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  1. Closed browser, reopened and went back to match centre sorted it out for me.
  2. I closed my browser, reopened it and then clicked on watch match and it's been ok since.
  3. I had a frozen picture but the commentary was playing. Tried pausing and then playing again but now not got either just the swirling wheel of death. Any Ody else got the same problem?
  4. The wife heard me joyfully humming this after a game in the 90's and said that she didn't think I liked The Pet Shop Boys. 😁
  5. Yes but putting Greenidge in was my excuse to move Santos in to defensive midfield. And only in Casino's nightmare scenario of us conceding 18 goals in the next 3 games. Hopefully after the next 3 matches we'll be able to leave Santos where he is 🙂. I appreciate that we need more options in central defence than we have but it appears that Greenidge is seen by the manager as the least worst and who knows, given a chance he may just pull a Santos.
  6. Voted A. The wife and grandson have opted out. I'm in but hoping to avoid a midweek fixture. I asked on my email if there would be an opportunity in future to opt back in to attending and got a simple yes answer, the reply didn't mention whether it would be at a fixed point in time or a simple contact the ticket office at any time, hopefully this will be clarified by the club at some point. Does anybody know if midweeks will still be kicking off at 7 or moved back to our traditional time? It's likely to affect whether some folk can attend or not.
  7. And in that scenario I'd move Santos into defensive mid and probably try Greenidge in the back three. I think Santos would excel in front of the defence but like you wouldn't be changing things on the back of one recent bad result.
  8. It looks like they had a heavy session last night and then forgot to bring the tripod.
  9. I'm not really sure if there is a suspended penalty or what could trigger it if there is. It shouldn't become an issue as looking at how broad the criteria for selecting players is we should be able to rest a good number of our better ones.
  10. Don't we have some sort of suspended points deduction hanging over us? It might just apply to financial irregularities though but I'm not certain. I wouldn't want it to be triggered due to not complying with the stupid rules of this (now) pointless competition.
  11. I think it may be minimum of five who played in previous match. It would go some way to explaining why White was brought on if this includes substitutes.
  12. These things may have been said earlier on this thread but I can't be arsed looking. Not many positives but I thought Darcy looked lively when he came on. Has IE finally realised that Batiste is a liability? I hope the Billy Crellin experiment has ended, surely it should be obvious by now that he isn't up to first team at this level, hopefully when the commentators said that IE had leaned over and was speaking to Matt Gilks he was telling him that he was playing on Tuesday. Alexander should be on the bench to.
  13. Looking promising on the telly now 🤞
  14. I've downloaded the EFL ifollow app onto my phone as Derek Smalls suggested and caught the past minute of the first half, seems to be working ok. Telly still showing the wheel of death at 36.16 minutes.
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