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  1. How long has not getting out of the way when a keeper kicks the ball out of his hands been an offence?
  2. Dapo's been great but he's had his card marked by the ref and is knackered, time for Elbouzedi I reckon.
  3. Mr Riddle has already been on earlier denying it was him. I'm not sure but still think Hughmungous, I can't ever recall any positive comments at all from him.
  4. Fonz gone quiet again, fresh legs needed, Arthur?
  5. I'm pretty certain that would be Hughmungous.
  6. I missed the goal live as I was typing that Fonz has had a quiet game. I'll do the same again I'm the 2nd half.
  7. Agreed, The Lee/Williams partnership has proved effective, why change it?
  8. It is good but Whelan's broken leg is the best bit 😁
  9. Well he outsmarted me. 😁 It'd be nice to be above them even if it was for only three hours. Also I reckon if we did win it would really pile the pressure on the teams above us.
  10. I was a little to young to realise just what a massive signing he was for us at the time. A true legend and a fantastic talent. RIP Frankie.
  11. Only if Tranmere also lose unfortunately.
  12. You see no curse, really? From the moment they signed up for the show they were all doomed.
  13. To pedestrian, not enough ambition to beat a man.
  14. He is, get Lee off and get him on for me.
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