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  1. Whatever that is, it’s tanked the price.
  2. Not much. Couple hundred quid at 54p
  3. Am I going to be rich if I keep hold?
  4. If it was any other party, you’d care. I guarantee it.
  5. Because he doesn’t like people saying nasty things about him. He thought being president was some sort of deity. Untarnished, beyond reproach, immaculate.
  6. We’ve been over all this Theres a disproportionate ratio of rapey Muslim gangs to rapey white gangs. Thats not in doubt. There is a culture/community issue that needs addressing but in the meantime the police are dealing with it away from public gaze. The existence of social media means that people are impatient and won’t let the police do their thing - although the pressure applied to get results is a positive. Whoever said they are interlopers is just singling themselves out as racist. There is an issue, 100%. Vigilantes ruining peaceful people’s lives is not, and will never be, the answer.
  7. Tell you waht, if you think there are some cranks on this forum, the lse one makes us look like we're all on valium. They get proper excitable over there.
  8. I'd check. They've a habit of making the rules up as they go along. Plus, most holidays have been cancelled or moved which would allow them to update their policies. I'm going off that Martin Lewis bloke. Either way, who''d want to risk it?
  9. I bought at 50p. my portfolio of your dealings is still in the red so you’d better be right 😊
  10. Just looking out for you, this viral Harold Shipman is preying on you....
  11. We don’t need the EU looking after us, thanks very much. 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
  12. Travel insurance isn’t covering Covid.
  13. Why don’t they just stop the over 60’s from travelling? Theyre at the highest risk and just clog the fucking airport up anyway whilst they pat their pockets looking for their passports and complain about the price of everything. And will Spain treat any non-EU citizens if they catch the virus anymore?
  14. I think parliament would look very different if there was an election tomorrow. I know a few folk who’ve been blue for life that are seething about this.
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