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  1. Spider

    Sweaty Ken

    So you really really really went?
  2. Spider

    Sweaty Ken

    Looking at yesterday’s pics, I have serious doubts some of them could actually manage a full lap of the stadium anyway
  3. Spider


    I’ve just had my first cheese and jalapeño pastie. that’s as near as I imagine you can get to taking heroin without a needle. fuck. Me.
  4. Spider

    Todays Games

    Not when you see the pictures of them it won’t
  5. Spider

    25 MPH.

    People who hog the middle lane on a motorway when they should be in the left hand lane - they should be taken from their cars, shot to death and their vehicle sold to pay for the inconvenience they are on a level with nonces as far as I’m concerned.
  6. Spider

    Sweaty Ken

    Sorry did you go???
  7. Spider

    Todays Games

    Someone described them as mutants, which made me laugh lots.
  8. Spider

    Todays Games

    All our relegation rivals lost The 'tards who went to FGR watched Bury win We didn't lose. Not a bad Saturday to be honest.
  9. Spider

    Sweaty Ken

    At least they've been allowed to remove their day helmets and gumshields for the picture. That's nice.
  10. Spider

    In Or Out Again

    Mounts did
  11. Spider

    Sweaty Ken

    It's all in the eyes....
  12. Spider

    Transfer Gossip

    The more time passes, the more I think that was a fucking brilliant bit of business by Ken. We could stretch a million a long way during the transfer window...
  13. Spider

    Sweaty Ken

    Apart from quoting Oscar Wilde, it's hard to see any issues with what he's put Everyone has been paid (for now at least), and there's a hint that more players may arrive. Doubt it, but it would be nice. The thing is, you never hear current players moaning. Only that widgie at FGR has had a stab publicly about him so the cold evidence is that he is doing most things right on a business level. I expect he treads a fine line, but so do 80% of businesses. Get a result on Monday and things may start to really pick up.
  14. Spider

    In Or Out Again

    I just said I liked his speech. You do tend to over react.
  15. Spider

    In Or Out Again

    I'm not a fan of his, but that speech by Gove the other day was superb. It's a shit old situation when you are looking back and thinking how stable things were when John Major was around. Politics was wanky dull then, as it should always be.

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