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  1. Scousers. Bread. About as funny as a wart on your arsehole
  2. I’ve never seen anything like this just constant lightning
  3. Tell you what, we can argue about absolutely fucking anything on here.
  4. Yes good point. I’ll dig out the picture of him opening the border between north and south...
  5. He thinks he deserves to be on Mount Rushmore. He's such good fun. No doubt he'll create a $22 bill with his face on at some point.
  6. Have they gone yet? I'm more than happy for them to suffer a few false dawns but in the end, all that matters is that they are playing Bury next season.
  7. You know full well I'd rather eat puke than lobby. Other than that, it did Nat no harm
  8. They’d all been smoking 30 Capstan full strength a day from the age of 15, along with a steady diet of beer and lobby. you don’t age well like that.
  9. Pretty sure it had the 8pm slot on ITV
  10. Hulkenburg driving for Ferrari next week?
  11. Tennis balls in different postcodes, but pretty and as a young lad, a target to aim for
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