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  1. Seems you’re also a graduate of the Alanis school of irony
  2. Read this app is flawed. You can check into a venue but not out. So you go for a coffee at 9am and don’t check into anywhere else, the app will automatically check you out at midnight. So according to the app you’d have been in the same place for 15 hours. Seems a bit shite that.
  3. I’ve lost interest. Wake me up when we get promoted
  4. More cowbell? No mate, how about some trombone?
  5. Speaking of the Stranglers and cover versions...... Edit - Just seen Mr Grey's post. Well here you go anyway
  6. Love you too big boy😀 Attention? Oh aye of course. I give not the slightest shit what you think. Crack on you humourless cunt
  7. Danger wank more like. Bet your hands are like rasp files.
  8. Pucker up Micky, you' get first dibs now you're on Bolty's naughty step with the rest of the reprobates
  9. Apologies to you too Dave
  10. Soz, got wrong end of the stick. I’ll definitely be partaking tonight. Cheers!
  11. And he's from bleeding Northwich
  12. Dave did, you agreed with him and went off on one about woke people. Are you pissed? I didn't mean it earlier, but now I'm wondering. 😀
  13. Are you both pissed? Or moved to America? Who the fuck on here do you think wants to defund the police or want coppers shooting?
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