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  1. Cock all to do with me sunshine, I just found it quite amusing, you humourless fuck. 😀
  2. Apart for the 50k extra nurses debacle when he made an absolute cock of himself. 😀
  3. Gove is the biggest, lying shithouse of the lot. And that’s saying something.
  4. Nah. The government need to be held accountable. You want the press to ignore failings?
  5. Tony Lewis of the beat combo Duckworth-Lewis. (Not really, that cricket score malarkey) Bolton lad too
  6. Never heard of the woman, but she grinds dingo dick’s gears, so she’ll do for me.
  7. I can’t watch Peston. They way he talks gets right on my tits, like he’s dragging every other word from the deepest darkest depths of his memory. I imagine being on webcam amplifies it fucking loads.
  8. A million? You not think that might be too many?
  9. Cycling shorts are way more comfy than a pair of footy shorts. You do 50km in a pair of Macron Wanderers shorts your arse would be in tatters. I don’t wear cycling team kits as that is full kit wankerish but I wear cycling specific gear. And fuck skin tight tops. Fitted aye, skin tight? Not with this gut.
  10. It’s more comfy. You don’t play football in wellies do you?
  11. Ah, we’re operating a just in time methodology? My mistake, crack on lads 😁
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