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  1. Dean Holdsworth’s shot from the FA cup semi final has just landed
  2. Send them to the seaside. Theyre always complaining that is young ‘uns don’t know what sacrifice is, well nows their chance to really show us. All paid for, as much bingo and QC Sherry as they can sink - busty 70’s type barmaids giving handjobs to the single blokes, and naughty window cleaners with a glint in their eye and some bawdy humour for the widows. Meldrew, Mounts etc will have a great time and be happy that the country can crack on.
  3. In summary Absolutely fucking no one knows what’s best.
  4. I’ll rewrite it into single syllable words later for you. Sorry.
  5. Apparently if you can taste jizz you don’t have covid
  6. You constantly claim some sort of moral high ground on Brexit - saying you voted to leave because it’s for the common good, even though 48% of people didn’t agree. Fair dinkum, vote won, we leave and crack on. And we all hope your wisdom and social care for us all is rewarded. And yet, something comes along on Covid that doesn’t fit in with your world view/need to drink lager in Spain, and suddenly everyone is a cunt and they’re wrong and it’s bollocks. Forthnately, these decisions are made regardless of your opinion and a good job too. As you constantly point out, it’s a d
  7. You can claim up to £150 tax relief if you’ve been working from home. Goes onto your tax code rather than cash I think
  8. Then sign a waiver excluding them from Covid treatment. They're the ones clogging up the hospitals because they can’t handle it.
  9. I’d actually be surprised if Trump is a kiddie fiddler. Hanging around with kiddie fiddlers - if you know they’re doing it - wouldn’t be a good look. He’s just a thick old racist.
  10. Mentioned it before, but places like the Lake District are rammed full next week. thousands and thousands are still planning half term breaks. As long as people see this, no tier of lockdown will work. I can, if I so choose, go anywhere I like next week and there's fuck all anyone is going to do about it. Shutting the pubs is pretty much all they can do to try and slow it down.
  11. i don't want one neither BUT Why are other countries now doing them?
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