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  1. mickbrown

    Sweaty Ken

    "In particular, John McGinlay, who was on the panel, criticised the Academy for not having any identity or scouting representation at the Bolton, Bury and District Football League. I have been told that this surprises our staff at the Academy who told me that over the past three seasons they had recruited a total of 64 new players of which 33 came from the BBDFL. They have seven scouts which cover the BBDFL on a regular basis. The success of the under 18s and under 23s in recent seasons is well documented and I am confident that the success will continue. It was only last season that the Academy was ranked the most productive in the EFL and second out of all 92 clubs in England and Wales." That was a slap in the bollocks for McGinlay You think these blokes getting involved in protests and the like would do a bit of fact checking before they start spouting bullshit.
  2. mickbrown

    Sweaty Ken

    I’m with the Bury lads today
  3. mickbrown

    British Transport Police

    Middle aged white bloke outrage. Can’t beat it
  4. mickbrown

    Todays Games

    Some ace comments on that twitter post
  5. mickbrown

    Sweaty Ken

    Who knew Anita Dobson was a FGR fan?
  6. mickbrown

    Sweaty Ken

    Nice to see em splash out on A4 ken out banners Tits
  7. mickbrown

    British Transport Police

  8. mickbrown

    British Transport Police

    That people can't do the job are being appointed as coppers? Really?
  9. mickbrown

    British Transport Police

    Now that's not what is happening is it?
  10. mickbrown

    The Elite Posters Music Thread

    Correct. Public schoolboys pretending they’re gypsies. Fuck off
  11. mickbrown

    In Or Out Again

    Boris making a cock of himself. Again.
  12. mickbrown

    In Or Out Again

    And that’s what seems to matter these days. See Cameron the PR man for proof of that. 20 years back that twat wouldn’t make the front benches.
  13. mickbrown

    In Or Out Again

    Milliband fucked it by standing against his brother so he can fuck right off as well David Milliband would have won that election.
  14. mickbrown

    In Or Out Again

    She called for somebody to instigate a vote of no confidence because she’d just had a record arse kicking. It’s what a government who’d just been handed their arse in such a spectacular manner would expect. You miss that bit? As for delaying things - you seem to be forgetting she postponed the original vote a month ago and has spent two years achieving next to fuck all, but aye the whole shitstorm is down to Corbyn.
  15. mickbrown

    In Or Out Again

    Here we go. Anybody to the left is a communist Absolute fucking bollox. Worries me that a bloke with what seems like an overly simple world view is teaching kids.

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