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  1. Saw Swindon a couple of times last season. They had a really good right winger and bombed down the left with Anderson and the left back. So there was bags of space for Doyle unlike yesterday. I don't think this attack will score many and the defence looks ropy to me. You need a big strong center back in this division. So as we are, I'm not optimistic. L2 sides won't let you back in like National League sides did with Barrow.
  2. I just can't understand where the team at Bristol Rovers last season went. They looked too good for L1. OK Campbell got injured next game. Evatt has brought in some pretty average players for L2 given the freedom he has been given. And Baptiste is well past his sell by date.
  3. In L2 you have to be able to defend crosses and we need a lot of improvement to be anywhere near atm.
  4. Look at the Crewe bench and there's a lot of League experience. And an u-23s.
  5. passmosster

    Dean Holden

    You mean like Ian Greaves.
  6. In the days of my youth Wigan was a massive RL town and Athletic were in the Cheshire League. It's only Dave Whelan that changed it. They'll go back to being a RL town.
  7. Evatt wouldn't sign him, he's played for Bolton previously past or present.
  8. A good experienced keeps is absolutely vital in this League. Must be good at organising his defence at dead ball situations. And strong physically.
  9. We need an experienced first team keeper. We have a good youngster in Alexander. Change of coach reminds me of when Coyle threw out Fred Barber. You know throwing out bloody good experience to get your own man in. It's a sense of weakness not taking the best at your disposal.
  10. Murphy played up front on his own. Saw Swindon once last season. They had a very attacking formation. A useful lad on the right wing and a striker ?Anderson breaking down the left. In fact Doyle didn't do much except score a goal.
  11. Didn't Whelan buy Euxton? And let WAFC rent it.
  12. Point is that we have to pay them off now. Do we have the readies?
  13. Won't be cheap getting rid of the existing staff. Depends what's in their contracts.
  14. I am feeling much more comfortable knowing that Roy McFarland was his football mentor.
  15. Has Evatt ever worked with an Academy? I thought the main aim was to get a manager who could bring young players through?
  16. Just very wary about doing a deal for a new manager when we have Phoenix on board whose main skill is in doing deals. Can't we get a manager either internally or externally without doing a deal? Which sort of makes Phoenix unnecessary. Also very wary about landing up with a load of Premier League dross on loan again next season because we have done deals. Much better with our own and free agent transfers. There's plenty about.
  17. Minor miracle from Campbell to keep Macc' up season before last. He can certainly organise a defence.
  18. Sure I saw him play left back.
  19. What happens if 3 clubs go belly up before the new season starts? Entirely possible
  20. There will be a few writs flying around if teams are relegated on PPG if it wasn't in the rules at the start of the season.
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