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  1. His overhead kick attempt. Genius
  2. Based on what I saw of him last season he would deserve a game.
  3. Yep. Chuck in that Boris is a dead set cunt and all is rosey
  4. Indeed, indeed. https://metro.co.uk/2019/06/13/boris-johnson-blasted-leaders-becoming-pm-without-election-old-column-9945489/ Obviously there be an immediate General Election then.
  5. 160,000 owd dodders to choose the next PM. We live in a strange country boys and girls.
  6. mickbrown

    Taken over?

    True that. The place is a shithole at the moment
  7. mickbrown

    Taken over?

    Underwhelmed. Was hoping for some sheikh. Still, better than nowt I suppose
  8. mickbrown

    Taken over?

    Nah. This ain’t no job for novices learning as they go
  9. mickbrown

    Taken over?

    The place needs a lift. Imagine the first day of next season with PP at the helm? Talk about starting on a downer
  10. Aye. To be honest there ain’t a single one that has gone that has raised more than a completely not arsed shrug of the shoulders. Fuck em all off if needs be.
  11. Abbot never talked about banning folk who drink G&Ts from public transport for life There's your difference
  12. Indeed He can snort whatever he wants, but then to actively set out to ruin the life of somebody who made the same 'deeply regrettable mistakes' he did? Absolute wanker of the highest order.
  13. Because when he was minister for education he introduced a guideline saying any teacher caught taking class a's were banned from teaching, For life. For fucking life. That's it, an actual useful career(rather than a being a fucking shithouse mp) is over. He's a cunt
  14. Maybe they were republican atheists?
  15. ‘Dos cereveza’ chucked In with speaking slowly and loudly in English should see you reet. Failing that just start chucking patio furniture around. Sorted.
  16. The bumming the dog analogy was way better
  17. Must be Friday, Miami wants folk to PM him. 😀
  18. I love that. You can see him thinking 3 seconds in, ‘why the fuck did I start this?’
  19. There’s a reason Pep doesn’t start with Stones.
  20. I don’t think he knew what the NHS was when he was asked that question. He backtracked when Morgan was kissing his arse. I reckon one is his aides must have explained it wasn’t BHS or VHS.
  21. The problem with Stones is that while he is a good player, he's nowhere near as good as he thinks he is.
  22. Dammit, now you tell me
  23. Bought a mad ladder that you could bend into a platform. Even then the top of the hedge was only level with my shoulder so lifting up the trimmer and reaching out was proper hard work. First time I did it I couldn’t hold a pint afterwards. Had to use a straw
  24. I used to have a massive privet. About 10 foot tall about 6 foot deep. Was a right ball ache to cut. Soon as it started to grow it looked untidy. Laurel is much more forgiving for the lazy gardener. Suits me perfectly. Cut it last week, I imagine that’ll do me until next summer
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