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  1. That’ll confuse the shit out of daft racist types.
  2. Rudy is going to lose his shit when he sees the shoes and clip in pedals.
  3. They’d look even more like bellends in football kits. Or wetsuits. Or tutus.
  4. Good lad. You’ve got it
  5. He doesn’t do gestures apparently😀
  6. Totally, but it ain’t happening with that bloke. He’s all bullshit and bluster. He’s just a shit example of a bloke.
  7. Already had this discussion. Wear appropriate clothing. You wouldn’t play football in flippers would you?
  8. And proper full length mudguards
  9. Seems he’s started the process of deflecting blame before any inquiry
  10. What an absolute shithouse Johnson is.
  11. Mate loves it. I just can’t br doing with it. Need to be outside
  12. Doesn’t vary with you. You’re consistently consistent in your wrongness 😀
  13. Aye, go on then, you can have those two😀
  14. No he's not. He calls himself The Edge for starters
  15. You really can't see the irony at play here?
  16. Over 100 again today. Seems mad that this is now seen as normal. Nobody gives a fuck anymore.
  17. No point whatsoever other than pissing you off you owd tit😀
  18. So we need a ball playing goalkeeper now? Can I just remind everybody we're in the fucking 4th division.
  19. Why are you surprised by this? What do you think the N in SNP stands for?
  20. We need a new one. Had no idea they cost that much. I had in my head about £300!!
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