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  1. tkonion

    Season Tickets

    I don't know mate, it all seems a bit vague to me. Is it a consultation to see if it's plausible to close some/all of the upper tiers for the start of next season or the second half of this? Would it be possible to 'hold' the upper tier seats and give first refusal to the current season ticket holders when the tier reopens in future? EB should really be in contact with us all sooner rather than later with proposals and suggestions, seeking of opinions etc now that it was mentioned at the Lancy Whites do. Don't leave us dangling Emma.
  2. Never thought of it before but 77 - 97 at Burden and 97 - present at The Bok. 😕
  3. tkonion

    Season Tickets

    Got three great seats together in North Upper, won't be able to get anything similar by picking around the unwanted seats in the lower tiers along with a few thousand others. Starting moving folk from where they want to be to where that don't is a high risk strategy IMO.
  4. £50 on the Lifeline twice, £100 John Lewis Voucher from Virgin Money, two tickets for Summer in the City at the Manchester Arena, about £2.80 on the Euromillions about twice a month. Fuck, I'd forgotten about this until now, two tickets for the play-off against Watford at Wembley from Nationwide BS. I wasn't going to go as could sense disaster but took it as a good omen and went. The rest is history. 😕
  5. I think that I've seen it in the terms and conditions that you give consent to be used for publicity purposes. Can't be arsed looking for it so could be I'm wrong.
  6. Is it at the Unibolt?
  7. The Nationwide packaged current account is very reasonable. You get worldwide travel insurance, a fairly comprehensive breakdown policy and phone insurance, if it's a joint account it covers a phone each for both account holders at no extra cost. They recently but the excess on the phone cover up though the massive fannies...
  8. I fear you are correct that they will punish the club. It really is time that they started to look into finding a way to punish the owners of clubs at the time that issues like this occurred rather than punish those who bear no responsibility for previous fuck ups.
  9. I actually use Spotify already, mainly connected to Bluetooth in the van for work. No streaming when flying or lying on the beach abroad though so that's when a stand alone player comes into its own. Seems I'm not the only one still using an MP3 player as Apple have just brought out the iPod touch 7 and there are loads of other manufacturers still producing them.
  10. Thanks to all for the replies. I was hoping to find an alternative player that uses the iTunes app but it appears that there isn't one. So I've gone for simplicity and ordered a 128g iPod touch as I'm short of time and I need it to be up and running for Saturday morning when we go on holiday. It's now just a simple matter of plugging the new player into the laptop and it will sync with iTunes and load all the music quickly and without any fuss. 👍
  11. I've fallen once again into the apple trap as I need something for going on holiday on Saturday and don't really have time to mess about. iTunes is a huge plus for Apple as it's just so easy to plug a new device into the laptop and sync with it. I'll definitely be sussing out alternatives for the future as between me and the wife we've now had four different iPods fail in the last decade and I'm determined to break the cycle.
  12. No memory card slot on the P20 Pro unfortunately. Thanks very much for the offer of your classic but I've ordered an iPod touch this afternoon to collect tomorrow as I'm going to Mexico on Saturday morning and can't stomach the idea of long flights both ways without music. Thanks again for the generous offer.
  13. I did get an adaptor with the phone it's just one more thing to have to remember (and lose) as I mainly use the player on holiday. And the diagnosis using an online advice site is indeed the board.
  14. MP3 players are definitely still made, the iPod being one of many. I don't really want to fill up my phone's memory with music due to capacity issues, also my Huawei (like many recent phones) has no headphone jack which is a bit of a complication. I already stream using Spotify and also have Amazon Prime but don't use it as it isn't as good as Spotty. Im really looking for recommendations for a large capacity MP3 player that is reliable and easy to get large amounts of music on in as short a time as possible, preferably using/syncing to the iTunes app as all my music is already on that platform. I'm hoping that somebody may have experienced the same issue and be able to offer advice. Love the record player advice but I've never found anywhere to plug one in on an aeroplane. 🙂
  15. Do you pour the tunes in with some kind of funnel?
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