouldn't have been anyone left on the pitch at the end.
  13. They say that it evens out over the season. Well wee need a few going for us in the second half.
  14. League 2 and National League teams are now well organised and fit which sort of neutralises the skill deficit. There's still some stand-out players who end up there. But we never seem to sign any.
  15. Hasn't Hall been injured most of the season?
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