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  1. Which shed? Left or right?
  2. mickbrown

    Take Over

    Shed, obviously. What sort of dick buys a football club?
  3. mickbrown

    Take Over

    If there is more than two paragraphs in any post I’m skimming it
  4. mickbrown


    Was shite when he was was getting paid. Won’t be missed.
  5. Garden fucking candles? Surely that warrents expulsion from the newly formed WW shed society?
  6. I’ve also got two. One with a fridge full of beer. Take that mo’fos
  7. So was I I must remember those emoji fuckers 😀
  8. Wasn’t an excuse. I don’t need an excuse.
  9. Was me. How very strange. Don’t be. I’m just fine ta very much. Shed’s looking ace by the way.
  10. Coming along nicely, ta. Cracking result for the kids.
  11. For all of use who 'don;t Haha, nice one.
  12. It’s already underway. Brushed up the sawdust and dead wood lice this morning. Geat news the game is on. Come on lads
  13. Indeed Fucking amateurs
  14. It’s just a shed. Nowt so grand. Ta for your concern though
  15. Was just a thought. I ain’t going so they can charge whatever the fuck they want to be honest. I’m past caring until the season tickets are announced
  16. The price of a game if you had bought a season ticket, which 10k of us did last season and loads of us still want to. So cost of season ticket in lower tier divided by the number of games. Just as an aside, the cheapest adult season ticket at Man City works out at £18 a game.
  17. Very kind of you Micky. Another time maybe, I'm busy Saturday afternoon now.
  18. That was a proper low point. If I hadn't got a ticket for that game I'd have never gone back
  19. I have no clue what you're talking about. Vue?
  20. Nah, decision's been made. Enjoy the game!
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