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  1. Flaxen haired Anglo Saxon you colour blind bastard. and you’re dead right, eventuallly all we can do is tell The world what’s happening in our little corner of Eden. human nature - not just British nature - is to look up not down. im sure it’ll be fine eventually and right now I’d honestly take a no deal simply because I think that would actually sharpen everyone’s focus. My hunch is that a soft Brexit lulls everyone into a slightly false sense of security. When you’re up against it, you perform better, think more imaginatively. im just tired of it. I’d rather crack on, whatever it is.
  2. Try picturing Donald tusk and Msr Macron double ending Theresa May
  3. Typical the rest of us have spent ten years providing top drawer insights into fascinating subjects including elephant deaths, saucy pictures of scantily clad beauties & sexually daring male pensioners; even the occasional enlightenment around Brexit. And not a single thanks, nod of the head, nowt. you're fuckin welcome.
  4. I'm sick to fucking death of it all. There certainly aren't any winners in all this. It's bled the country dry for 3 years and left nothing but animosity, division and bitterness. People have turned on each other like never before. It needs putting to bed, no matter what the outcome. This limbo is killing us.
  5. He's been spot on since Post One. After the hysteria and bellyaching of twitter and Facemither, he's a breath of fresh, accurate air. I'm certainly more optimistic than I was.
  6. told you it would all be ok We have some proper drama queen melty types following us
  7. Is it still all going to plan & as predicted? Because I'll be perfectly honest, I've genuinely lost track of whatever the fuck is going on.
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