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  1. We’ve all seen his latest swivel-eyed comments about the Oscars? He’s endless fun.
  2. Spider


    It’s for smug, massive wankers right?
  3. Spider


    According to you I’m a loon but I don’t think he’s racist.
  4. Better. You’re starting to learn. Long is the path...
  5. I’ve done my time. I rejected the family reds to plough a lonely and often difficult furrow on the Burnden Paddock. I was forced onto the bars of the Stretford End before I really knew what was what. I made the right choice.
  6. Wilder 3 yank judges is a disgrace. Fury has grown on me but the odds are too stacked here,
  7. 😁😁😁 It’s been getting all a bit heavy on here. It should be lighter.
  8. When you’re on a roof, right, I bet you feel like you’re on top of the Shard. 😁
  9. Woah We’ve been through this It’s Flaxen-Haired Anglo Saxon. I don’t bully you because you could fit into a pint glass do I? #BeKind
  10. The far right are a threat. Rayguns are a threat. We’re not playing a game of schrodingers terrorist. It’s possible for both to be a growing concern. I know for a FACT, right, of an IT director for a schools academy trust (operating 70+ schools) who have seen a massive spike in far right online traffic over the last few years. They consider it as much a threat as the rayguns. By which I mean, they are genuinely concerned that a school shooting by a lone wolf waffling on about white supremacy is a real possibility. As is a brown fella with a beard and a knife.
  11. Sir! Sir! I’m being bullied by a hypocrite Sir!!
  12. Yeay Youri’s back ❤️❤️❤️❤️
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