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  1. So I get what the employer is obligated to, the 12 months salary. But what about the employee, if PP resigned, what's his obligations? To work a 12 month notice period? If so, that's never gonna happen at a football club is it, so gardening leave at best? So, to a layman, that seems an odd contract from the employer side?
  2. Yes it is good, I live in Triangle just outside Sowerby Bridge.
  3. You did well to get in there pal, usually booked up for weeks!
  4. Why would the U-18s want to, or be forced to play, anymore than anyone else? Not sure I understand the EFL's logic?
  5. Last night I actually agreed with them as it is unacceptable to not be paid and thought it would bring matters to a head. However, having thought some more, for the sake of 9 days and 2 meaningless matches is it really worth all this negativity when the only people really to suffer now, potentially are the fans, especially if points deductions etc roll into next year. And do we think it is the whole squad in unity or a few militants railroading the rest? And if such perosnailties exist where they been on the pitch all season? Why have these same players never stood up to PP over his shit tactics. I. E. Nolan telling Gartside Sammy Lee was out of his depth type action. Everything to do with the club at the moment feels contradictory, amongst other things!!!
  6. I thought the players could walk 14 days after no wages? No exactly a queue of suitors is there! Don't blame them for striking, I do for being collectively a bunch of shit houses...
  7. So why are we skint to the extent we are then ? Rhetorical
  8. So why would anyone wish to buy a football club like ours? What would their aims and objectives be?
  9. Spot on. That was BSA's greatest strength in my opinion, with us anyway; the ability to fashion evolving tactics and way of playing around key individuals. Is also why I thought he would be a great England manager.
  10. Can someone explain please, in simple terms legally, how being on a contract rather than PAYE alters the ability of an employer to get rid if their performance is consistently below that expected?
  11. More they all showed him on the inside despite him being all left foot, fucking amateurs! Hobbs is slower than Wheater ffs
  12. Is that not where the 'fans' should step up and put the pressure on, a la Megson? His position should be untenable with the shit he gives us week on week.
  13. I find it strange none of the players have challenged the way we play, it's making no one look good. Do they really all sit there listening to the same tactics week after week after week, without thinking this is bollox?? I'm convinced that's why he let ALF go, as he seemed bit more nowty than the rest. Instead of feeling sorry for PP, how's about the club being in turmoil has actually kept him in a job far longer than he has earnt the right to??
  14. The biggest fall-out of the BN & Ken debacle is that PP can sit in the middle insulated from the shit he should be getting. The BN rather than worrying about 500k KA may or may not have had, why not ask him why he is still employing a manager with such a shit record in the championship & with the worst scoring record in the entire league who thought it wise to let his best striker leave!! That's what I want the local paper to hold the club to account for, not for the fuckin FGR chairman! Fuck off Parky, do the decent thing and resign.
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