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  1. Say nowt. You look daft enough already
  2. So in your opinion it hasn’t been a shambles?
  3. Here we go. Didn’t take long
  4. Bet she wouldn’t hide behind a typo.
  5. I’m going to be gutted if it’s not the biscuit bloke
  6. Of course we’ve heard of her. We aren’t pig shit thick.
  7. Jim Ratcliffe. He fancies a bit of real life championship manager. You don’t start with Chelsea. You start with someone shit. Like us
  8. Just read the trust had their say Balloons
  9. Right. Can we all calm the fuck down? Ta
  10. Exactly Massive fanny drama queens the lot of you. If not, a season ticket at Alty will be peanuts. Every cloud and all that.
  11. Howard - tell Jim Ratcliffe to get his hand in his pocket, the tight git
  12. There’s a reason is ain’t been used since 1920 or whatever. Folk aren’t generally that pig shit thick to get battered by nigh on 150 votes then come back a week later to try again like folk might not remember.
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