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  1. mickbrown

    Taken over

    I’ll get a leg up from one of the peasants downstairs. 😀
  2. mickbrown

    Taken over

    Like I said. You’d be fucking mental I’m in
  3. mickbrown

    Taken over

    I can fully understand anybody fucking us off right now.
  4. mickbrown

    Taken over

    There’ll be a lot less mentalists than last year. The fuckers still owe me for the Brentford game
  5. mickbrown

    Taken over

    Anybody buying a season ticket, if and when they become available, is a fucking mentalist
  6. mickbrown

    Taken over

    Both did the square root of fuck all last season. Arsed
  7. There's fuck all there. Once you've been there's little point going back. Bit like Chorley
  8. Depends if you’re Sid or Eddie Which are you?
  9. Nope He’s always been a cunt. Happy to help
  10. I think the actual term was ‘teds’ which somehow made it even funnier
  11. Boris in bullshitting bastard shocker. This is the future boys and girls, better get used to it. Endless bluster, bollocks and bullshit. Churchillian my arse.
  12. And Edinburgh is fucking ace
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