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  1. Spider

    Take Over

    All hail Emperor Bassini. Entering the stadium on a chariot built in East London
  2. Spider

    Take Over

    No one from FV went today We're fucked.
  3. Spider


    I’ve no issue with us getting humped every week. i just think it’s having an adverse effect on the league and they may not want that to continue. The cunts.
  4. Spider


    Other teams will start to question the point of us being in the division. Bury are ok to postpone, so should we.
  5. Spider


    If it was the other way round, I’d be instructing my team to intimidate the kids. Cunts as they are, this isn’t Tranmere’s fault
  6. Spider

    Take Over

    Sullivan has more money. Of all the shit Bassini has come out with, that much is true. I think we underestimate his determination and potential. wouldn't be my choice by a long stretch, but his race isn’t quite run yet I feel.
  7. Spider

    Take Over

    Bassini has the funds via Sullivan. If We are to assume (as everything is, let’s be honest) that FV are having second thoughts, then Bassini is the option. People won’t like it, but we live to fight another day if FV pull out. £25million sorts out a lot of problems. He’s definitely mentle, but you have to be to want a football club.
  8. Spider

    Take Over

    Today’s the day we hit 1,000 pages
  9. Spider

    Take Over

    I still have a sneaky suspicion that LB may end up with the keys.
  10. Spider

    Take Over

    If you’re offering 2,000/1 on me, I’ll stick around
  11. I’m in Bordeaux for 2 weeks. No way am I getting out of here alive.
  12. Spider

    Take Over

    This time for FV to do the deal
  13. Spider

    Take Over

    Flaxen haired Anglo Saxon you donkey lashing, vile druggy peeping tom thug cunt
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