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  1. Division 4 is where my BWFC life started. Can’t say I’m relishing the thought of playing Barrow twice next year, mind. But as I’ve explained to my lad, from the bottom the only way is up. He should have a decade of excitement ahead.
  2. Who’s winning on here then?
  3. I see Royal White is still bitter as fuck about being blocked. 😊 I’ve never said what the pay packet is, I’ve only ever said it’s decreased........
  4. The ref, like many others, was fucking awful. In our position, such things matter and have a huge impact on the game. Honestly, he was dreadful, to the point where it’s no wonder theories develop about us being an EFL target. Team played well, Pompey were just a bit more savvy. Otherwise we matched them and lack only a cutting edge. Hill should probably be getting more out of the squad he has. He really need to start getting results because this lot are capable.
  5. 5 minutes to half time and the north lower kiosks have no ale. carnage
  6. He could pick the whole Man City team, wouldn’t keep us up lads.
  7. I won, for the record. But it doesn’t feel like it every payday.
  8. Also Mounts, you may want to stop saying “us” and “we” when you’ve already stated that you’re ducking out of the battle to go and drink on the Costa del Sol mate
  9. My export customers are gone for good. Happy to see others flourish of course, schadenfraude isn’t my thing, but how is leaving good for the country if it causes businesses to fail? Does that not take a bit of an edge off the victory parade? I voted for this, so it’s my own fault. I just wish £2million worth of business hadn’t disappeared overnight. You can understand that, I assume?
  10. We know who won Mounts. Honest, it’s done. Tell me why Javid is saying that businesses will suffer please.
  11. Anyway. moving away from the petty bullshit, our government is saying the sunny uplands are only for some people. No doubt some manufacturers who voted to leave (me) will suffer. The government are saying it out loud. The sunny uplands is looking like a members only club from down here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-51157933
  12. Why are you so angry? Is it an unresolved childhood issue? Messy divorce? Does she beat you up? Don’t take it all out on ST, it’s not his fault.
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