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  1. Can someone pat him on the back, he’s stuck.
  2. On this we agree The reason I voted leave is the spectre of federalism that the EU is targeting. The problem is that the trading aspect is now so intrinsically linked to the political aspect that it's all but impossible to prise the 2 apart. European countries can definitely work together without having to pretend to be the Masons. Unfortunately, the way it's all tied together means a "clean break" is damaging - even Mounts wouldn't deny that. Whether the answer is to stay and try to change the EU system from within, or to leave but tell them we'll come back when they calm their tits on the politics, I don't really know. For now, I've just had an email off an Irishman telling me it may be game over. It's time the 2 sides here - remain and leave - started working together a bit more in my opinion
  3. Spider


    Aaron Rodgers was imperious tonight Green Bay should go close
  4. That’s the most french performance you’ll ever see
  5. You basically just set fire to the Union Jack thou treacherous swine
  6. Maybe tomorrow I’ll have a proper look, but I’d be very surprised if the EU doesn’t produce some sort of forecasts and plans for its members.
  7. What the fuck? Most companies are under strict rules that say a risk assessment must be carried out for anything from picking a pen up to blowing a building to smithereens. But you think changing the way an entire country runs itself shouldn’t bother? Fucking. Wow.
  8. For me, this season just needs to show a squad growing and developing. No team ever had a divine right to win anything, but we ought to be planning to go for it next year. It’s realistic.
  9. A certain amount of perspective might be needed. It’s only a few weeks since we were signing anyone with boots who could kick a ball. We were getting humped 5-0 every week and preparing to join Bury in the wilderness. Its poor but we’re competitive in the main and improving. the new deduction looms and we are a club basically having the longest pre-season ever recorded ready for a Stroll to the League 2 title. This is all a marathon and we need to stay as loyal as we can.
  10. I'll even name names. The following are massive cunts: Me. Bolty. Miami. Cheese. Kent. Casino. Kipper. Royal. Labour. Tories. Scotland. The Welsh. The EU. Americans. People from fucking Yorkshire. Morris Dancers. Jeremy Clarkson. The BBC. Sky. Artisan food producers - absolute cunts. Wine drinkers. Beer drinkers. Teetotal cunts. VAR. Rugby, all types. Motorways. Farmers. Me again. Manchester UfuckingNited. Scousers. Geordies. Doctors receptionists. Religious cunts. Fucking London and all it stands for. Cunts. To a man and woman.
  11. It's been parody for over a year, but today pretty much summed it all up We laud "Great" Britain and pat ourselves on the back, but when it comes down to it, we're a petty-minded, divided, introverted collection of small time wankers getting precisely what we deserve. Honestly, we're all massive cunts.
  12. Dear Mr.Tusk, I am forced to write to you asking that Brexit be delayed. Again. However, you are under no obligation to accept my request. My parliament does not influence your decisions as it does mine. If you refuse this request, then I suspect my parliament will be backed into a corner and will almost certainly agree to our deal. I trust you understand my position. Yours in utter despair, Bojo
  13. Spider

    Season Tickets

    Were they not working in the turnstiles or something?
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