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  1. Over 100 again today. Seems mad that this is now seen as normal. Nobody gives a fuck anymore.
  2. No point whatsoever other than pissing you off you owd tit😀
  3. So we need a ball playing goalkeeper now? Can I just remind everybody we're in the fucking 4th division.
  4. Why are you surprised by this? What do you think the N in SNP stands for?
  5. We need a new one. Had no idea they cost that much. I had in my head about £300!!
  6. Might just be the automatic systems they have in place? I've just sorted a telephone appointment for physio (aye, how that'll work feck knows). Hospital rang me to say I've an appointment on the 15th. But then said we can fit you in on the 5th. So agreed on that. She then said I'll now send a letter saying your appointment is on the 15th, but ignore it because your appointment is actually on the 5th. God know why
  7. And we’ve fucked up bigly because we’re have a total fucking bellend running a cabinet of halfwits.
  8. Cos the republican states have God, I say God on their side. Hallelujah. Obviously
  9. Wouldn’t surprise me, Us upper tier stalwarts have been carrying the club for years 😀
  10. Discounts for existing season ticket holders?
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