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  1. Read what I wrote and have a wee think about it
  2. Nobody kills themselves just because of the media
  3. Look at the fucking state of them.
  4. Strictly speaking, he isn’t
  5. And turnout in this election was down on the last one.
  6. We’ll see what they invest and where. Garden Bridge anyone?
  7. Well it’s obvious I’m going to interpret it as spineless brown nosing fuckers feathering their own nests. Oh, and it’s going to go to shit, I’m pretty certain of that.
  8. I was talking about the NI minister. Either way, not particularly arsed, they’re are all Tory twats at the end of the day, but Boris (or Dom) does seem to be surrounding his self with a certain type of politician.
  9. Well the Irish PM said he was doing a decent job and he’s no dog in the fight.
  10. Thought the whole point was he’s done a really good job?
  11. I’m a grown man. I don’t need an excuse. If I don’t want to go I won’t go. Tell you what, I’ve a plan to increase revenue and improve atmosphere. Close the lower tiers, move everybody upstairs and charge them all £400. You in? Or will you be, in your own words, ‘a cunt’?
  12. Baffled? You’re not really. Typical brain spaff of the dick from down under.
  13. Possibly not a ‘yes’ man?
  14. Knew it would be tough, but thought we’d have least had a go at trying to stay up. Just seems like Hill can’t wait for us to get relegated
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