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  1. Where does the time go eh, wonder what Wanderers fans will be looking back on thirty years from now? I hope it's another rise against the odds up the leagues and a spell of punching above our weight. I also hope I'm still around to look back upon it. 🙂
  2. Was the Gretna game in the season when Coyle had the happy knack of scoring in the cup?
  3. Fuck me, is that really thirty years ago? If my memory serves they brought a load of fans and were hard to beat. Did Coyle score his first for us that day?
  4. Agreed, some of Sarce's best work is off the ball. Madison had his best game so far for us today IMO, he looked sharper, calmer, had a good shot just wide and delivered some decent balls in, grafter he isn't though.
  5. Games are coming thick and fast and both players will possibly get a game a game at some stage. Tutte has been decent for us and I don't think will let us down, we can only hope that Delaney shows the form that he was in around November if he is called upon.
  6. Doesn't seem that long ago we were all distraught if Tutte or Delaney missed a game. We've come a long way this last few weeks.
  7. I noticed he closed the Southend defenders down and stopped them strolling forward unchallenged with the ball, something that we hadn't done previously in this game. Worth his appearance for that alone.
  8. Sarc has chased down everything since he came on.
  9. Superb, Miller was wide awake 😁
  10. tkonion

    Salford (A)

    Were you there setting up a step ladder?
  11. tkonion


    3-0 defeat to Bristol City and they deserved the result.
  12. tkonion


    Possibly but my memory isn't really that good. I remember the match as my mate was going on all week about how.he was going to run on the pitch and shake Whatmores hand after we'd knocked them out, didn't work out like that so he just called him a cunt from a safe distance instead 😁
  13. Sounds promising. Please tell me more?
  14. I'd definitely start last Saturdays team against Salford if everybody is available, it looks we can have a very strong bench now with plenty of options available if things not going well. Regarding Delaney, he was one of our most consistent players until a few games back, he may not get a look in now but I wouldn't write him off for a few bad performances in a team that were all out of form.
  15. tkonion


    Greaves and Whatmore came to Burden and knocked us out of the Associate Members Cup when we where on a real low and dreaming of Wembley if I remember correctly, think it was the Northern semi-final but I could be wrong. About 3000 on and a mini riot outside after the final whistle I seem to recall. Probably the year they won it.
  16. We're weak in midfield, Sarcevic and Crawford are both liabilities, Thomasson can replace one of them but which one and what do we do with the other? I don't know the answer.
  17. In the last couple of minutes Sarcevic has fallen over the ball and 'trapped' a simple ball four yards giving away possession on both occasions. I'd take him off now and put Thomasson on.
  18. If you find out you should let him know, doesn't look like anybody else has bothered.
  19. Rain and sleet on Merseyside around lunch time, I'll be leaving the purchase of mine until an hour before just in case.
  20. Steady improvement culminating in a thrilling last few games where we end up making up ground on the teams above us but narrowly miss out on the play offs on goal difference. Foundations laid for a good summer of strengthening in the transfer market and a proper crack at it next season.
  21. Closed browser, reopened and went back to match centre sorted it out for me.
  22. I closed my browser, reopened it and then clicked on watch match and it's been ok since.
  23. I had a frozen picture but the commentary was playing. Tried pausing and then playing again but now not got either just the swirling wheel of death. Any Ody else got the same problem?
  24. The wife heard me joyfully humming this after a game in the 90's and said that she didn't think I liked The Pet Shop Boys. 😁
  25. Yes but putting Greenidge in was my excuse to move Santos in to defensive midfield. And only in Casino's nightmare scenario of us conceding 18 goals in the next 3 games. Hopefully after the next 3 matches we'll be able to leave Santos where he is 🙂. I appreciate that we need more options in central defence than we have but it appears that Greenidge is seen by the manager as the least worst and who knows, given a chance he may just pull a Santos.
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