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  1. Apparently loads of oldies struggling to get to the jab centres. Id happily volunteer to taxi them there and back for free if it’s going to help. Is there a place to offer lifts online?
  2. I’d be straight onto nifkins bridge with a wet finger to see if one of my failsafe’s actually works that well.
  3. What would be the first thing you’d do with it? And for the ladies, if you had a winkie, same question.
  4. It’s a big C Which everyone knows stands for Childmolester
  5. The lockdown will do its job. All about the vaccines now. Surely end of March is the target for level 1 or 2?
  6. I said we’d win 6-0 so I’m not right happy
  7. We’ll be shit and equalise
  8. That goal was a horror show, but should have been a consolation by now
  9. Do not deserve to be behind at all. Fancy a big comeback.3-1
  10. I had a case of McEwans recently and bought another a few days later. Ticks every box. Innis & Gunn do a lager that has rolled oats as an ingredient and its delicious. Aldi had it on the shelves for a while but not seen it for ages.
  11. I asked him to do a Lemon Party and he totally blanked me so there was fuck all chance of me buying a picture of BWFC players dressed like Bugsy Malone’s stag do. Even now, 8 years later, it’s a bizarre episode.
  12. That’s measurably untrue. To be honest, folk like that are better off spouting their nonsense where it can be called out for the bollocks it is
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