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  1. I like this Mounts Kipper. A level headed, reasonable MK without the histrionics. Must have got pokey wets for Sunday breakfast 😁 All hail New Mounts.
  2. Trump gets away with worse on a weekly basis. ’Murica
  3. I’m a bit bored of the whole shebang if I’m honest. Trumps a gigantic sweaty cunt and he’s unlikely to do anything to change my mind. Certainly a few semi-retired engineers and ex-soldiers on a football forum won’t alter my opinion. worst way, he’s gone by 2024.
  4. Age also brings bitterness, cynicism, grudges and the inability to listen. It also gives intolerance a space to develop. Im sorry if my decision not to vote Tory offends you, but Johnson is fucking catshit. Whats left of my 40 year old conscience just wont let me do it.
  5. Winwinwinwinwinwinwinwinwinwinwinwinwiwnwinwiwnwimwiwmwiwnwinwwiwmiimwiwnwi WIN WINNERS WINNING WIN WIN WIN VICTORY IS EVERYTHING It’s ok Mounts, we understand.
  6. Correct Its a trait of the older generation that the ability to change your mind is seen as a weakness. Ive voted Tory every time except once (Blair). Can’t vote for them now as they’ve turned into a shower of massive cunts. I have no problem changing my mind, but the golden oldies are too entrenched. They can’t help it.
  7. You’d have typed this sentence if Johnson had fucked a kitten on the stage then eaten it whilst kicking audience members in the face. You've become easy to brush off.
  8. They’re both fucking shit.
  9. Or meeting at the worlds most heavily fortified border.
  10. Anyway why is it ok for Trump to talk to a despot, terrorist maniac, but when Corbyn does it he’s a cunt? Thorny one.
  11. Right now, it’s a case of who is the most unelectable. I have to say, Boris is making himself more unelectable than Uncle Jeremy. if Labour could rustle up a decent front bench, they’d be an easy cross in the box. Boris just tells fucking lies. Corbyn’s truths are shit. But at least they’re true. I’m starting to despise Johnson. And I’d always been a Tory bar the late 90’s.
  12. Page 48 of the Tory manifesto makes for compelling reading.
  13. Do you reckon they could keep discussing for 1,163 pages though? That's the real test.
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