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  1. Excellent analogy, Napoli have done fuck all compared to other teams but for a certain generation, i.e. mine left school in 90, for years I assumed Napoli were on par with AC & Juve because of Maradona, when clearly they so aren't in terms of success longer term.
  2. Ha I'm sure some were! But some had his picture up, taken in their gaff. I think one I went in may have even bolted the chair he used, next to the pic on the wall! Although I was fucked at the time so that may be made up?? It is a crazy, but cool, place though.
  3. I spent some time there and you woukd go in some little back street restaurant that Maradona had used and they had a little shrine above where he had sat, seen this more than once, it's off the scale! But then so is what he turned Napoli into for that period, compared to what they were used to. Edit:Just seen this article too https://mol.im/a/8987079
  4. Spent a few living months in Naples, still revered like a God there; the guy defo had something. Him in his Mars Napoli shirt is iconic. Plus the anachist in me also likes the fact he was a genius, and a cunt!
  5. One of them sounds like care in the community on an out reach.
  6. Being a bit nit picky as we played pretty well overall, however, we dont half choose some bad options when we're attacking! Given IEs rhetoric I assumed this part of the game would be a given, and now we sorted the other shit out this needs to be next on the list. That was such an open game we should have created far more clear cut chances than we did, so that is a worry. I also think Crawford doesn't do enough in that free role he has, far far too wasteful. At least we're looking up now though!!
  7. That goal just masks the huge issues we've got, almost wish we hadn't scored
  8. Well the fuckin bellend got the the coffee revel tonight...
  9. That's what I meant I suppose, their current predicament...
  10. Just remind yourself this is Mansfield! We make them look like Brazil at times
  11. Crawford must have something on Evatt, how the fuck he plays every week is a mystery, he links nothing up...
  12. Well, I keep watching week I week out hoping it will click, like some kind of fool, and it just gets fuckun worse
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