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  1. My missus had genuinely never heard of him. Despite me telling her what a bell he is. Just shows she takes absolutely no notice of anything I say
  2. See? Sorry fella, I'm just some dick on the message board of a shite small town football team, who cuts and pastes vaguely amusing bollocks from twitter. Didn't realise it was down to me to galvanise the left and lead them to the promised land. My mistake. I'll get my shit together, grow up and PM by the next election. Promise. You can count on me.
  3. And just look at the fucking state of Gove. ‘Here, Michael lad, make that Tory boy, daft twat surprised look of yours’ ’This one?’ ’That’s the one, you tit, perfect’
  4. Nah. Shite to the left of me shite to the right.......
  5. In the Alainis Morrisette sense?
  6. mickbrown

    Taken over?

    Meant he had a massive mixed grill and a pint of blue nun to polish off first.
  7. I reckon he’ll surprise a lot of people by proving he really is that much of a dick.
  8. Think you’re confusing me with somebody else. I barely give a shit about much. Anyroad, I’m still able to recognise that a tweet from a bloke who made his name shouting into a giant plastic phone is probably a pisstake
  9. Here's another one. Just for Tonge, I don’t actually believe she has a metal fanny.
  10. The members of the Conservative party will select the next PM. It was a joke that a lot of them are old folk. Lighten up for fuck’s sake.
  11. Or you good just quote every post you deem unacceptable along with the word unfuckingacceptable. Keep you busy
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