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  1. Just searched Virgin and found it there, just the one series?
  2. Where will I find The Looming Tower chaps? Had a look on Netflix, iPlayer and Now TV and can't see it.
  3. Hope it gets sorted out for you mate, it's scandalous how shit like this is allowed to continue.
  4. That's even more disappointing, there needs to be a legal option to fit them retrospectively as a minimum. Guessing that your place is leasehold?
  5. I find it hard to believe that new housing is still being built to be so inefficient where energy is concerned. Shirley if renewables like solar panels with battery storage and maybe wind turbines, ground source heat pumps etc where to be added at the planning stage it would relieve the added demand on the national grid?
  6. tkonion


    I was at the cup game but don't remember the Franky Worthy bit.
  7. Plenty left in ours but only a few left in the away end lower tier it looks like as it's only showing one block in the corner with odd seats showing, I'm quessing that all the greyed out blocks are sold out. Only a few left in the upper tier block that's showing as available to them. Impressive turn out from them it looks like.
  8. Sorted my ticket now, I'd underestimated just how far you had to zoom in to be able to select a seat on a phone. Thanks to all that gave advice.
  9. Anyone else having trouble with the ticketing site? Trying to buy on my phone and the map of the lower tier comes on and I can select a block but can't then select a row or seat. Might be an issue with Site as there are definitely not 7000 seats shown as taken. I've logged out and back in again but still the same issue.
  10. You still would though surely?
  11. tkonion

    Take Over

    Sometime in the future after the Arab money has gone probably.
  12. With TT's post in mind I reckon that when they sell out they will get more. Any extra costs will likely be self financing from the ticket sales anyway as will just be given more seats in the South Lower I would imagine.
  13. SBHarry is a Coventry fan mate, they have been given an initial allocation of 1800 so getting close to selling them all. Good effort from them, particularly at this late notice 👏
  14. Luis Boa Mortuary.
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