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  1. So they were full of shit then? Why would you trust them now?
  2. So why didn't they eradicate the deficit by 2015?
  3. So you could justify Tory spending plans? Can you fuck.
  4. Justify a potential Labour governments spending plans? This is a fucking message board for a bit shit (at the moment) football team. Brilliant. Anyway ST, get to it! 😀
  5. Lets not forget they were going to balance the books by 2015. That went well didn't it?
  6. Or you could point out that they've only managed one full term on their own
  7. Exactly, blinkered sad fuckers, living in the past and blinded by indoctrination and blindly following a failed political movement. 😀
  8. Called democracy sunshine😁
  9. Epic rewrite of history there. Fire service I’ll bow to your greater knowledge. The rest? Nah, bollox.
  10. You don’t know jack shit mate. And people vote for who they want. It is what it is.
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