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  1. Spider

    In Or Out Again

    He did. Can see him becoming a popular choice for PM
  2. Spider

    In Or Out Again

    Yeah i can barely move for orders from the EU its just fine. merry christmas.
  3. Spider

    In Or Out Again

    I’ve read the lot Needs more tits
  4. Spider

    In Or Out Again

    Personally, I’d just pull the plug and start again in January.
  5. Spider

    In Or Out Again

    Chill your boots the fact is that they are getting pissy, and whilst they have a point, they should at least pretend they’re helping. i don’t like it either. But in amongst everything, they’re acting like the unions of the 70’s and 80’s which no one wants a return to
  6. Spider

    Tv Shows

    Killing Eve was ok Needed more tits
  7. Spider

    In Or Out Again

    Just to provide some balance. the EU are hardly covering themselves in glory with all this. Just because we’ve chosen to “quit the gym” (so to speak), it is still our choice. from a commercial point of view, they have done well out of us and could be vauguely magnanimous about losing a customer and provide a bit of help. Lets imagine this - it’s all friendly, the EU say ‘fair enough, we’re not happy but we’ll let you go and leave the door open for you if you ever want to come back.’ Instead, they’re sulking like toddlers and getting smug because we’re imploding. It’s hardly indicative of an organisation that promotes itself as open, friendly and ready to trade. its a shitstorm, but they’re still cunts.
  8. Spider

    In Or Out Again

    Mounts which parts of the deal do you approve/disapprove of?
  9. Spider

    Politics - Not Interested, Dont Look

    Good point how do they deal with the Swiss?
  10. Spider

    Todays Games

    2 zip mashed potato
  11. Spider

    In Or Out Again

    Has anyone on here read the actual deal? growing number of business leaders are saying it’s pretty good. As is normal these days, people just want something to object to so they can win the online pissing contest. maybe, just maybe, this deal could work and allow things to get rolling, whilst negotiations continue as time moves on.
  12. Spider

    In Or Out Again

    Or this
  13. Spider

    In Or Out Again

    I reckon her busters look like this
  14. Spider

    In Or Out Again

    She's no need to. Got to say, she's a determined bugger. All the soft cunts have melted, she's got a backbone at least.
  15. Spider

    Make An Old Man Very Happy Thread....

    Honestly, I'd give it all up for just one go at pushing her breakfast back in.

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