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  1. Me too and the half I have heard of are fucking morons. Still, I do know that Trump is a bellend and anybody who thinks he shouldn't face consequences for the shit storm he created wants their bumps feeling.
  2. I know it's childish but it did make me giggle.
  3. I think that but let it dry, quick sniff, back in the wardrobe 😃
  4. Doesn't shrink, but I don't tumble dry it. The beauty of it is though, you don't need to wash it loads because it doesn't smell.
  5. Loads of cycling gear is merino. It's ace stuff
  6. Alright then, let's ignore wee Jimmy. Let's just ask Marcus what to do.
  7. My next pair of boots will be German army surplus paraboots I've got some Berghaus Goretex jobs, but again if they get wet inside they ain't drying for ages.
  8. He's waiting to see what Nicola and Marcus would do. The dick
  9. I've sacked off fully water proofs if I'm moving as I just get dead hot and sweat like feck. Got a water repellent wind proof that I generally just wear with a t shirt. If it's property Baltic I'll wear a micro fleece under. If it hammers it down I'll get wet but stay warm and it dries out really quick.
  10. Depends which one they offer me. If it's the Bill Gates one or the George Soros one.
  11. Problem I find with waterproof gear is the balance of finding something that keeps enough water out but doesn't make you sweat like a bastard.
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