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  1. JimmyRiddle

    Is that it ?

    Is that not where the 'fans' should step up and put the pressure on, a la Megson? His position should be untenable with the shit he gives us week on week.
  2. JimmyRiddle

    Is that it ?

    I find it strange none of the players have challenged the way we play, it's making no one look good. Do they really all sit there listening to the same tactics week after week after week, without thinking this is bollox?? I'm convinced that's why he let ALF go, as he seemed bit more nowty than the rest. Instead of feeling sorry for PP, how's about the club being in turmoil has actually kept him in a job far longer than he has earnt the right to??
  3. JimmyRiddle

    Brizzle AWAY

    The biggest fall-out of the BN & Ken debacle is that PP can sit in the middle insulated from the shit he should be getting. The BN rather than worrying about 500k KA may or may not have had, why not ask him why he is still employing a manager with such a shit record in the championship & with the worst scoring record in the entire league who thought it wise to let his best striker leave!! That's what I want the local paper to hold the club to account for, not for the fuckin FGR chairman! Fuck off Parky, do the decent thing and resign.
  4. JimmyRiddle

    Rotherham, Home

    Why don't BN send different reporter??
  5. JimmyRiddle

    Brentford away

    Get the ST to fund PP's severence if they truly want what's best for club?? Also, where is the Nolan type, one of the players to tell the chairmen exactly how bad the manager is?? PP seems to have players onboard despite it looking bleak to everyone else, how?? Is cult like! Waco Wanderers!!
  6. JimmyRiddle

    Brentford away

    Let him wait in line like everyone else once potted, surely if he isn't an employee he won't get the preferential treatment players get?? LMA to fund it?? Hardly gonna entice a new bloke doing that though I suppose.
  7. JimmyRiddle

    Brentford away

    Ken may think differently if was actually put under pressure for employing the useless prick, rather than the nonsense Iles always goes on about.
  8. JimmyRiddle

    Brentford away

    Is that because we have the most dull fans left watching with an 'it is what it is?' attitude. Where is the passion, where is the venom about shit gutless performances, where is the anger??? Why is PP immune from some of what Megson got. This to me is almost as bad as the team, we are a soulless club!!
  9. JimmyRiddle

    Brentford away

    We had a shot on target yet?
  10. JimmyRiddle

    Dirty, Horrible, Leeds

    Totally agree. His team now plays like him dull and boring. It's stale. The chaos at the club has made it look like he a steady hand on the tiller, and credit where its due he got us promoted, but actually he is just a very dull man, with a very dull team. I am sure he is a nice manager to play for, but not sure that is what a manager should be. Get shut now. Does anyone seriously think a Warnock type couldn't get more out of these players??
  11. JimmyRiddle

    Dirty, Horrible, Leeds

    What a load of shite, no shots, mis placed passes everywhere, a central midfield of Lowe and Williams is scarily bad...
  12. JimmyRiddle

    Iles reporting PFA pulled out of funding wages

    Sluffy's post above, spot on, great post!
  13. JimmyRiddle

    Holidays 2019.

    Taking my lad, 13, to Iceland on NY day for 3 nights. See loads of tours but prefer to self-drive, is that feasible at that time of year? So was going to cobble together my own trip, but is this wise? Any recommendations on decent accommodation appreciated too. He wants to see northern lights, and will take him to see the geysers and fancy blue lagoon for both of us, but what should we not miss out on? Not going on any boat just to be clear! Gonna have 2 and a half days to fill so gimme some top tips WWays! Cheers
  14. JimmyRiddle

    Sweaty Ken

  15. JimmyRiddle

    Sheff Wed, Wed

    It's got to that point where be dissapointed if we equalised now as it may keep PP in a job!

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