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  1. Pints and chats! I remember those. Ahh, the good old days 🙂
  2. I'm guessing it would probably be another striker who he was keeping out of the team perhaps. 101 goals from 198 games for Bolton is the real reason he was undropable 😁
  3. Why would anybody have wanted to drop McGinley at that time?
  4. We had a few bad refereeing decisions that season if I recall correctly, played great football and still had a lot of physical players in the team. Unlucky to go down with a then record forty points, a record at the time and still only beaten once by West Ham who went down with forty two points a few years later after we saw Joe Cole cry I think.
  5. I can only think that Mascoll wasn't fit enough to last the 90 as he has had a really good game.
  6. If it's any consolation I once met someone who thought that Plymouth Argyle were Scottish.
  7. Cheers for reply mate, it started working about five minutes after I posted. Enjoy the game 👍
  8. Are you on the game yet? I've just had the black screen and the whirly circle for the last ten minutes.
  9. Santos sitting in front of a back four perhaps?
  10. I don't understand the argument that government shouldn't support football during this difficult period, professional football is just a business like every other in different sectors that are receiving help. If the highly paid footballers are a factor how do they differ from the highly paid directors and management of businesses that are receiving tax payers money to help them through. It's worth also considering that not all footballers are that highly paid. The argument made by others regarding the tax revenue that football brings in through various means also holds water, if club
  11. That was probably the rearranged game from our unsuccessful mission. It was later than I thought, just had a look and he played for them from 85 to 87. We were also going to stand with the Trampmere fans.
  12. Me and a mate went to Gigg Lane to watch Franky play for Tranmere in the early 80's. Pulled up at the front of the ground thinking that it was even quieter than we thought it would be, found out from a bloke who was doing some work at the front of his house that it had been called off.
  13. Me and a mate had just scoped out a week's all inclusive in Sunny Beach for about £350 each when the wife rang to say she had been made redundant,it sent me into a panic and I didn't go. Regret not going to this day.
  14. Perhaps Evatt's seen that the wingbacks aren't working and that's why he's already changed to four at the back, a winger is now a necessity. Or maybe he's just giving himself tactical options and will switch formation as required which would seem like a good idea to me. He appears to be willing to change formations when they aren't working, he did it at Barrow last season when he started the season with a back four and when that wasn't successful then he switched to wingbacks which was. Its been a poor start to the season but with a team of strangers we shouldn't really have expected as
  15. It would be a lot better if they made it idiot proof and only had one box with pay on it like 😁
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